Subject: Re: [PW!] Concert Ahead Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 05:34:28 GMT From: "Amber Foxwing" <> Reply-To: "Amber Foxwing" <> Organization: Cox Communications Newsgroups: (snip) > After a while, the assassin had convinced everyone to let her travel with > them. She nodded in thanks and went out to the hallway. She hunkered down > and stayed motionless, completely lost to anyone not knowing she was there. > As soon as she left, Jason relaxed, as did Amber. The conversation turned to > Bob and the Unown again. -- -- -- As the commotion went on, Amber pulled Jason out of the room. "Come with me," she said cheerfully. Without letting him respond she yanked him down the hallway and out the door. "Wait! Where---Where are we going?" he asked, as he stumbled along behind her. "Shopping!" she said happily. She withdrew a handful of bills she had recieved from Bob for winning the gym badge. "Why am _I_ coming?" He finally caught up to her and walked beside her. "Cause _you_ need to tell me how I look!" 'Oh shit,' he thought to himself. He'd better be good.... "I thought you had enough clothes..." "No! I have only the ones on my back and my Pajamas. Plus, I need pants that fit me. These clothes were handmedowns from the police station, remember?" "Umm..." "After we escaped Team Rocket the Police Station found me and accused me of being a Rocket. When that was cleared up, they gave me these clothes. Remember now?" "Sort of, but I wasn't there, remember?" "Oh. Yeah. Right." They finally approached Goldenrod and wandered through the streets. Amber was looking around at all of the stores, slightly in awe still at how huge the city was. They stopped at a rather small clothing store and Amber went straight to work. Jason made himself comfortable in the seat in front of the dressing room. He wondered how long this would take. "Hey, Jase! Help me find something, please?" He sighed and stood up, half-smiling. "AIYAAA!!!" Amber cried. He spun around to see her supporting a display she had knocked over. She was tilting it back into position but it seemed to be rather heavy. He walked over and pushed it up. "Thanks, Jason!" She bounced away happily looking for clothes. Jason browsed the aisles scanning the clothing only briefly. He picked up a black long-sleeved shirt and a white t-shirt, then a blue shirt and a few other clothes. When he met with Amber again he handed them to her and smiled. "Try these on," he said. She looked at them briefly and nodded. "Ok!" She hurried into the dressing room and Jason resumed his position in the chair. He could hear the hangers clicking together. He stared into space for no particular reason, letting his mind blank. He started to doze when... "Jason?" He jerked back to reality to see Amber standing in the doorway. She was wearing a pair of gray pants and the black shirt he had picked up. "Whatcha think?" she asked, "Looks great," he commented. She blushed. "Another thing that I like is I can do this too." She picked up the white T-shirt and pulled it over. She grinned and nodded. "I like these. I'm going to get dressed into my other clothes, now. You go pick some stuff out!" "Me?!" "Yeah! Your concert is coming up tomorrow. Get some clothes." She pointed at his outfit: his very faded and worn blue jeans, his old hawaiian shirt and an old and beat-up (almost) white t-shirt underneath. "You aren't planning on wearing THAT are you?" "I suppose not..." He sighed and walked around through the store again. He picked up a pair of black Dockers and a new hawaiian T-shirt. He approached the register. "Aren't you going to try it on first?" Amber asked, at his arm. He jumped; he hadn't noticed her there. "I don't need to. If it doesn't fit I'll bring it back." "Try it on! I wanna see!" He sighed and slipped into the dressing room. He wondered how he got into this mess. He swiftly put the other clothes on and walked out to show her. Amber smiled widely and ran to him. "You look handsome!" she exclaimed, poking him in the side. He winced and put on a dumb grin. "Really?" "Yeah! Get it!" Shortly the pair left the store and headed back home. On the road leading from the city, Amber stopped. "Let's take the scenic route home," she said, taking his hand. "But why?" "Cause it's through an orchard, and it smells really nice. The sakura blossoms are falling about this time of year." "I guess we could..." he started. No sooner had he said this, she raced in the direction of the orchard, pulling him with her. She slowed as they entered and looked all around. Pink cherry blossoms seemed to be everywhere. She breathed deeply and stared up at the treetops. "Doesn't it smell nice?" she asked. "Yes it does." They walked for a while, hand in hand, oblivious to the figure leaping skillfully from tree to tree behind them. "What fools they are," She-wolf thought. "They do not see me here, nor do they hear me. I guess I am skillful enough to defeat their senses." They passed through the orchard into a small part of the forest, then across a bridge over a fast-running river. "How fun," She-wolf smiled to herself. "To stalk them is such fun that I do not wish to stop. They act so strange that I cannot stop." As she said this to herself, Jason was telling Amber stories about how it was before they met and making odd faces to accompany them. She was laughing so hard that soon she couldn't walk and collapsed to the ground. He chuckled and leaned down. "Hey," he laughed. "Are you ok?" "Yes," she replied between breaths and giggles. He helped her up and she leaned on him, still trying to get rid of her giggles. He put his arm around her and they finished the trip home, ending up in Bob's backyard. TBC Bah! I can't believe how shitty the voices are in the Dubbed version of I'm Gonna Be an Angel! Most of them are ok except for Yuusuke's and it annoys me very much!!!!! >_< I waited 5 friggin days to hear such horrible voices. Oh well......9_9 Anywho, this post was offhand; just something different from the norm. Just a hint, by the way, for writing for She-wolf is that she doesn't use contractions. I know I'm not her author but that's what Alex told me, so i'm passing it on to you. The clothes Jason got, by the way, is something I drew out from Marco's post that he sent to me. So his clothes did not change without Marco's consent! O.o