Subject: Re: [PW] [WC] Corpses Don't Sink Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 01:17:49 -0500 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > Aerie teleported away before Joy finished her second step. > > Bob collapsed back onto his bed with a sigh. "Told you." > > Joy blinked. "Well, at least we know she'll be around for the next > round." > > "We hope." With a completely confused look on her face, Nurse Joy left the room grumbling and going about her other duties, while still managing to keep a smile on her face. It took Bob the afternoon fully recover, as he was doing it himself. To pass the time, he watched the Whirl Cup coverage on PNN. He turned it on to see the instant replay of a Slowpoke being the victim of a powerful Twister attack. After a while, it was a Starmie totally thrashing on a Magikarp and a Remoraid. After that was a truly bizarre spectacle involving a young lady against a Persian. The last match he saw before leaving was a Hitmontop overcoming all odds to advance. "All right, time to go and find Aerie." Bob said to nobody in particular. "You don't even know where she went." Joy said, startling Bob and stating the blatently obvious. "True, but the Unown will be busy. I've already given her time to try and sort out her own crisis. And if she does sort it out, those Unown are not going to like that." Bob explained, doublechecking to make sure he has everything. "What ..." Joy started, but noticed noone there " ... Unown." In a flash, Bob was out of the Pokemon Center and searching for Aerie. On his way out he passed Lynkeru, who was fiddling with some sort of instrument. Waving briefly, he bolted out the door, Raffy about 3 steps behind him once he clued in. "See you're as sharp as ever Raffy" Bob said, taunting his Girafarig pal. Raffy just glared with both sets of eyes. "So any idea as to where Aerie might have gone?" Bob asked. Raffy shook his head. "Then the forest is where we'll start looking" Bob said almost confidently. A while later, Bob and Raffy were in the forested area looking for Aerie. Odds were that she wasn't there, but this was as good a place as any to try. Both were looking high and low for any sign of a disturbance or a half-Ditto causing a ruckus. Luck was with the pair as they spotted Aerie's sprawled out body on the forest's floor. From what the two of them could tell, Aerie had exhausted herself fighting the Unown's control. However their luck soon changed as 5 shiny Unown appeared and hovered around Aerie, apparently having a Collective meeting. Feeling the wrongness and the danger, both Bob and Raffy ducked behind trees and concentrated. The forest was so eerily calm, the only sounds that could be heard to them were in incoherent mumblings of Aerie as her unconscious state turned into sleep. TBC ------- Clayton