Subject: Re: [PW!] Breeder's Bane Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 04:56:20 GMT From: "Amber Foxwing" <> Organization: Cox Communications Newsgroups: > About 7 in the morning ... > > Vixxen stands at the entrance to the room, where Solo still sleeps. > > "If I'm going to pull this off, I'm going to have to be quiet as a mouse" > Vixxen whispered. She started tip-toeing into the room when something > tapped her on the shoulder. After a couple more steps, it happened again. > The third time it happened, she grabbed the source and it was ... > ... > ... > ... "a vine?!?" Vixxen whispered. > > "Yeah. And you weren't thinking about trying to figure out what your > presents are?" Bob asked. > > "YIPE! Whatareyoudoingup?" Vixxen practically yelled. > > "There are many pokemon to feed out back and you aren't supposed > to be spying yet." > > "But he should have woken up." Vixxen said, looking at Solo strangely. > > "I think it would take a small explosion" Bob said. "Looks one of the > pokemon used Sleep Powder on him." Bob said, holding back a grin > while pointing out the blueish dust on the sleeping Solo. > > "Yay! I can spy now!" Vixxen squealed. > > "Oh no, you get to help me." Bob said, dragging Vixxen out the back door, > and to work." Bob said pushing her out the door. Before he actually exited > the door, he gave the peace sign into the darkened room, a sign to Amber > to begin the preparations for the party. (OOC: clever! Very nice) Amber crept out of the half-darkness and yanked on Jason's sleeve. "Get up, Jase! We don't have much time," she whispered. "*snrk* Hmwhuh? Oh yeah!" They snuck out of their hiding place and got the banners and shit out. Amber punched Solo playfully. "Get up, sleepy-cat!" Solo opened one eye and blinked at her. "I was never asleep." He brushed the sparkling blue confetti off and sat up, ready to help. They took out the helium tank and a bag full of balloons and began to fill them. Amber stifled a laugh as Jason attempted to blow one up on his own, nearly turning blue in the face. After what seemed like an eternity, even though it was only half a minute, he tied a knot in his balloon and grinned. "This one's mine!" he said. This time Amber couldn't hold it in and she burst out laughing. Soon the ceiling was completely covered in balloons. Amber carefully tied streamers to the end of each one. Then she pulled out four extra balloons and stuffed them with confetti before blowing them up. She hung them on a string over the door where Vixxen and Bob had left. Then she made a contraption with rope and pulleys (or something like that...) so that when the door would open the balloons would pop all over whoever came in first. Solo took out a banner that had been hand drawn by everyone in the house and signed that said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIXXEN". He hung it across the ceiling. Meanwhile, Karl, Kitsu, and Keaton were fixing up the video camera to the TV, ready to switch it on as soon as Vixxen came in. "This wire goes here." "Does not; that one is red and that thingy is white." "I'm sure it goes here. Leave me alone." Dharak was hidden in the shadows. "What fools. A pity they don't have a taste for power," he muttered to his Eevee. He watched as Amber threw handfuls of confetti on Jason and Solo. "She doesn't understand her true power," Hunter whispered. "Yes, I know. She is too compassionate to use it correctly. Perhaps it was a mistake for us to meld her with her Pokemon." "No, Master. I think not. Fate twists around this girl and her friends. Nothing that happens to her is mistake." Dharak grunted. "We shall see." Finally everything was ready. The cake and the pie had been set up on the table, places had been set, and everything was thoroughly decorated. Amber kept shivering and she didn't know why. She kept glancing around, but she didn't see any source. Her eyes penetrated the darkness where Dharak was standing and she narrowed her eyes slightly. He disappeared. She decided not to mention this to anyone. "...and I don't think I'll ever get up early again---" came a voice at the door. Everyone had gathered in the room, and everyone hid. The door opened, the balloons popped, and everyone leaped out yelling surprise!!! ...... I'm not sure who was more surprised: the group or Vixxen. Probably Vixxen. But it could have been the group since they were each shocked with many volts of electricity. You be the judge. TBC Wee! Her party is under way! Just a quick request: please let me write part with the vampire pikachu. I have this great idea I'd like to do. But that's all! ^_^