Subject: Re: [PW!] Concert Ahead Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 03:09:07 GMT From: "Amber Foxwing" <> Reply-To: "Amber Foxwing" <> Organization: Cox Communications Newsgroups: (all snipped to hell) > "Bob, wake up! You got to eat breakfast and get to the gym!" Jeff called up to > the top bunk > > "Just five more minutes mom. I don't wanna feed the ice-types." Bob grumbled. > This was a good sign, he was awake. Jeff sighed. > > "I'm just going to have to bop him one." Jeff said to Raffy, who got up at first > yell. > Raffy nodded and Jeff went up the bunk bed's ladder. > > "Wake ... " Jeff started, fist over his head ready to bop big bro. But just as he > was about to foolow through, he noticed something. "WHAT THE HELL?" > > "Zzzzz...zzzz.zzz...uh, er? Don't say things like that Jeff." was a rather groggy > response > > "But your head!?" > > "What about it?" Bob asked, giving his little brother a look. He then ran his > fingers > through his hair to try to dislodge it, but ran into something. Feeling around it, > it had > the shape of a leaf. "AIYA!" (NOTE: If you've ever seen the Jackie Chan cartoon, > think > of Uncle) He cried out. Doing a check of his senses, and limbs found that they were > all working right and pain-free. > > Of course, there were a few physical changes. His hands and face were, lucky for > him, > the same. The leaf, resembling a Chikorita, was firmly attached to the top of his > head, > amid his hair. If his skin was actualy showing, it would be a shade of green, and > leaf-free. > The vines were till there though, and his feet had become more like a Chikorita's > back legs. > > Reaching for his miracle seed pendant, Bob slung it around his neck. About then > Amber, > Vixxen, Jason, Solo and a couple of others had piled at the bedroom door. Some were > glaring, and some were confused. > > "WHAT'S GOING ON?" Vixxen asked, after just being woken up. > > "Hold on, I gotta do this right." Bob said, clearing his throat. "I feel > SUPERCHARGED!" > However, without the sparks, the effect was lost. Everyone else just stared at the > breeder > "It was worth a try." > > "UNOWN!" came a voice from above. > > Everyone looked up to see a shiny Unown, letter G, hovering above everyone. That > noise > attracted Aerie to the room. Aerie had just pushed in and noticed the Unown. Everyone was making a deal about Bob and his new appearance. As if the ruckus wasn't enough, Amber suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. She jumped and spun around, to have She-wolf's eyes meeting hers. Jason stepped in front of Amber. "What do you want now?" he asked warily. "There is no place for a failed assassin," she stated coldly, carefully averting her eyes from Jason. "How do I know that you won't try to kill me?" Amber asked cautiously. "Because I have failed at my job, and I cannot attack an innocent." "Well that's reassuring," someone said sarcastically. They were silenced with a well-placed thwap. "Why are you here," Jason asked, still keeping an eye on Amber. "I wish to travel with you. I could be of use in many ways; ninjitsu has its uses in times of need." "But why?" "I have no place as a failed assassin," she repeated. "And for lack of places to turn, I turn to you." The torture was apparent on her face. She wasn't one for begging, or asking favors, obviously. This seemed to be excruciating. "I'm ok with it," Amber said slowly, "as long as you stay away from me for a while and prove that you won't attack me." "I second that," Jason added. "I need prove nothing!" She-wolf spat, glaring at Amber. "If you want to travel with us, you must behave," Bob said. "If you want friends, then that is what you've got to prove." "I have not the need for friends. . ." "I beg to differ," said Cine, who was hunched behind her. "Who asked you, Cine?" "No one needs to ask me before I speak, Alexz." After a while, the assassin had convinced everyone to let her travel with them. She nodded in thanks and went out to the hallway. She hunkered down and stayed motionless, completely lost to anyone not knowing she was there. As soon as she left, Jason relaxed, as did Amber. The conversation turned to Bob and the Unown again. TBC Just doing Alex's job for her...^_^()