Subject: [PW!] Cianwood, the Journey begans anew Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 13:57:41 GMT From: Worry <> Organization: RoadRunner - Triad Newsgroups: Becky was concerned. Standing in the lounge of the airport, she pulled out her pokegear and accessed the phone. She dialed the number and waited for it to ring ten times before disconnect. She still couldn't get in touch with Travis. The pair had separated to return home to celebrate Christmas with their families. They had taken a boat ride from the Whirl Islands to Cianwood city where they had booked round trip flights to the Orange islands. They had expected to share the same flight back to Cianwood, but Travis hadn't been on the plane when she boarded. Now, back in Cianwood, Becky couldn't get in touch. She wondered what had happened to her Purple haired traveling companion. The Black belt was about to call information to get Travis's home number when her pokegear rang. "Hello?" Becky said into it after accepting the call. "Hi Becky." A familiar voice said on the other end. "Travis! What happened? I was worried! Where are you?" Becky cried into the phone. "I'm at the pokecenter in Cianwood." Travis answered. "I missed the flight, so I had Pop-up teleport me." "Stay there." Becky ordered. "I'll be there in a little while." She added before breaking the connection. Leaving the airport, Becky pulled a pokeball off her belt and released Traveler, the Ponyta. Riding the fire horse, the trip to the Pokecenter went quickly, and soon the two companions were reunited. "How did you miss the flight?" Becky demanded. "My parents got me a new pokegear for Christmas." Travis explained. "But mom set the time wrong. By the time I got to the airport on Valencia, I was an hour to late. I tried to call, but I guess you were already in the air and I couldn't connect." "New Pokegear?" Becky asked "Oh yeah. The latest thing." Travis replied, pulling out a blue pokegear from his backpack. "Look at this thing! It has an expanded radio card, a video screen for the phone function, more memory for phone numbers, the very latest pokedex, and this..." He went on now pulling a small tray out of the bottom. "A Pokemon transfer system! Now we don't have to find a pokecenter just to transfer pokemon. This thing is like a miniature version of the public phones in the pokecenter." Looking closer, Becky saw that the tray Travis had pulled out held an indention that a pokeball would just fit into. "Man, that thing IS state of the art." Becky admired. "It must have set your folks back a bundle!" "They said it wasn't to bad, actually." Travis replied. "I told them it was to much, After all, I hadn't had the old pokegear that long. But they said that the cost was well worth it in order for them to actually see me whenever we talked, to make sure I was all right. The only trouble is that now my number is different. I've already called Ivy and Robert. Those were the only two numbers I have in memory. But you need to update my new number in your pokegear." Travis gave her the new number, and Becky entered it into her pokegear. With that done, Travis asked, "How was your Christmas? Get any good loot of your own?" "I did ok." Becky confided. "A ton of new clothes. Mom is always trying to get me to dress more girlie, but this time she got me some clothes that I actually wouldn't mind wearing. But the best thing is this!" Becky went on pulling a round object out of her backpack and handing it proudly to Travis for him to inspct. "Is this...?" Travis began, looking closely at the object. "A Lucky Egg? Wow! These things are really rare! How did they find one?" He asked handing it carefully back to her. "Dad caught a Chansey for our pokecenter's Nurse Joy, and this came with it." Becky explained. "Nurse Joy didn't mind dad keeping it, so he gave it to me." "How dd the folks react to you winning the Whirl Cup?" Travis asked "They were really proud." Becky answered with a blush. "Dad even moved the Sacred Bowling trophy to make room on the mantle. He even said he would take his trophy down when I win the Johto League!" She went on with a smile. "Well then, we better start making plans to have that happen." Travis replied with an answering smile of his own. "Speaking of which, what are our plans now?" "First we challenge Chuck for a gym badge here." Becky replied. "From here, we can go to Olvine and challenge Jasmine. Along the way, I Want to train up this Unown of mine." Travis gave her a sharp look at that, but didn't reply "Tomorrow, I will challenge Chuck, and you can challenge him the day after." "Sounds like you are eager." Travis commented. "If we are going to be here for a few days, we better arrange for a room." "Then we can go down to the beach and get some training in." Becky stated. "I want my pokemon to be in top form to take on Chuck. Can't have my fighters making any sloppy moves during THAT match. I could lose my ranking!" As the companions entered the pokecenter to register a room, Travis stated. "It was good to get back home for the holiday, but I am glad we are back on our Journey. After the years we have spent training, it will be good to challenge for badges." "And good to make new friends and visit with old ones." Becky agreed. Then, with a mischievous glint to her eye, she added. "Like when we challenge Chuck, I am sure you will get a chance to catch up with Belle!" "Actually, I am looking forward to it." Travis stated. "She came on a little strong in Scarlet, and I didn't know how to react. It seemed so out of character. She really isn't the shy girl we used to know. But I think that maybe her coming on that strong was more bluster than anything. So next time, maybe I will call her bluff." "What if she isn't bluffing?" Becky asked amused. "Well, I am a guy." Travis stated. "And there are worse fates than being hit on by a pretty girl. Could be I'll see how far she wants to take things. Maybe I will get lucky!" Travis added with an exaggerated lecherous tone and a waggle of his eyebrows. "Ha!" Becky replied. "You wouldn't know what to do if you did get lucky." "You would be surprised." Travis said with an air of mystery. "Remember Cassandra? We met her in that little town north of Olvine. She showed me some things that I would very much like to try again." "Cassandra?" Becky asked trying to think of who Travis meant. Then she remembered the girl. An earthy farm girl type, very pretty. And Travis HAD disappeared with her for several hours. "Cassandra? You....her...she...What things?" Becky demanded. "Your still to young to know." Travis replied, enjoying the air of mystery and the effect it was having. "You will find out when you are older. For now, we better secure the room." And with that, the purple haired teen left Becky Fuming and went to the check in desk. -- Worry's first SIG sig file ------------------------------------------------------------------ *"It takes a Worried man to sing a Worried song..." Kingston Trio* *And the award for the funniest line in a cartoon goes to Superman who remarked "Don't look at me, I just catch 'em!" after stopping a crane thrown by Bizzaro from crushing a wedding party.* Proud owner of 300 fake code points