Subject: [PW!] Ecruteak? What Kind of a Name is Ecruteak? Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 03:45:11 GMT From: "Pipian" <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: Mamoru tried to keep up with Yolei while carying his bag. "Since when do I have to carry all your stuff?" he asked. "You're a guy. You should act like a gentleman..." replied Yolei. Mamoru turned red. "What's THAT got to do with it? It's not like I'm your boyfriend or anything!" "Fine, you want me to carry my own bag? Then admit that I'm a better trainer than you because I caught a Scyther and you caught a big fat load of NOTHING!" <Don't! I won't let you say it!> said Yuki, still stuck in Mamoru's head, like always. Mamoru sighed. "Fine, you're a gagharshsh!" <Damn you, Yuki!> Mamoru shouted back mentally. <Better to carry her junk than admit she's better. Besides, you need more muscle.> Mamoru grumbled. Lynkeru glanced at Mamoru strangely, and simply figured that his Yuki personality, or whatever it was, was exerting a little control over the boy. She snickered. "It's not funny!" Lynkeru then broke down in laughter. Mamoru groaned in exasperation. "Fine! I give up! Geez! I don't get any respect around here." Yolei glanced back at the burdened Mamoru, and sighed. "Fine, give me my bag." Mamoru sighed in relief to an end to this mental torture that had been going on for the past few hours since they had left the Park. "Thanks." "You're welcome, I guess." The group had planned to make Ecruteak by 6. Or they hoped. Today had already been long enough. They knew that much. Mamoru, now carrying a much lighter pack glanced up into sky. It didn't look like the sun had much longer until it set. "Think we'll get into town by sunset?" asked Lynkeru. "Not like I'm afraid, but if anything pops up like a Wolfos in the dark, it won't be very easy battling." "It won't be too much longer, I think," said Yolei as she peered ahead, attempting to peer over the next hill. "At least I hope." By the time they eached the top of the hill, it was discovered that their fears were unfounded. "We're almost there!" said Mamoru. "Look! You can see Tin Tower! I don't think it'll be much longer than about a half an hour to get to the Pokemon Center." "That's a relief," said Yolei. "My legs are getting tired from all this walking." By the time they finally got to Ecruteak, the sun was setting. It wasn't much longer when they got to the Pokemon Center. Mamoru yawned. "Boy, today was a long day. I could almost fall asleep." "Yeah, but something's wrong," said Yolei. "Hmm? What do you mean?" asked Mamoru as he walked up to Nurse Joy to get his pokeballs back. "Well... Aren't there too few trainers here? Almost as if it was daytime?" "Oh!" Piped up the Joy. "You're wondering where all the trainers are?" "Yeah... It's rather... quiet." "Ah, you see, the local Gym Leader Morty likes to have his matches at night. He uses Ghost-types, you see?" "Thanks for the tip Nurse Joy." "So we have to battle tonight? And I thought I could have some rest..." "Well, either that or we wait until tomorrow." While the two began to decide on the best course of action for the night, Lynkeru, who had been meandering around near the entrance of the Pokemon Center saw a glimmer in the corner of her eye... It was another Shiny Unown... TBC? -Pipian Urgh, cannot write very well tonight... Very non-cohesive. Anyway, take your choice. B or I. What kind of a name is Ecruteak anyway? I've heard of Teak wood, but Ecruteak?