Subject: Re: [PW!] Chasing The Glooms Away Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 02:14:27 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: DitzyRenamon (Tech Weaver) wrote: > Kitsu suddenly noticed a shadow looming over them. Glancing back, she > noticed that Aerie was lunging at her in a flying, downward slash with her > sword. Kitsu parried quickly and instinctively used the first defensive > Pokemon technique that came to mind, releasing a cloud of sparkles around > her. > > "Not only did you let down your guard, but you also used a technique that > has no effect on me," Aerie pointed out. > > "The way you've been going on, I figured it was worth a shot," Kitsu > replied. Then Kitsu realized that Splash was at ground zero of her Attract > move. Not knowing how it would affect humans, she ventured to ask, "Are you > okay?" Splash just stared. After not receiving an answer for a few seconds, Kitsu waved her had in front of Splash, and stepped back, almost bumping into Aerie...a much bigger and changed Aerie, in the form of some woman Kitsu had never seen before. "Spla-a-ash," Aerie called out in what was apparently this other woman's voice. She smiled, winked, and stepped towards him, swaying her hips. Kitsu was about to get angry at Aerie for abandoning their duel when she heard Aerie's voice in her head. #What's going on? I can't control myself!# Kitsu blinked, then sniffed again. A new scent...old and dead, yet freah. Some ghost was doing a poor job of concealment. It only took a second and a half to spot the perpetrator - and from the grin on its face, Kitsu had no doubt this was the perpetrator. #Oh IIICK! I found the problem in that guy's surface thoughts: he just got a *strong* desire for...whoever this 'Murasaki' person is, and for some reason I can't stop responding to it. If I can't stop this, he's going to...eww! I *so* did not need to see that!# Kitsu smirked. #So you'd do me but not him, huh? I don't know, he looks like a fine catch to me.# #KITSU!!! Sheesh, there's playing around and then there's the real thing. You and I know what really happened, and it's not like I was really going know. This isn't playing around!# Aerie paused a moment, trying to calm her panic. #Even if it was, I'd think that would be a compliment to you. But this isn't playing, this is serious!# Externally, a bit of fear showed in Aerie's eyes, but if one did not know what to look for, one might mistake that for anticipatory joy as 'Murasaki' sauntered up to Splash, looped her hands behind his head, leaned close, and... #EEW! YUUCK! Kitsu, PLEASE, if you can do anything about this!# TBC?