Subject: Re: [PW] [WC] Corpses Don't Sink Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 00:39:42 -0500 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > "Then..." Lynkeru trailed off, indicating yet again the breeder who is now being > taken to the examination room by Nurse Joy and a Chansey. > > Yolei stared off into space silently for a moment. She was at a loss for what > to do. Homicidal maniacs were after the Unown, which will undoubtably drive > them to act even more like homicidal maniacs. It was too much to think about. In said examination room, Bob was still lying unconscious with a very confused techie Nurse Joy. Being the available one, she was the one called to help. What confused her was that she knew how to treat pokemon -- that was her job. She also knew a thing or two about helping people, but the figure on the table was both all in one package. She decided to start the examining by shining the light on him. The brightness of the light caused Bob to open his eyes. Moaning, he rubbed his head in pain. "Ugh, aim that light upwards." Bob moaned out, the light almost blinding. "Sorry. How do you feel?" Nurse Joy asked. "Like I've been Flamethrowered, Ice Beamed, Aeroblasted and Sludge Bombed all at the same time. Just let me take a power nap in the sun and I'll be right as rain soon enough." Bob said getting up off the table, only to fall over."Um, could I get some help getting to that bed. My legs don't feel like working at the moment." Nurse Joy sweatdropped. ---------- An hour or two later, Bob layed in one of the beds, almost basking in the sun. He had fully regained consciousness about five minutes earlier, but his eyes were still shut and he was enjoying soaking in the sun far too much to let on that he was awake. All of a sudden, something blocked out the light. Knowing that he locked the door when Nurse Joy left and that he didn't hear the door or window open anyways eliminated most of who he knew Thinking about who ke knew that could could either get in silently or have Teleport, he came to a conclusion. "Hello Aerie." Aerie blinked. "How'd you know?" "Mimic's done everything in his power to NOT come after me so far." Bob replied deadpan, not even bothering to open his eyes. "How's it going?" He asked, finally opening his eyes to look at Aerie. Somewhere in his thoughts he was wondering why he was having such a bad day. Aerie just gave the breeder a strange look before smiling.