Subject: Re: [PW!] Breeder's Bane Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 13:17:10 -0700 From: "Tech Weaver - A Couple Pikachus Short of a Pokemon" <> Newsgroups: "Amber Foxwing" <> wrote in message news:57B%8.56035$ > > She peered into the living room, wondering where they might have hidden the > gifts. She looked at the boxes on the counter, wondering if possibly she > might open them, but the element of surprise overcame her curiousity and she > slid over to the door. > "I wouldn't go in there if I were you," Aerie said drowsily. > Vixxen froze. > "Meep! Uh, uh...I get....something from in there!" > "No you weren't," she yawned, waving Vixxen away. > Vixxen 'hmphed' and stalked back into the room where everyone else was. > Rivet had just finished beating up Jason with a perfect score for the third > time. > Jason, controller limp in his hand, was gaping at the screen. > "How the hell did you do that?!" he cried. > "You forget, boss man, that I play video games the entire time I'm in the > Pokeball," Rivet laughed, tossing the control over to Amber again. "Here ya > go doll, make 'im happy." > Before anyone could understand what that meant, the game started again, and > the pair were duking it out. Again. > TBC > Meanwhile, Kitsu and Keaton slipped outside, but soon they were back on their feet again and walking through the forest. "So why are we out here again?" Keaton asked. "I thought we should get Vixxen a present," Kitsu explained. "And since we don't have any money, I figured we'd catch a Pokemon for here." "But we barely know her," Keaton said. "We don't even know what Pokemon she likes." "I know," Kitsu replied. "But it's kinda tacky to go to a party without bringing a present." "Good point," Keaton agreed. Suddenly, something green fell from the sky with a shreiking laugh. It latched onto Keaton's head, knocking him off balance. It cheered loudly as Keaton crashed to ground, causing it to roll into a bush. "What was that!?" Kitsu exclaimed. "I dunno," answered Keaton. "But whatever it is, I'm gonna beat the tar out of it!" The two stalked over to the bush and peered over it. A little ways away was sparkling, green Eevee laughing like a madman and banging its head repeatedly against a tree. "It's a shiny Eevee!" Kitsu exclaimed. "It's also nuts," Keaton added. A Pineco dropped from the tree the Eevee was headbutting and bounced off his head. The Eevee eyed the Pineco for a moment. "I like you," the Eevee said affectionately, patting the Pineco on the head. "You're all spikey!" With that, the Pineco gleefully exploded, sending the Eevee flying into the tree behind Kitsu and Keaton. "Let's catch it!" Kitsu announced. "But that thing's crazy!" Keaton said. "There's no telling what it could do!" "But it's shiney," Kitsu explained. "Which means it's rare, which means it's perfect for anyone's collection!" "Fine, you go and catch it," Keaton said. "I'm not wasting any of my PokeBalls on it." "Fine," Kitsu said, taking a PokeBall off her belt. "PokeBall, go!" The Eevee was immediately captured. "All right!" Kitsu cheered, immediately scooping up the ball. "I caught it on the first try!" The ball immediately opened again, releasing the Eevee within. It stood at attention with a serious look on its face. "Gao reporting for duty, sir!" it said with a salute. "Where'd you get a name like Gao?" Keaton asked. "I don't know," Gao replied. "I'm gonna make mud pies!" Gao immediately leapt into the nearest mud puddle and started splashing around. "Gao, come here!" Kitsu commanded. Gao zoomed over to Kitsu, shook all the mud off and stood at attention. "Yes, sir!" replied Gao. "You're going to be a birthday present for a friend of ours," Kitsu explained. "Can you stay in your PokeBall until you're let out tomorrow?" "YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!" Gao cheered. "I'll do the birthday dance!" Gao immediately started break dancing. "I'll take that as a yes," Kitsu said, returning Gao to his PokeBall. "We got what we came for. Let's go." To be continued... [In case you can't tell, Gao is based on G.I.R. from Invader Zim. I love that show.] -- Chet "Tech" Weaver's Revised Basic Sig Someday we'll look back on this and LAAAAAAAUGH! Desperado Coyote! "No ride is complete without a clown in an electric chair." -- My brother "Chief Inspector Blancharde knew that this murder would be easy to solve-despite the fact that the clever killer had apparently dismembered his victim, run the corpse through a chipper-shredder with some Columbian beans to throw off the police dogs, and had run the mix through the industrial-sized coffee maker in the diner owned by Joseph Tilby (the apparent murder victim)--if only he could figure out who would want a hot cup of Joe." --Matthew Chambers, a winner in the 21st annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest