Subject: Re: [PW!] Breeder's Bane Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 00:07:01 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: <Snipped by ninja Pidgeys with Mad celery skills> > > With that, she Fire Spun the cabin, setting all the walls smouldering at > > the same time, then backstepped into a bush to wait. > (Sorry about the wait; at friend's house.) > >(When I get bored I envision twisted crossovers of TV shows) > (Haha...I did some weird chibi comics last night that involved a Halloween > PW/Cowboy Bebop crossover...) (I got this twisted thought of a Kadabra dressed as the Dark Magician. Complete with really big spoon that doubles as it's wand. Don't ask.) > The rockets ran out of the cabin, fleeing for their lives. > Vixxen was still stuck in her cage, and had given up trying to get out. > Finally she had an idea. She let out Gao. > "Hey, can you get me out?" she asked the demented green Eevee. > "Libras los Gatitos!" it shouted. It squeezed through the bars and picked > the lock with his tail. > "Thanks, Gao," she said after he was finished. > "You're funny," he replied in an odd voice. She returned him. Everyone ran > out into the clearing away from the burning house. There they saw an odd > sight: > Aerie was standing to the side in her human form. Dharak was holding Ivory > and Jack to keep them from running while Marsh and Bikuro were punching the > living daylights out of them. > "Well...that's a twist," Amber said as she blinked. "Looks like Ivory and Jack are getting their just desserts." Jason said. "I think we should all go back for frozen desserts." Bob said. "Hold on, I want to know if Dharak is giving out free shots on those two" Amber said. *Group sweatdrop* "What?" She asked innocently After those that got the joke laughed, they headed back to the Day Care. After the desserts, which caused brain freeze in one and a sugar high in a couple more, there was much commotion at the video games. "Anyone want to play me. I feel like kicking butt." Bob asked. There was a brief wobbling at Jason's belt as Rivet decided to take up the challenge. "You're on breeder boy." Rivet said, ego flaring. There was much commotion as the breeder and the Charmeleon started to fight. All of a sudden, Rivet was laughing hysterically. "Nobody picks HER!" he said. The smack was most definitely laid down on the fire lizard that game. "No fair, NOBODY picks her, not even the experts." "You're just sore you lost. Wanna go again?" "You bet. I'm not letting a schoolgirl whoop me." The games continued for hours on end. The next morning, all seemed back to normal as everyone went their separate ways for some morning training, while Bob and Jeff stayed behind to take care of the residents and get some training in themselves. "I was thinking about something little bro." "What is it Bob?" "Where is Raffy?" "Um, I haven't seen him at all either come to think about it." All fears were put to rest when Raffy was found ... ... cuddled up with an Arcanine ... ... with an egg between them. "And that Jeff, is how the Pidgeys and the Beedrills work." Bob said, trying to be funny. "RAFFY! What did you do?!?" <<Quiet, she sleeping.>> Raffy replied, making motions towards the Arcanine. "Oh brother." "What?" Jeff asked, trying to be a smart-ass. Back out on Route 34... Amber, Jason, and Vixxen are out with their pokemon looking for some training to power up their teams, when the grass shook and the first challenger stepped forward. TBC ------- Clayton > Gawr this post sucks. Oh well. (Gawr? New word of the day!)