Subject: Re: [PW!] Fractured Understanding Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 11:57:09 -0800 From: LordLocke <> Organization: 80,000+ UNCENSORED Newsgroups. Newsgroups: Dreadite wrote: > > Fractured Understanding > > The sounds of bootsteps echoing down silent corridors like slow, steady > gunfire felt like they could be heard for miles. The woman making the > footsteps hurried on, walking quickly down the dark corridors, the feeling that > something behind her was just going to jump out and grab her driving her > onward. Her rational mind told her not to worry... it was her home, after all. > After what seemed like minutes, she opened the door to the well lit study, and > her fears vanished like light. > > "Good morning. Up so early, are you?" > > The woman lept with a start, and turned around to face what addressed her. > > "Long time, no see, Eran," said the man, stepping from the shadows. His > movement was calculated and slow, and incredibly quiet. When he stepped into > the light, his eyes flickered a little, and when he stopped four feet in front > of Eran, his hair fell gently into place over his eyes, obscuring the view of > his almost baby face with long, wavy brown strands. > > "Jesus, Dreadite, don't do that to me!" Eran exclaimed, before putting her > hands in the pockets of her jacket, and sitting down in an armchair with a > flop. She stretched her legs out, and looked up at the tall man before > speaking, "No, so late is more like it. I was out doing a job." > > Dreadite gave a soft smile, and pulled his coat tighter around himself, looking > about the room. "It's awfully cold, don't you ever heat the place? In any > case, I hope you did well. Perhaps you can afford to put in a heater." > > "Is that all you came here to tell me? I can't afford heating on this lousy > pay, anyhow." > > "No, that's not all. This is business." Dreadite waved a hand, from the > rafters, a large Pidgeot decended, landing at his feet. "I dropped by to say > hello, since I was on Johto side." > > "Dropped by? What's wrong with you?" Eran rolled her eyes, and looked about. > "HEY! Can I get a drink in here?" > > An Apiom scurried into the room rather quickly, and handed Eran a cup of tea > with his tail-hand. Eran sipped her tea, watching Dreadite carefully. The man > simply sat down, and looked at the Aipom with a rather expecting gaze. The > crackmonkey ran back into the other room hurriedly, with an apologetic look to > the two. > > "He's a good butler." > > "Yeah, I trained him for it. He's not good in a fight, you know." Eran > grinned. "But as I was saying, what's wrong with you? You never just drop in > anywhere." > > "I thought it would be nice to go do something." Dreadite looked up with a > slight grin. "And perhaps more fun than staying at home, doing unpaid > overtime? Though the service is good, I admit." > > The monkey returned with Dreadite's glass of tea, and the man continued. "In > any case. I thought it was about time I got out of my own place. I've > finished catching up on my mail." > > "It was about time." > > ***** > > "Flying is one of the few experiences that never fails to amuse, even when it > does not suprise, like thousands before it. I often think it's easier to fly > properly than walk properly... there's more space to move." > > "Bullshit, and you know it. Where are we going?" > > "To Mahogany." > > "What in all hell for?" > > "You'll see." > > "No, I won't SEE! I want to know." > > Dreadite's pidgeot flew high over Azalia, heading north, with Eran clutching > firmly to its back. Her brown hair fluttered, displaying the occasional flash > of grey as she watched, rather dismayed, how low the pidgeot got to the trees. > Dreadite seemed far less phased, being held on the shoulders by the pidgeot's > talons. > > "All right. I'm going to go get a badge today, I think." > > "...A badge?" Eran's face showed complete confoundment. "What use is a badge > to YOU?" > > Dreadite just smiled, a menacing smile. "You never know." > > Eran sighed. "Well, why ask me along, then? I should have stayed home. Can't > you catch the train, or take a car, or something?" > > Dreadite went quiet, watching the skyline. Finally he spoke; "Don't worry > about it, right?" > > The pidgeot let out a scream, and left a flurry of leaves in his wake, with > mountains to the north looming ahead. The landscape soared by, and Eran almost > seemed to enjoy the flight as they soared past mountains. Dreadite watched > each person they flew over, but being just specks in the distance, they seemed > smaller than the pokemon they battled with. > > 'Welcome to Mahogany town.' The sign bent in the wind as the pidgeot landed > with a flurry, Dreadite leaping from the talons to land about ten feet back, > brushing his cloak off as he wandered forward. "Here we are." > > Eran fell from the Pidgeot with a rather relieved expression on her face. > "Thank god. I'm getting too old for that." > > Dreadite shrugged his shoulders. "Hasn't bothered me." He offered Eran a > hand, and looked about with a curious expression. "What now, what now." > *Meenwhile...* Gads smiled as he cut into the remaining bit of what used to be a VERY large steak. "Damn. We haven't eaten this well since... since... damn, I can't remember the last time we ate this well." "Key, KEY!" Monk-chan agreed vigorously as he finished off his banana split. Nearby, the other Pokemon that assisted in the capture of Boba and Fett (Save A-Bomb, who Gads nervously decided got his reward when he blew up his trainer yet AGAIN) were snacking on their own treats as well- Gnawer has a decent-sized wedge of Cheesecake, and Vinal prefering a typical snack of PokeTreats. The waiter approached the group. "Is the food satisfactory this afternoon?" "Yes, indeed!" Gads mumbled through a mouthful of steak. "Very well. Anything else?" The waiter did an admirable job of holding in his disgust. Although it was a outdoor cafe, the trainer in front of him was acting like a barbarian. Gads thought about it for a moment. "Nah. I think this'll be it. Jus' another refill for my soda and the bill, please." "Very well, sir." The waiter scooped up the empty glass and headed back inside the restaraunt. Gads leaned back and closed his eyes. "Just rewards for a job well done, eh M-C?" Monk-chan wasn't paying attention. Two new travellers had just caught his eye. The Mankey struggled a bit as he tried to remember where he'd seen the male... black coat, business suit, long hair... ***Flashback*** "I'm not interested in any small-fry Rocket fodder. I'm after big sport. Like that guy." Lady Ariados gestured to a poster of a man with long hair in a business suit and trenchcoat, holding a sword. "A reward on a guy like that could let me practically retire." ***Flashback*** "KEY!" Monk-chan exclaimed aloud. That was the "big sport" that Lady Ariados had been talking about. And there he was, going down the street towards... the Mahogany Gym? "What's up, M-C?" Gads opened one eye to look over at his partner. The pair were already behind him, out of his line of sight. "Man..." Monk-chan stopped. He knew what Gads would say. 'We just caught a bounty, M-C. Why chase down another one?' Well, he'd head that off at the pass. "Man key key man!" "WHAT?" Gads was amazed. To hear that... "You... want to... try to earn a badge?" Gads shook his head. Monk-chan had lost all interest in gym battles since they'd become part-time Bounty Hunters. "Key." Monk-chan nodded, with a sneakly little smile crossing his face. "Well, that's unlike you, but meeh, what could it hurt. 'sides, we haven't earned a badge since Brock all those years ago. We only got three, might as well up our collection while we're here. Which gym is it?" "Key." Monk-chan shrugged. It didn't really matter anyways, since he had little interest in the Gym itself. Just who was heading towards it. "I guess we'll find out when we get there, then. We'll leave once I finish my glass of... ah, there it is." Gads grinned and took the glass from the waiter, along with the bill. Looking over it, Gads frowned a bit. "I hadn't planned on spending QUITE this much, but we can afford it." Gads handed the money over to the waiter, the began to sip on his soda. With that last bounty out of the way, he had plenty of money to get by. Monk-chan was interested in something besided Bounty Hunting again, too. Life was good, and it seemed that things would be peaceful for a bit. Across the table, a Mankey began grinning evilly. That stupid spider Spike wasn't going to be top Pokemon in the Bounty Hunting business for long. Gads continued to sip on his soda, oblivious to what the Mankey was planning... TBC? (Bwa ha ha! You want interaction, Dread? Well, ya got it. You just had to choose Mahogany Town, didn't you? You KNOW I can let a chance like this pass by. :p Let's see if I still got the knack for this...) -----= Posted via Newsfeeds.Com, Uncensored Usenet News =----- - The #1 Newsgroup Service in the World! -----== Over 80,000 Newsgroups - 16 Different Servers! =-----