Subject: [PW!] Gettin' To Know You... Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 01:16:27 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: AT&T Worldnet Newsgroups: Belle, a blonde teenage girl wearing a white halter top and a beige miniskirt, sits cross-legged near a Slowpoke on the hard wooden floor of the Cianwood City Gym's dojo. Belle reaches into her top and produces a tiny Fast Ball, which she enlarges and drops on the floor. A brief noise and a beam of light signal the appearance of a Cyndaquil wearing a coat made of Charcoal. The blonde pets the Fire Pokemon's nose, then addresses the Slowpoke, "Okay, so what's this one's story?" After five seconds, the pink Slowpoke who's eyes gleam with a hint of madness, answers, "Well, Supergirl, before you came in contact with a high dose of red kryptonite, which has clearly given you amnesia, you would call this Pokemon 'Blazer'. I never understood the reasoning behind it, since he is obviously this universe's Human Torch." "But he's a Cyndaquil." Belle pokes her own chest and informs her Slowpoke in a rather condescending way, "I'M the one who's a human, Luthor. I guess they call you 'Slow'-poke for a reason." Luthor stays quiet for a moment, processing the insult, then he shouts, "Luthor is well aware of that, foolish minion! But if the Punisher can be a female and have a motorcycle instead of a van in this universe, then the Human Torch can be a Cyndaquil! That red kryptonite has made you more insolent than the accursed Dr. Octopus, who did nothing but torment Luthor since the day Luthor imprisoned him until the day the spineless jellyfish fled in fear from both Luthor and Chameleon Boy!" "Uhh... right." Belle grabs her Cyndaquil with both hands and lifts him up to her face in order to examine him closer, "Anything else I should know about the 'Human Torch'? Learning what moves he knows would really help me out." "Let me think... It has been a while since I have read a comic book featuring the Fantastic Four." Luthor's eyes squint and remain that way for about a minute, then he says, "Well, for starters, he can fly, just like you can, but unlike you, he cannot fly outside of the Earth's atmosphere because he can only fly when he's on fire and he requires oxygen in order to..." Belle smacks Luthor on the head with her Lure Ball, sucking him into the Pokeball in the process. After putting the Pokeball away, the blonde girl sighs and asks the Cyndaquil, who she's put on her lap, "I don't suppose you can speak English too?" "Quil..." Blazer the Cyndaquil shakes his head. He wishes he did know how to speak English as well as Luthor does, especially since he's been put in charge by his friend Mimic, another Pokemon who can speak the language, to take care of his confused Trainer. Blazer does know how to understand English, and as such, he hops off Belle's lap to answer the earlier question she posed to Luthor in the best way he can - by demonstrating his abilities. He concentrates and a pillar of flame shoots out of his back, kept strong by the Charcoal vest he's wearing. The Cyndaquil takes in some fresh air through his mouth... A man shouts, "STOP RIGHT THERE!" ...and Blazer closes his mouth, just in time to swallow back his own Ember attack. The squinty-eyed Pokemon starts coughing, black fumes escaping through his little mouth as the flame on his back dies down. Chuck, the Gym's Leader, stomps up next to Belle, and the young girl stumbles to get up onto her feet as he commands, "Never tell a Fire Pokemon to use one of his attacks in the dojo, Belle! The wooden floors here are highly flammable." "Sorry, Chuck!" Belle leers at her Cyndaquil out of the corner of one eye, "I didn't tell him to do that, he just..." Chuck grabs Belle's shoulders, straightens her posture, and says, "You will call me master, as all students do. Why is that Cyndaquil even out of his Pokeball? I told you to use this time before dinner to train with your new Tyrogue." "Uh, yeah... yeah, you did... master." Belle stammers, a bit intimidated by the large man standing in front of her, "I released him first, but he didn't want to train with me, so I decided to get to know my other Pokemon better instead." Chuck instructs his newest student, "Your Tyrogue doesn't want to train with you because he doesn't respect you. He was born a year ago in this Gym and he's been waiting since then for a Trainer just like the ones he's been practicing his martial arts with for the past few months. He can tell that you're different, but you've got to show him that it doesn't necessarily mean that you're worse. I invited you to Train here because I saw great potential in you, Belle - now you just need your Tyrogue to see that too. Speaking of that, maybe this'll help." Chuck walks off to a trunk in the corner of the dojo. Belle stands perfectly still, arms at her side where Chuck placed them, as Chuck rummages through the trunk. Chuck removes a traditional Karate uniform, and a white belt from the trunk. He walks up to Belle and presents the two items to her, explaining, "This is your gi and your white belt. From now on, you must wear this gi whenever you train in the dojo. This white belt is given to novices - when you and your Tyrogue win a match against one of the Trainers who study here, you will receive a yellow belt. Once you've proven yourself by defeating three more Trainers, you will receive a blue belt. If you defeat all of the Trainers and myself, then both you and your Tyrogue will receive a Black Belt and you will earn the title of Fighting Pokemon Apprentice. Now don't forget to bow." Belle is already reaching for the gi and white belt when Chuck makes that last comment, but she corrects herself in mid-grab and bows her head down. She's a bit bothered by this, since she doesn't like men and thus doesn't like being subjugated to bowing down to one, but since she figures it will allow her humiliate a bunch of tough guys in Pokemon battles, she doesn't mind so much. When she stands up straight again, she holds both items in her hands and asks, "Should I change now, master?" "Sure, sport, all the other students are gonna be wearing their uniforms to tonight's big dinner at that Morty's Rockets restaurant that just opened up, so you should too!" Chuck smiles and starts marching in place, "But you gotta hurry up! We're all leaving in 10 minutes! Hup, two three four! Hup two three four!" Chuck marches out of the dojo, leaving Belle behind. Belle relaxes her arms the moment Chuck leaves, then looks down to scold her Cyndaquil, "Blazer, don't you EVER use an attack without me commandin' you to! I don't know what kind of a push-over I used to be before that you just did whatever you wanted whenever you wanted to, but from now on, I'm the one in charge!" "Cynda." Blazer sweatdrops, not used to being lectured so forcefully by his Trainer. He bows his head down in obedience and Belle smiles, hoping her Tyrogue will respond just as submissively as Blazer to her commands. Belle recalls her Cyndaquil into his Fast Ball, then walks into the only changing room in the Gym's dojo. About three minutes later, she walks out, dressed in a white Karate uniform tied at the waist by her white belt. She admires herself in the mirror that makes up an entire wall of the dojo, and deciding that she looks official enough, she produces a small Pokeball from a pocket in her uniform, enlarges it, and pushes its button to release the Tyrogue stored within. When the short Fighting Pokemon appears, he walks a circle around Belle, evaluating her new attire. The Tyrogue rolls his eyes and crosses his arms, convinced that his female Trainer is a poser, "Ro, rogue. Ty tyrogue roguety rogue." "Don't give me that attitude!" Belle points one of her fingers at her new Pokemon and wiggles it from left to right, "I'm not gonna put up with that 'you're not my type' crap." "Ro-Rooooo!" Tyrogue mockingly throws his hands up in the air, waving them around as if he's frightened. He suddenly becomes composed, once again crosses his arms, and yet again states, "Ro, rogue." Belle crosses her arms as well, "You think I'm jokin'? If you don't start behavin' right now, there's gonna be trouble." "Ty rogue." Tyrogue lifts one of his hands up and beckons Belle to come closer by wiggling his fingers, "T'rogue. T'rogue!" He then gets into a fighting stance and moves his legs back and forth while swaying around, ready to take or throw a punch. Belle bites her lower lip - she wants to prove herself to her Tyrogue, but she doesn't want to fight him in order to do so, especially since he's been practicing martial arts for months according to Chuck. "Look, I can't deal with you right now - we've got to join Chuck and the others for dinner. Behave during dinner and I might give you a nice reward afterwards. Now, c'mon..." Belle runs out of the dojo to meet Chuck outside the Cianwood City Gym. "ROGUE TY! ROUGE TY!" Tyrogue calls out in satisfaction since his theory that Belle was bluffing has just been proven right. When he notices that Belle doesn't reply, he chases after her, in order to get more gloating in before dinner. -Belle (( NS: Paul, if you want to continue this thread, feel free. Morty Rocket's is just a chain of 50s-themed diners the Gym Leader Morty came up with that is remarkably similar to Johnny Rocket's. ))