Subject: Re: [PW!] Breeder's Bane Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 02:44:59 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > As Vixxen walked into the room, he began to formulate a plan. He coughed > slightly. "Ahem. I just remembered that I had to pick up a prescription at > the drug store. Berightbackbye!" > He darted out the door. > Vixxen watched him wondering what that was all about. > Bob started cooking dinner, getting out various spices and ingredients. He > overheard the conversation and halted. > "Umm...what...uh....what's your favorite kind of cake?" > "Chocolate on chocolate with chocolate frosting, with plenty of cherries!" > Vixxen said. > "I see..." He stood thoughtful for moment and then said, "You know, I > believe I need...uh...lemons or something like that for tonight's dinner. > I'm gonna catch up to Karl." > He followed Karl's footsteps and they made their way to town. > TBC Upon reaching town, Bob caught up to Karl. "Hey, *pant, gasp* wait up." Bob huffed out, taking the final few steps needed to catch up. "What are you doing here?" Karl asked. "Would you believe I forgot to get something for supper?" Bob asked. "No." "Well then, I'm out for a cake or ingredients to make one. And you?" "I thought I'd get something for Vixxen for her birthday." Karl said. "Cool, well how about looking together. Two heads can be better than one you know." Bob said, smiling. "Couldn't hurt." Karl said, shrugging. So on that happy note, the two boys walked into town. After a bit they come into the massive Goldenrod Department Store. Upon going in the door, there were big signs and a lot of lights. The pair come to the information sign, and study it. "Hmm, the food's on the second floor." Bob said. "The gifts seem to be on the fourth floor." Karl observed. "Meet back here in an hour?" Bob asked. "Yeah." An hour passed, and the two boys met back at that sign. Bob had a rather large box, a smaller box and a bag, while Karl just had a bag. Together, they walked out of the Department Store and down the road. Bob paused in front of the Game Center. "Um, we're too young for that Bob." "Yeah Karl, I know. I thought I'd go sucker a favour out of my uncle." "And who is he?" Karl asked, scratching his head with his free hand. "Uncle Frank is the Move Tutor." Bob said grinning. "And how are you going to convince him to do this for you. I hear he charges a lot." Karl asked. "Well, I AM his nephew. Plus, I have pie." Bob said, before going in. A few minutes later, Bob came out of the Game Center with a huge smile plastered on his face. However, his stuff to take back to the Day Care was one pie lighter, as evident by the missing, smaller box. "Told you. He'll be around around lunchtime tomorrow. He says to save him a piece of cake." Bob said. "Let's go back before something happens." Karl said, a bit worried "I'm with you on that one." A while later, the pair arrive back at the Day Care, where Vixxen was immediately there to greet them. "Hi guys, what 'chu got there?" Vixxen asked, happily. "Pie, a lemon, leek, and pie." Bob replied, holding up the stuff "You said pie twice." "There's two pies." Vixxen scratched her head. This little exchange allowed Karl to slip by with his bag and off to the room where Vixxen's other present is sitting, sucking on a grape or two. In the kitchen, Bob added a bit of the lemon juice and the leek to the pot, and left it to simmer the rest of the time. Walking back to the TV, we find that now it's Amber and Jason duking it out on the video game. "Got you now Amber." Jason said. "Oh yeah?" Amber said, as she let loose the finishing move on Jason. Rivet, who was watching cause he was hungry and it was a video game, was laughing a lot. "And you could do better Rivet?" Jason asked. "In my sleep, man" "That I'd like to see." Jason said. Vixxen was watching the two of them play games. 'Something's going on around here. Time to spy!' Vixxen thought, before getting up to figure out just what everyone was up to. TBC ------- Clayton (Now I've got this image of a Charmeleon with a Playstation controller in it's claws.)