Subject: Re: [PW!] Chasing The Glooms Away Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 23:53:09 -0700 From: "DitzyRenamon \(Tech Weaver\)" <> Newsgroups: Wanna hear a secret? I was reading newsgroup messages when "Marco262" <> wrote in message > > DJ sighed. <I see. And what part of her did you really love anyway?> > > Jason ran a hand through his hair. "I was just thinking that. Goddish, > I wonder if you're part Psychic sometimes." He huddled down, putting > his head in his hands. "Do I really love her? And why?" DJ wisely held > his silence and stood over his friend. > > A loud pounding at the door interrupted their reverie. <Boy, they > sound desperate,> DJ observed. > Kitsu suddenly found herself in a forest. It wasn't the forest surrounding the breeding center, or any other forest she could remember, but it felt familiar just the same. She couldn't remember what she was doing there or how she got there. Just a feeling of urgency... "Kitsu!" "Huh?" Kitsu looked up. Silhouetted against the sun, Keaton sat upon a Rapidash. The image was vague, but she could tell he was concerned. "Are you alright?" Keaton asked. "You took quite a spill." "I'm fine," Kitsu replied. "Just a little bruised, that's all. Where's...?" "I'm right here," a third person replied. Kitsu barely caught a glimpse of him before he took off in his own Rapidash. "There's no time to waste! The weapon's already been launched, but we can still keep it from firing! To the castle!" Keaton helped Kitsu onto his horse and they took off after him. As they rode, Kitsu couldn't help but notice that Keaton was different somehow. In fact, she felt herself was not the same as she remembered. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, though. Were they the people that they used to be? Or were they someone else? "There it is!" Kitsu looked over her brother's shoulder. Still a ways off was a castle, and between it and them were two armies battling each other in pitched combat. Though still a great distance away, she knew that both armies consisted of monsters. They were Pokemon and human at the same time, some battling with swords and shields while others relied on their own claws. Even in the air, winged Pokemen engaged in battle. However, the most frightening thing was in the sky above, even higher than the flying fighters. It was a monstrosity to end all monstrosities, impossibly huge and indescribable in shape. It lumbered across the heavens, slowly approaching its intended target. "Looks like we'll have to fight our way inside," the other rider said. "Once there, we can probably get someone to fly us over to that... thing." "Sounds good to me," Keaton said as he drew his sword. Kitsu and the other followed suit. On horse back, they plowed through the warriors. However, they had only gotten halfway through when the sky glew bright. Kitsu saw everyone else look up. Despite the horror she knew would follow suit, she looked up as well. The tip of the monstrosity nearest the castle opened and shined with a brilliant light. "We're too late!" the other exclaimed. "It's going to fire!" The warriors immediately panicked. They ran from the castle as quickly as they could. "We have to get out of here!" Kitsu shouted. "There's nowhere to run to," the other sighed. "Those fools won't even know what their weapon will really do until its too late." A beam of light surged from the tip of the weapon. It struck the castle with Earth-shattering force, and that was no exaggeration. The ground beneath them split open and crumbled as their world was torn asunder. Light erupted from the very core of the planet, signalling its final moment. "KITSUUUU!!!" Shrouded in the light, Kitsu could see the other flying away from her. He was reaching out, futily trying to grasp her outstretched hand. "No..." Kitsu said, shuddering. "Kitsu!" the other shouted again. "I won't ever let you go!" "NO!" Kitsu shouted. "DON'T LEAVE ME!" The other person's form began to fade from sight entirely. "No matter what awaits us on the other side, I'll find you! Not even oblivion will keep me from being with you!" Then he was gone. The last thing Kitsu saw was the face of a Houndoom. "JORDAN!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" The energy from the explosion finally ripped through her, and the light gave way to darkness. Nothingness. "Well, well... What do we have here? Looks like you, my ravashing little Ninetales, are now all mine... Forever! BWA! Ha ha ha ha ha HA ha ha ha ha...." The evil laughter still echoed through Kitsu's mind as she woke up. She sat bolt upright as she looked around, trying to figure out where she was. Apparently, someone had moved her after she passed out. She remembered the Gastly hypnotizing her and then being forced on Aerie. Aerie had plunged into her mind to try and snap her out of it, then there was kissing... maybe a little groping... then everything went black. Kitsu wiped her brow. She must've been sweating from the dream, because she was positively drenched. What was that dream about? She pondered it for a while. It felt so familiar, yet strange. And this Jordan character... Kitsu felt she had met him before, and recently. Could he possibly be...? A sudden knock at the door suddenly snapped her back to reality. "Who is it?" she asked. To be continued...? Who is it, indeed. Oooo... The mystery of the sudden intruders continues! -- Chet "Tech" Weaver's Revised Basic Sig Desperado Coyote! "No ride is complete without a clown in an electric chair." -- My brother "The freshness is you!" -- MTV's Scratch and Burn