Subject: Re: [PW!] Chasing The Glooms Away Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 00:33:35 -0500 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > She did not react to the hand on her shoulder. "No. You're not. Do > you want to talk about it?" > > "'s none of your business. 'Sides, who cares about *me*?" > > "You'd be surprised." > > "Yeah, right. Amber and Jason get into a fight, I'm sure their friends > are already consoling them. Kitsu gets hurt, and perfect strangers come > by with well wishes. But what do I get? Who could *possibly* care that > I picked up an enemy, maybe two, who want me dead? Or that Kitsu and > I...I was forced to..." A tear almost made its way out of her eye > before she scowled again. "Oh, forget it! Why am I even sticking > around this dump, anyway?" > > "Because you've got friends here." > > "Oh, yeah? Name one!" "How 'bout me?" Aerie finally turned aroung to glare at the other person and found Bob. "You come to laugh at my expense?" She huffed. "And when did you get back?" "Well, I got back a few minutes ago. Teleport is a great move. As for the laughing, I thought you could use a friend." Bob said seroiusly. "Shouldn't you be helping Amber and the others or feeding something?" Aerie huffed again. "Nah. Ran into Mimic. He said that he'd handle it. As for the feeding, I have about an hour before I have to worry about that. I came because I really do care. So, what's wrong." "Like you'd care." "Sorry Aerie, you're not getting rid of me that easily." Aerie looked straight at Bob's face. The hurt was evident, as was the anger. She looked downward. "I couldn't kill a Gastly that attacked me earlier. My parents would have had no problems doing it." Bob had a strange look. Slowly, he regained his thoughts. "You know Aerie, I don't know a whole lot about the world. One thing I do know though is that you're a strong person. No one probably came because they assumed you were strong enough to handle it or stubborn enough to refuse help." Aerie just looked at Bob, glaring. "I AM strong!" Bob stepped back. "I know. There's fire burning in your eyes and it isn't because you're going Charizard. But there's one more thing I do know and that's this: Everyone faulters. It took me an act of monumental stupidity before I realized something today. It's your turn to realize something -- Maybe your inability to kill is trying to tell you something." Aerie continued glaring at Bob. "Like what?" Bob shrugged. "If I knew all the answers, I'd either be a Bayleef or a human by now." Aerie stopped glaring and thought for a moment. After a short while, they continued talking. The rest of the hour passed by quickly and before long, Bob was heading off outside to haul around sacks of food for the many hungry pokemon. Even when Bob left, Aerie was still thinking about things. ---------- As Bob vetured to the back of the Day Care to get the food, he heard furious slashing noises. Common sense told him to just pretend like nothing's happening, but as evident by his eariler actions today, Bob's common sense was on vacation. So he moved towards the noise. What he found was Amber, in half-Sneasel appearance, slashing furiously at a tree trunk. Already the bark of it was slashed off. Again, the absence of common sense showed itself as Bob approached Amber, still carrying a sack of poké-chow. TBC ------- Clayton