Subject: Re: [PW!] Chilling Developments Date: 11 Mar 2002 23:27:28 -0800 From: (Bandraptor) Organization: Newsgroups: ((OOC: The lame joke of the day is a musical reference that perhaps two people on this newsgroup will understand. Starting next week, I'll go back to my usual style of writing, which, of course, would be writing lame jokes that nobody can understand. 50 Useless Trivia points to anyone who can name the song and the group.)) (Newton P. Haights) wrote in message news:<>... > The quartet continued on, glad that there's not a single psychopathic > trainer or greedy petrified Pokemon for miles. Finally, things seemed > to be going their way. Nothing weird, no big surprises, just a normal > day in Johto. > > Well, we can't have that then, can we? > > "Hey, guys, I was thinking..." Andrew piped up from the back. > > Enimuram, still nursing a slight concussion, turned around. "What > about?" > > "Well, it's about that Bomb Ball thing that Andy was talking about..." > > "The Bashers? Yeah, ain't it the greatest?" Andy smiled at the > mention of the BBB. > > "Yeah, that..." Andrew grimaced, hesitant, looking for the right > words. "I don't want to be rude or anything, but..." > > "Yes?" Andy asked, oblivious. > > "...I really don't think I wanna join." > > An awkward silence followed. Nori kept walking; she really didn't > care whether or not Andrew joined. Eni kept walking too; if Andrew > didn't want to join, he wouldn't force it. Andy, however, froze, > incredulous at Andrew's comment. > > Eventually, the power of speech came to Andy. "W-why don't you want > to join? Don't you agree that Bomb Ball Bashers is the best club -- > nay, the best _organization_ ever? The pinnacle of belief? The best > team in the Poke-Wars?" > > "The what?" Andrew stood, confused. > > "Uhm...nothing...anyway, why WOULDN'T you want to join?" > > "Well, I dunno. When I saw your little blurb over by Saffron City, I > thought, 'Hey, this might be interesting,' and came over to check it > out. But all this anti-Electrode propaganda...well, it's not that > good." > > "Whaddya mean, not that good?" > > "Well, first of all, look at this logo." Andrew pulled a pamphlet out > of his pocket, that Andy had given him a week beforehand. "You've got > an Electrode in crosshairs." > > "Yeah, so? What's wrong with that?" > > "Well, first of all, don't you think *shooting* a pokemon is kinda > harsh? And for that matter...would shooting it even work? I mean, > it's really just a bunch of machinery, yes?" > > "Well, I suppose so...but still, it's just a logo." > > Andrew flipped forward a few pages in the pamphlet. "Look at this > section then. The part with the debate between one of your junior > members and the head priest of some organization called O.P.I.U.M." > > "Yeah..." Eni apologized. "We really just made that one up as we > went along. It's not all that good." > > "But still," Andy pointed out, "what about the storm of Electrode that > was chasing you down when we met you?" > > "Well it's not like random Pokemon attacks aren't unheard of. Isn't > that how most people catch Pokemon in the first place, after a random > encounter with some Ekans in the grass?" > > "Yeah, but this was a SWARM! You can't tell me that was just random." > > "Swarms like this have happened too! You hear all the time about > Azalean killer Beedrills or renegade Squirtle squads." > > "But...all they are are mindless speed demons! They're not even good > to *battle* with!" > > "Not good to battle with? What about that trainer Raichu? I heard he > was pretty good with an Electrode. Hell, what about Lt. Surge? I > mean, if a gym leader uses a Pokemon, it's good enough for me." > > "Yes, but Jasmine has proven herself a superior trainer to that > overglorified Private, and she uses a Magnemite." > > Nori piped up. "Hey, Renev. That overglorified private got you > across that lake." > > "Yeah, but still..." > For a while longer, the group trudges on across the frozen landscape. Andrew is feeling pretty relieved now that he's informed the Bashers of his intentions, and Enimuram is feeling pretty relieved now that Andrew's informed him of his intentions. Andy is looking a little bummed out about the whole situation, and is trailing a little behind the group. Nori is walking a few steps ahead of the group, pretty sensible since she's the one who knows where they're going. She has her headphones on, and is singing along to "Hinoarashi," her favorite song from the J-Pop group Cindaquil (the "J", of course, meaning "Johto" in this case): "Taiyou ga mou atsukute Dareka Nihon Bare o tsukatta you ni Ware yori no atsui hito Toberu Hinoarashi no you inai ni "Kimi ga kootteiru kokoro ga mottemo Watashi no ai tokase Kowakutemo, kimi o daku na no da Hanasanai yameranai makasana-i "Watashi to anata ga au toki Wakare sasereba to ya na kanji Hinoarashi ga Fukitobashi Tsukae nagara mo okoranai" "You're pretty chipper all of a sudden." Enimuram notes. Nori lowers her headphones, and grins, "Yup." "Hmmm...Nori...happy..." Enimuram puts two and two together, "Let me guess. There's a big, vicious, Dark-type Pokémon waiting just around the next corner, and you know about it, and we don't, and you're thinking that either it'll befriend you, or attack us, or attack you, thereby giving you an excuse to beat it up. Is that why you're happy?" "No." Nori stops walking, and announces quite loudly, "We're here." "Uh, we are?" Andy looks around, expecting to see a serene seaside city, but instead finds only a snowy wasteland, without even a single building in sight. He waves his hand in dismissal, "That's crazy. Nori, you're crazy. Eni, don't you think she's cr--" Andy pauses, "Eni, do you know that there's a rather large man hugging you?" "You're kidding!" Enimuram spits, as he tries to twist his way out of the bearhug, "A little help here?" Andy dashes towards Enimuram, but a hand shoots out from nowhere, seizing his left arm, yanking him backwards, and throwing him roughly to the ground. Andy tries to get up, but a heavy boot falls on his head, pinning him down. "Unnghhh...what gives?!?" "Mag!" Electron the Magnemite doesn't need to be given an order before it begins to charge a Thunderbolt attack--but no sooner has it turned its single eye towards Andy's attacker, when, WAM! it finds itself inhumed beneath layers of moving earth. Electron immediately reverts to an energy form, and is pulled into one of Andy's Pokeballs. Crouching not too far away from Electron's point of impact is an evil-looking Quagsire. She's holding her tail stiffly behind her as a balance, as she tries to extract her fist from the spot where she drove it into the ground with her Earthquake attack. "Oh man..." Andrew takes one look at the two thugs and the Quagsire, and begins groping at his sides, looking for a Pokémon that might be able to help them out, "Yugi, where are you?" "Freeze." That's all that needs to be said. Andrew's breath catches when he feels cold metal touching the back of his skull, and he slowly puts his hands in the air. His attacker, a burly, masked man who's wearing a black uniform identical to that of the men who are holding down Enimuram and Andy, steps around in front of Andrew, keeping the revolver leveled at the teenager's head. "Smart choice." "Er...Nori? Nori?" Andy calls from his position on the ground. "I couldn't help noticing that you're the only one who hasn't been captured...and I know that you have that whole Darkness thing going on, so you're not really the type who helps people...but remember that time, earlier today, when YOU were under attack, and we all rushed to save you? I'm not saying we did that because we expected something in return, but if you ever intended to take that into consideration, now would be a really good time to do it!" "Are you nuts?!? Nori, don't do anything!" Andrew shouts, knowing that the slightest provocation could cause the gunman to kill them all. "But we can't just--" "Don't do _anything_!" Andrew winces when he sees that, despite his plea, Nori is moving towards the gunman. He closes his eyes, and prays she doesn't do something stupid. Nori looks at Andrew, then looks at the gunman, and says, "Hey, Allan. If you wanted to scare the kid, you could've pulled a Mewtwo on him, you know." She rolls her eyes at the excessive use of force. "Did you have any trouble finding this place?" "Nah." the gunman named Allan shrugs, shoving Andrew over to the spot where the Bashers are being bound, "I tore up your directions, and asked Grey for a map." Nori says, "Well, thanks for agreeing to meet me on such short notice. I hated having to send for you, all the way from Blackthorn, but you know how it is. 'S tough finding Rockets north of Goldenrod." "I KNEW it!" Enimuram exclaims, "I knew she was leading us into a trap! God, I feel vindicated." "We're really happy for you, Enimuram." Andrew mumbles. "Since you've known this was a trap for so long, I assume you've also come up with a plan of escape?" "No." Enimuram responds, "complaining constantly without taking any action is more my style." "Aw, man," Andy groans, sick of Team Rocket members attacking him just because he's a Basher, "what do you guys have against the BBB? We're just trying to promote Magnemite as the greatest Pokémon of all time. And what's wrong with that? Everybody likes Magnemite. That's why they call it Magnemite!" "Don't take it so personally." Nori explains, "The four of us don't really care about who you are or what you're doing--we're just in this for the bounty. Now, I'm sure that Giovanni had a really good reason for putting a price on your heads, but damned if I know what it is. You guys are so pathetic, capturing you seems like a big waste of time." Enimuram scowls, "Well, if you feel that way about it, then let us go." Nori leers at him, "I think I'll taunt you a bit longer, and then I'll turn you over to my Boss." She walks over to Allan, and advises him briefly, "Yortsed's a traitor to Giovanni, so he probably deserves to die. Renev's harmless. There's no warrant out for the third guy, and he isn't even a Bomb Ball Basher, so I don't know what you want to do with him. Personally, I'd just let him go, but then again, he might go mental and come down on us for revenge, so maybe you should kill him. Whatever." She shrugs noncommittally. Allan nods, "We'll think of something," and he begins barking orders to his two underlings. Nori stands back, and lets the trio work. Anubis is lying down next to her, his eyes half closed, totally indifferent to everything that's happening around him, and Set is hopping around like the unfolding drama is the coolest thing he's ever seen, ever. Nori gives a rather casual yawn, and folds her arms behind her head, "Let's see, prisoners bound...Pokémon disabled...Witnesses nonexistent....heh, it looks like I came up with a plan that actually worked!" She smirks, "And here I thought I was a member of Team Rocket." TBC? --Betherz