Subject: Re: [PW!] Chilling Developments Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 01:10:43 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: AT&T Worldnet Newsgroups: A purple-haired woman dressed in a tight white shirt, a brown vest, faded light blue jeans, and knee-high black leather boots trudges through the frozen wasteland that is Route 42, the path to Mahogany Town from Ecruteak City. She's followed by a young girl with black and purple hair who's dressed in a parka and snowshoes. The girl's followed by four shiny Unown - an A-shaped one, an X-shaped one, an E-shaped one, and a D-shaped one. "Mommy," the little girl tugs on the woman's vest as she says, "I don't think there's gonna be any Unown up here. It's way too cold. Let's go to Kanto already - in the past two months, we've looked all over Johto except Cianwood, Mahogany, and Blackthorn and their surrounding areas and the only Unown we've spotted was the D-shaped one moping in the forest just west of the Violet City Pokemon Center." Marcia, the woman whose vest is still being tugged on, halts in her tracks and shakes her head, "No, Aerie. We're not leaving Johto. When your deadbeat dad finally goes to the Violet City Pokemon Center to pick you up, Nurse Joy's going to give him my Communicator's number and I don't want to be out of his teleportation range when she does. He needs to come pick you up and soon - the Frozen North is no place for a little girl, not even a genetically enhanced half-Ditto one." "Hmmph." Aerie stops tugging on Marcia's vest and crosses her arms, "Daddy never had a hard time finding you in the past." Marcia raises her index finger and opens her mouth to disagree, but upon thinking about it, she realizes that Aerie's right and changes the subject, "Besides, I'm not going to search in Kanto even if Doppler doesn't seek us out. I've wasted a good portion of my savings on this little road trip and I need to go back to work. Once we reach Blackthorn City, we're taking the Dark Cave shortcut back to Violet City and putting my nurse's uniform back on. If you want to search for the rest of the Unown in Kanto alone, feel free. I'll buy you a Pokegear so you can keep in touch, but my Aeriesitting days will be over." Aerie sniffs, "Don't you like spending time with me, mommy?" "It's been fun, but I'm not..." Marcia pauses in the middle of her sentence, then puts her hand next to her ear. "What is it?" Aerie asks, cupping her own ear in a manner similar to Marcia's, "Do you hear an Unown or some-" "Shhh." Marcia takes a few steps towards the northeast, notices that the ground is vibrating gently under her boots, then says, "It's a group of people and a few Pokemon. And one of the Pokemon just used an Earthquake attack." Aerie walks over to where Marcia's now standing, the four Unown hovering after the little girl, and says, "Should we go check out what they're doing out here? They might be lost and need directions. Or they might have shiny Unown we can steal!" Marcia scolds, "Aerie! What did I tell you about stealing?" Aerie rolls her eyes and dictates, "Never steal - just use your feminine powers of persuasion to get what you want in life." "That's right. Now let's go see if those people need a nurse." Marcia starts jogging northward, chased by Aerie and the shiny Unown, until she's able to see the people and Pokemon who have been making the noises she's been hearing on her jog over to where they are gathered. Two Team Rocket Grunts flank a mean-looking female Quagsire who's keeping her eyes on three male teenagers who are tied up with thick ropes of the non-escaping variety, and one larger gun-wielding masked Team Rocket member is conversing with a black haired teenage girl who's standing next to a sleepy Houndour and an overly-excited Natu. Of all the people she sees, Marcia only recognizes the large masked man and the teenage girl. Allan, the burly man, was a member of Team Rocket since before Marcia joined the organization at age fifteen and Marcia worked with Nori, the teenage girl, when she was just a rookie to the criminal organization, about seven years ago. Seeing the gun in Allan's hand, Marcia whispers to Aerie, "Aerie, you and the Unown stay here. I'm going to go catch up with some old acquaintances of mine." "But I'm..." Aerie starts, but when Marcia glares at her, she just sighs and whispers rather abruptly, "Fine." Bandraptor wrote: > Allan nods, "We'll think of something," and he begins barking orders > to his two underlings. > > Nori stands back, and lets the trio work. Anubis is lying down next to > her, his eyes half closed, totally indifferent to everything that's > happening around him, and Set is hopping around like the unfolding > drama is the coolest thing he's ever seen, ever. Nori gives a rather > casual yawn, and folds her arms behind her head, "Let's see, prisoners > bound...Pokémon disabled...Witnesses nonexistent....heh, it looks like > I came up with a plan that actually worked!" She smirks, "And here I > thought I was a member of Team Rocket." "Don't be so cocky, Nori." Marcia declares, sneaking up behind the teenage girl, "You're just asking for the tides to turn." Narrowing her eyes because clearly at least one witness exists, she turns around, looks up at the tall purple-haired woman, and commands, "Leave this place now, or I'll feed you to my Hound-" She stops in mid-threat, recalling that her threat doesn't work if Anubis the Houndour is in plain sight because the puppy's incredibly non-threatening for a member of his species. She then blinks, "Hey, wait a minute, how'd you know my name?" She squints her eyes and recognizes the purple-haired woman, "Minax. What're YOU doing here? We don't need your help, you know. We've got the situation under control." "Me?" Marcia asks, pointing at herself, "Oh, I was just passing through the area and I overheard you people making so much noise everyone in Mahogany Town, including the local officer Jenny, must've heard. Who's bright idea was it to use an Earthquake attack to disable the enemy's Pokemon?" She notices that Allan looks over at her, so she asks, "Was it yours, Allan? Has wearing that same exact mask for the past twenty-five years cut off the flow of blood to your brain?" Allan snorts and points his gun at Marcia, "No, but obviously that hair dye you're always putting in your hair's leaked into YOUR brain if you thought it was a good idea to interfere with Team Rocket. Giovanni's told me about how you left the Team." "I just had the good sense to leave Giovanni's LOSING team." Marcia smirks and walks closer to the large gunman, "I mean, the cops found out he was the leader of Team Rocket, he lost his main base in the Viridian Gym, and now all he has are a couple of tiny bases in Johto and a handful of Rockets he keeps under his control by giving them meaningless promotions." One of the two male Rockets flanking the female Quagsire protests, "Hey, that's not true! Billy an' I joined Team Rocket: Johto 'cuz we're lean, mean, Pokemon-stealin' machines." "Yeah," Billy, the Team Rocket member at his side, adds, "The Kid an' I would be Rockets even if we weren't the only two Elite Members of the Official Wooper Against Mareep Brigade, which is made up of just us two." The Quagsire between them chimes in at this point, saluting like a Wobbuffet while exclaiming, "Quaaaaag SIRE!" "...yeah, right." Marcia lowers her eyelids when the two Rockets and their Quagsire assume a fighting pose, then turns her attention back to Allan, who's gun is still pointed at her, "I just went solo, Allan. I think you should too. Given your status, you could form your own Team and be the Boss of it. You don't even need a crew to make sure your face remains in shadows since you're always wearing that mask. Why, I can think of a dozen Rockets who'd renounce Giovanni to join you." "Really?" Allan lowers his guard and his gun when Marcia flatters him, "But Giovanni's so intimidating. Think you could guide me through the process? I'm taking these prisoners over to our secret underground base in Mahogany now. Wanna come?" Marcia shrugs and says, "Sure." She's inwardly glad that Allan's leading her straight to Mahogany Town but doesn't show it. She waves to Aerie and when the girl and her four shiny Unown join the group, she says, "This is Doppler's daughter. She and the Unown are part of Team Minax. I'm expecting a call from Doppler, Destroyer of Cities - he should be joining my team any day now." Allan, feeling a sudden rush of power-hungriness when he hears about Marcia's accomplishments, barks an order at Billy, The Kid, and their Quagsire, "Pick up our prisoners. We're taking them to our underground base to be executed." "What?!" Andy asks with a look of horror on his face, "Team Rocket's invented a machine that turns people into Exeggcute?!" Allan groans, "Billy, gag that idiot. Nori says he's harmless, but I sense my IQ dropping whenever I hear him talk." "Hey, Eni, you and Allan have something in common! Maybe you could become best friends with him and get him to let us all go free before they turn us into Exegg-" Billy lodges a rolled up sock in Andy's mouth before he can finish his sentence. Enimuram exclaims, "Thank you! You may be planning to murder us all, but at least you're humane." Marcia crosses her arms, "Let's go, already." Allan points his gun at Marcia's head, "HEY! You may order around Team Minax, but I'm the one who gets to boss around these three Rockets!" He lowers his gun, looks over to where Nori, Billy, and the Kid are standing, then declares, "Let's go, already." Marcia grabs Aerie's shoulders and restrains her to prevent the little girl from attacking Allan for having pointing his gun at her guardian. Marcia whispers into Aerie's ear, "Aerie, be nice to these mean people. They're leading us straight to Team Rocket's Secret Underground Base in Mahogany Town, where I'm going to see if Team Rocket's captured any shiny Unown I can use my feminine powers of persuasion to claim." Nori notices that Marcia is whispering to Aerie. She's concerned that the woman's planning to double-cross Team Rocket worse than she double-crossed the Bomb Ball Bashers, so she asks, "Minax, would you like to share with the rest of the group?" "She's talking about stealing Pokemon!" Aerie smirks and winks at Nori, "Y'know, usual Team Rocket stuff." Marcia sniffs a laugh, realizing that in the past two months Aerie's picked up her skill of leading people on while remaining honest. As the members of the W.A.M. Brigade heft up the bound B.B.B. members and Andrew, Marcia remarks, "Like mother like daughter." The group then follows Allan towards Mahogany Town. -Marcia