Subject: [PW!][BBB] End of an Era Date: 06 Apr 2002 21:09:09 GMT From: (Andrusi- Apprentice of Kopaka) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: [PW!][BBB] End of an Era It doesn't matter now what happens, I will never give up the fight There is no way I will run away from all of my frights As long as the voice inside me says go I will always keep on running There is no way to stop me from going to the very top It doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right I have no idea why I typed that out. The Rockets and their three prisoners semi-marched down one of those long, dimly lit corridors that one is sure have no purpose besides dramatic effect. Nori was leading the way, followed by Andrew, the Bomb Ball Bashers, and six Rocket Grunts (their original escort had left after making some excuse that loosely translated to "author doesn't want to deal with us"). The aforementioned corridor actually existed not for the obivous reason of setting the mood, but for the equally obvious reason of allowing a conversation to take place with no particular location in the base. "This is all your fault, you know," Andy said to Enimuram. Andrew rolled his eyes. "...what?" Enimuram was, to be brief, rather surprised by this accusation. "You're the one who agreed to let Nori be our guide. You're the one who explained away everything suspicious that happened. And worst of all, you were supposed to be in charge of tracking Ted Brotlov's appearances, and you should have noticed he hadn't shown up lately, meaning that something bad must have already been happening if the stories were even worth posting. How is this possibly MY fault?" Andy started to answer, then paused, then thought, then paused again, then started to answer again, and repeated the cycle five times before he finally came up with an excuse. "Well, for starters, you were the one who detonated that Electrode in Giovanni's face and got all of Team Rocket looking for us back when we were a couple of idiots running around in Kanto with all the dumb luck in the world." Andrew, on the other hand, was quicker on the draw. "You also were so paranoid and quick to accuse everyone of plotting against you that you drove away any possible form of assistance. Wiping out Voltorbkind is a tough job, you know. "You also didn't lift a finger to save me from that Murusaki guy," Nori chimed in. "Otherwise I might have decided not to turn you in." The Rocket Grunts huddled, and then the most generic of the group stepped forward. "And we're not sure what else you did or even who you are, but there must have been something else." Enimuram stopped. "Did you guys plan this out beforehand?" Andy sighed. "How'd you know? I thought we made it sound random and--" Andrew interrupted. "Hold on. I have another plan." "Really?" Rocket Grunt #2 exclaimed. "What do we do this time?" "It's a secret escape plan." "You're not allowed to make secret escape plans, are you?" Rocket Grunt #3 asked. "Actually, they are," Nori said. "It's a local Team Rocket rule, just like how we aren't allowed to confiscate anything they have with them. Now start talking amongst yourselves so you don't overhear anything they say. I'll just listen to music or something." The three captives moved together and began to quietly discuss the possibility of escape. "It's hopeless, I tell you," Enimuram said. "Odds are that none of us will make it out alive." "We seem to have a talent for extreme luck," Andy pointed out. "So what's the plan?" "Well, they THOUGHT they took out Pokéballs," Andrew said with a grin, "but they actually only took the Plot Device brand fake Pokéballs that Andy bought." "See? I told you they were a good idea!" Andy said. "Shut up," Enimuram muttered. "The problem, of course, is that they're watching us to make sure we don't pull anything out, especially Pokéballs, which I'm guessing is why none of you have tried anything already. (At that point Andrew became more certain than ever of exactly what a sheepish grin looks like.) But we can probably manage to release one Pokémon each. Then we can fight for our freedom... or our lives, depending on what they're planning to do to us." "Sounds good," Enimuram said, reaching into his jacket. The Andys did the same. Then all three threw down Pokéballs at the same time. "Dabra!" "Scy!" "Flare!" The six Rocket Grunts gaped, then threw Pokéballs of their own. Five Machokes and a Clefairy appeared in the hallway... and one of the six Rockets was promptly met with disturbed stares from the other five. Nori, for her part, almost didn't notice anything that had happened (she was listening to her prized Pokémon Battle Sound Effects CD), but Andrew's shout of "David, Psychic!" dragged her kicking and screaming back into reality, where she proceeded to shout "Go, Cerebrus!" and released the Pokémon in question. At this point, Voltifer looked at the small group from his home in the Official Worse Afterlife and decided the Bashers had a good idea in escaping. And I kid you not, that's the real reason that all hell broke loose in that hallway. The Machokes went down quickly thanks to David (the Kadabra, not the Abra), but were quickly replaced by five Golems. Enimuram's Flareon had his proverbial hands full dealing with the Clefairy, which proved to be one of the tougher Clefairies around (in addition to having a stupid about of luck with Metronome). Amazon, for her part, was doing what might be called a good job holding off Cerebrus, which (when you account for her type weakness, lack of training, and lack of good moves) roughly translated to "still alive after a second". Andy was constantly shouting "QUICK ATTACK!" even though he really didn't need to do so, which is one of those stupid little facts that always find their way into the history books. Obviously, things were not going well for the Bashers (and Andrew) when they heard the whistle. The fighters paused briefly. "Protoman?" Andy wondered aloud, his common sense nonexistant (as usual). "Couldn't find him," Ted Brotlov said as he ran around the corner, Cyclonus in tow. "I guess I'll have to do! Cyclonus, let's save the Bashers!" Rather than attack the Machokes from behind like an intelligent trainer would, he slipped in between the Bashers and sent out Scourge and his top ten Voltorbs. Cyclonus, to his credit, did a quick type analysis and jumped in to help fight Cerebrus. "Scourge, Thunderbolt!" Ted commanded. Scourge spun around to face Ted. "Trode." "WHAT? This is treason!" "No, it's loyalty!" Nori shouted. "You're the traitor!" "Why are you helping us, anyway?" Andy yelled over the noise from the battle. "If I can't catch you guys, nobody will!" Ted yelled back. "Forget Scourge! Voltorbs, Sonicboom!" Scourge rolled away, ignoring the battle, with five Voltorbs inexplicably following him. The remaining Voltorbs obeyed their trainer, aiming Sonicbooms at the Clefairy and the Golems. Suddenly, Ted pointed and shouted "RUN!" Andrew looked, saw that the fighting had somehow formed a gap he could escape through, recalled David, and ran, closely followed by the Bomb Ball Bashers. "Where's Ted?" Andrew shouted. "Holding them off, run!" Enimuram shouted after glancing back. "And don't look behind you!" "Why not?!" "Bird!" "What?!" "Chasing!" Andrew was about to shout "Chasing?!" when he realized Enimuram's meaning: Cerebrus was chasing them. Fortunately, Dodrio are much slower than Electrodes, and the three had outrun those before with the help of adrenaline. --- It was a few more minutes before Andrew caught sight of the ladder leading out of the base. He pushed all his strength into making this final dash, leapt onto the ladder, climbed up faster than ever before, and recieved a very painful kick from a very cute girl in a very short skirt who'd had the misfortune to be standing right next to the trapdoor when he came up. The girl pointed at the trapdoor and shouted something about the perverts getting worse all the time; the old woman behind the counter of the store begged her not to leave and even offered to provide a deadly weapon and to look away at the appropriate moment. Andrew didn't notice any of this, however, because he was busy staring down the trapdoor waiting for the Bashers. After a few minutes, they still hadn't shown up. Andrew told the girl and the old woman to give him a shout if two more teenage boys came up; they agreed, though the girl muttered something nasty and inaudible. --- Andrew sat down on a bench outside. He wasn't quite sure what had just happened, but one thing was certain: Enimuram and Andy had not come out of the base. Neither had Ted, for that matter. But on the plus side, no Rockets seemed to have followed him either. "Should I go back for them?" he wondered aloud. "I could release all my Pokémon first, then charge in and attack... but I'm not sure they could stand up to all those Pokémon, especially if the Rockets ordered backup... but I can't just abandon them..." "You aren't," said a familiar voice. Andrew whirled around. "Cyclonus?" "They knocked out Ted, then Nori's monstrosity came back with the Bashers," the Electabuzz explained. "Nobody was paying me any attention but Andy, who gave me these." He held up two Pokéballs. "I'm supposed to give you this one, and keep this one. And I'm supposed to tell you not to come trying to save them, that there's nothing you can do." Andrew was silent for a long time. "I'm sorry," he eventually said. "Ted wasn't really my master. He was more like a friend. And I got to know the Bomb Ball Bashers, too. It got to where it was all just a game, us saying we'd capture them and knowing it wasn't really going to happen. I never knew it would end like this... what am I saying? This level of seriousness isn't in my contract." "So, what are you going to do now?" Andrew asked. "I'm going to Sunflorida. I've had too much stress lately, and I need to relax. I don't know which Pokémon Andy gave me, but I hope it's that Scyther. She's cute." "So you don't know which Pokémon he..." Andrew started to say, but Cyclonus was gone. He looked at the Pokéball. *Well, now's as good a time as any,* he thought. "Go, whoever!" "Abra!" >Yeah, yeah, what is it--huh? Where's Andy?< Andrew was dumbstruck. "David?" >That's my name,< the Abra said. >Something wrong? And where's Andy?< Andrew threw a Pokéball. "David, I'd like you to meet... David. David, David." David the Kadabra eyed David the Abra. Psychically, they compared movesets. Then they both cracked up. "Well, this has certainly been an odd day," Andrew said. THE END Well, folks, it's been fun... but like Q said, all good things must come to an end. And given recent circumstances on AGNP, we figured this should come to an end while it can still be called a good thing. Many apologies for portraying nearly everyone horribly out of character, and for making this such a badly written crapheap--but then, I figured there was no reason the last BBB story should be different from any other. :P And while this is the end of the Bomb Ball Bashers, it is by no means the end of Andrew O'Reilly's journeys (just ask NH). Nor is it an end to my AGNPer-ness, as I have something different planned for tomorrow... -Andrusi && Sanity not included.