Subject: Re: [PW!] Breeder's Bane Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 01:59:42 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: <Snipped by ninja Pidgeys with mad celery skills> > It happened to be the pokeball that held Gao. She shrieked as she realized > she got another pokemon and eagerly released it. > The little green Eevee jumped out of his ball and yelled, "I'm NAKED!!!!!" > Vixxen stared at him for a moment as he said, "I'm gonna do the Birthday > dance!" And he began to breakdance as he had the day before simulantaneously > piping rythmic "Duhduhdoo doo!"'s > Then she swiped him up in her arms and hugged him. > "YOU'RE SOOO CUTE!!!" she cried, squeezing him. > "I'm adorable!" he said crazily. She put him back on the table. > Kitsu and Keaton let out a sigh as they discovered she liked the Shiny > Eevee. > Amber picked up the crate then hurriedly put it down. > "Why don't you open Bob's next?" she said through her teeth as she smiled. > She leaned towards Jason and Solo. > "It's not there," she whispered. > "What?!" > "It's not in the crate. It's GONE." > Immediately the two joined in her smiling and stood straight up. > Just as Vixxen was going to unwrap Bob's gift something hissed and dove > straight into what was left of the cake from the rafters above. > "WHAT THE---" > The vampire pikachu began sucking noisily, trying to get any type of fruit > out of the cake, but of course there wasn't any. Disappointed, he wiped hiis > mouth free of cake crumbs and turned to Vixxen. > She stared at him, seemingly expressionless except for shock. > The same could be said of him. > He stared back, and suddenly his white face turned bright pink. He cupped a > paw over his mouth and whispered to Jason, "Why didn't you TELL me you were > giving me to such a beautiful creature?!" > "VIXXEN??!" > "Vixxen is it? Pwah. Such a disgraceful name to such a Goddish-given being." > He stepped forward and swooped his cape in an elaborate bow. > "Greetings, Vixxen! I humbly give myself to you as a gift." > Vixxen stared blankly at him. > "But I shall not call you Vixxen. The name of our enemy does not suit you, O > beautiful one." > Vixxen continued to stare blankly at him. > "You shall be my Chuchan," he declared, > Vixxen continued to stare blankly at him. > "Chuchan, why do you stare?" > "Cuz you're white, you have pointy teeth, and you can talk." > "What a beautiful voice! Take me!" > With that he jumped off the table into her arms. Vixxen looked at the three > who were whistling to themselves in the corner. They were all smiling > foolishly. > "Happy birthday?" Amber ventured. > TBC > Ok that's it. ^_^ Nice twist so that we don't end up with too much of > another Luthor on our hands. ^_~ (So lemme get this straight, we got a nutcase shiny Eevee and a demented vampire wannabe Pikachu. I can't top that) "They're CUTE!!!" Vixxen squealed, glomping both of her new pokemon. Snapping back to reality, she realized that Bob's present was still there. "What could this be?" Vixxen asked motioning towards the present to shake it. Needless to say, she was surprised when it wobbled on it's own. "I didn't do it!" Vixxen said. "I know. I got advice on what to get you. This is more of a long term gift. Treat it well." Bob said. With that piece of advice, the box was gently opened. Looking inside, she found an egg. When she held it, it wobbled a bit. The egg was a off-white with coloured designs on it. "Hmm, looks like it's close to hatching." Bob observed. Before happy squealing started, the doorbell rang. "That should be my other gift, the one for now." Bob got up and answered the door. The door was flung open and there was a middle-aged man present. He was holding two boxes of his own. One was decorated with a lightning bolt, a snowflake and a flame, while the other was wrapped up. "Hi Uncle Frank. Thanks for coming." Bob said, grinning. "Hello Bob. By the way, you owe me that slice of cake after. And I also found this box on the way here." He handed the young breeder the box. It was wrapped like a present, but the tag just said 'To Vixxen, From I & J' He put it over to where the other presents were. "Just WHO is this?" Vixxen asked, irritated that it wasn't a gift, and the private conversation wasn't helping. "Well, Uncle Frank is the Move Tutor. He's mastered the art of teaching Flamethrower, Ice Beam and Thunderbolt to pokemon of all sizes and types." "Cool, and he's here for me? I'm honoured." Vixxen said. "But what do I have to do to get this?" "Simple young one, name the pokemon you wish the gift of my knowledge on." Uncle Frank said, trying to sound like an all-knowing guru. "Well, I have to think about it. I choose ..." Vixxen started. TBC! (What baby is inside the egg? And who will Vixxen's gift be used on? And who is 'I & J'. And why all the pointless questions? These questions might be answered and more may be raised when somebody replies to this thread.) (WHEE! The joys of insomnia! Raffy: Where was I? Me: Drunk on the punch. Raffy: Who'd spike the punch *A Houndour snickers maniacally while burning the evidence to ashes*) ------- Clayton