Subject: [PW!] [WC] [R2] Mean Guys Battle First Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 06:54:42 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: AT&T Worldnet Newsgroups: Belle the blonde gi-clad karate student is well into physical training by 10 AM on the third day of the Whirl Cup Competition, having reached the eastern preparation area of Scarlet City's Coliseum before anyone else. She's released her Tyrogue and both he and she are kicking the air, almost in synchronization. Having seen that her match was the fifth one listed on the computer screen in the Scarlet City Pokemon Center the night before, she figures she has plenty of time to train with both Luthor, her Slowpoke, as well her borrowed Lanturn before her match against Trent. That's why she's using this time to train herself and her Fighting Pokemon so their skills don't atrophy during the Whirl Cup. The next person to show up in the preparation area is Yolei, a bit worried about her upcoming match with Misty since a Psyduck similar to the one she rented was defeated in yesterday's final match. She's also keeping both her eyes and her Pokegear open for any signs of shiny Unown. Cappie the Hitmontop walks into the preparation area too, heading straight for the small pool in the center of the room to get some training in before her match with both her rented Magikarp as well as the Water Pokemon she obtained earlier in the morning. Yuki arrives soon afterwards, relieved that after Jasmine talked with the Whirl Cup officials about Mamoru's special situation yesterday, that she's allowed to battle despite that Mamoru was the one who signed up for the competition. On their way in, both Cappie and Yuki nodded politely at the Whirl Cup Guard posted at the entrance to the preparation area, but the next girl to enter is much less friendly. The purple-haired youth taps the Guard's back, elongating her arm in the process, and when he turns to see who's behind him, she darts past him holding a Squirtle with one arm and a Goldeen with the other. By the time the guard looks back towards the room, there's no sign of Aerie or her two Pokemon. "Hmm, weird." The Guard looks around the room, wondering who's playing a prank on him. Brome enters the area next, concerned that he's not going to get very far in his upcoming match against Rudy, the Trovita Gym Leader, with just a Remoraid and a recently caught Magikarp. When he sees Cappie the Hitmontop wading in the preparation area's pool, his spirits rise, remembering that her Magikarp managed to defeat an Azumarill. He approaches the pool, wanting to get some pointers from the Hitmontop. The last two to arrive in the eastern preparation area are Becky and Travis. The gi-clad girl wearing her black hair in a ponytail immediately grabs the purple-haired young man's arm and points over to the gi-clad girl whose blonde hair falls halfway down her back, "There she is Travis - Sarah, or 'Belle' as she's calling herself now, probably just so her name sounds more like mine. Like I told you, she's stealing my shtick! She's even got a Tyrogue now! If that Tyrogue's called Headstand, I'm gonna have to sit down and have a long talk with her." "Calm down, Becky..." Travis puts one of his hands on the his friend's shoulder, "Maybe Sarah just finally found her nerve and this is how she's expressing it. Didn't you say that she said she didn't even recognize you?" "Yeah, but maybe she was lying. I'm determined to get to the bottom of this identity theft!" Becky pushes Travis' hand off her shoulder and starts marching over to the blonde girl, who's practicing the same kinds of kicks Becky used to practice when she was just a beginner. Travis, somewhat worried that his traveling partner's going to make a scene, follows her over to where Belle and her Tyrogue are training. Just as Becky and Travis reach Belle, the Whirl Cup announcer is heard throughout the Coliseum saying, "Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the third day of the Whirl Cup Competition! Today's first match will be between Trent, a Feraligatr Trainer who's being detained for attacking an old lady." The crowd immediately starts booing and hissing when they hear this and the announcer booms over their cries of anger, "Trent will be battling against Belle, who's representing the Cianwood City Gym! Trainers, approach the field!" "What, already?!" Belle immediately recalls her Tyrogue into his Pokeball and starts rummaging around within her gi's hidden pockets looking for her Slowpoke's Lure Ball. The Whirl Cup Guard standing nearby comments, "They're getting the unpleasantness out of the way first. The officials want the crowd to get their booing out of their system. Don't worry, it's an easy win - the crowd's disgust for Trent will be likely to faze him." Travis pats Belle's back and smiles at her, saying, "Good luck, Sarah." Belle reaches back her hand to slap the guy who dared touch her and call her "Sarah", but when she turns her face to look at him, her arm goes limp. Her tongue briefly peeks out of her mouth to wet her lips before she says, "Mmm, I'll be seeing YOU after the match, handsome." Leaving both Travis and Becky a bit taken aback, Belle races out onto the battlefield, glad that almost everyone in the audience is cheering for her when she steps onto the eastern stone platform of the Coliseum. Across the Arena, two Whirl Cup Guards briskly lead Trent past the Trainers preparing for their matches in the western preparation area of the Coliseum, including the woman who reported him to the guards as well as Bob, who was the person to arrive in the area to train his Mantine, Misty, Rudy, Jutta, Robert, and Blizzard the Persian. One of the guards drops a shrunken Pokeball in Trent's hand and says, "Here's the second Pokemon you're going to use, scumbag. You lost the right to rent your own Pokemon when you decided to pick on poor, helpless old ladies." Trent narrows his eyes behind his sunglasses, pocketing the Pokeball before stepping out onto the stone platform. He figures he won't have to use it since the Feraligatr he stole from Carol is so strong. When the man dressed in black walks out onto the western platform, almost everyone in the Coliseum's crowd is booing at him, but Trent doesn't care. Belle puts her hands up to the sides of her mouth and shouts, "How could you attack an old lady?!" "I didn't." Trent replies, "I attacked a little Team Rocket bitch disguised as on old lady." Belle frowns and yells, "I don't care if she's young or old, or even that she's an astronaut! You still shouldn't have attacked a woman!" "You're an idiot." Trent bluntly states his opinion of Belle, "Send out a Pokemon." "Luthor, let's teach this big bully a lesson!" Belle throws her Lure Ball into the Coliseum's giant pool and a pink Slowpoke soon floats up to the surface, coughing, "Supergirl, are you trying to drown me?!" He sluggishly climbs onto one of the white platforms floating in the pool and addresses the man dressed in black, "Ah, Nick Fury, I see in this dimension you're lacking vision in both of your eyes. Don't you know you're worthless now that the Cold War is over? You're no match for the combined power of Luthor and Supergirl, so you might as well give up now!" Trent's visibly annoyed by the talking Slowpoke's stupidity, "Your Pokemon's an idiot, too. Go, Feraligatr." Trent pulls out his Feraligatr's Pokemon and releases the brawny blue reptilian Pokemon, who lands on a platform near the one Luthor's resting on. Feraligatr flexes his muscles and bellows, "Rrrrraaar!" The Whirl Cup announcer now tells the crowd which Pokemon each Trainer has selected, as he usually does for lack of a better thing to announce when a match is just starting, "Belle has sent out her Slowpoke and Trent has countered with his Feraligatr!" Once the announcer's done stating the obvious, Luthor's finished processing the sight of a huge reptilian creature standing before him, "GASP! Supergirl, it seems Nick Fury has convinced Lizard, one of Spider-Man's greatest foes, to become a superhero!" Luthor slowly rubs his chin with one of his blue paws, "Did he offer you some of his top secret Infinity Formula, Lizard? Regardless of the offer, you should come back to the dark side. We have Supergirl now and Catwoman's around here somewhere, most likely committing various acts of larceny and what have you!" Belle blinks twice, briefly wondering what her Pokemon is talking about before shouting, "Luthor, use Disable!" "Feraligatr - Bite, Slash, Screech!" Trent tries the three different commands, but the Feraligatr just gazes down at his claws, admiring them. "Look, I have no idea what your attacks are. It's a damn Slowpoke - just flick it and it'll probably die." Trent's Feraligatr leaps onto the next white platform, one closer to Luthor's platform. It sinks a few feet into the water before springing him back up to sea level. He reaches forward and Scratches Luthor's face with one hand, wanting to see if Trent's theory is right. Luthor, not even noticing the attack, stares up into the Feraligatr's eyes. The tall blue Pokemon glows a different shade of blue and he's now unable to move his limbs. "Rrraaa?" Seeing how unfazed the Slowpoke is by the Feraligatr's attack, the crowd cheers for Belle's Slowpoke. The announcer plays off the crowd's excitement as he remarks, "We've seen a Tentacool defeat a Tentacruel and a Magikarp defeat an Azumarill in this year's Whirl Cup. Are we about to see a Slowpoke beat a Feraligatr?" Just then, the pain inflicted by the Scratch attack reaches Luthor's brain. The pink Pokemon topples off of his platform, clutching his face with his blue paws. He kicks his hind legs so that his head remains above water as he shouts, "You may be able to lift up to twelve tons, Lizard, but you are no match for Luthor's psychic powers. You cannot attack Luthor now that Luthor's frozen your scaly limbs with his mind!" "Like hell he can't." Trent says, "Feraligatr, Water Gun." This time, his Feraligatr is happy to obey - he spits a small but powerful burst of Water Gun in Luthor's direction. The Water Gun hits Luthor's forehead and right after wondering "When did Lizard gain amphibian abilities?", the small pink Pokemon passes out. Belle recalls Luthor the Slowpoke into his Lure Ball and cries out, "Your Feraligatr's no match for my next Pokemon!" Trent retorts, "I bet he is." "Lanturn, go!" Belle pulls a Great Ball out of her gi and chucks it into the water. This time the Water Pokemon that emerges doesn't complain about drowning, but instead starts swimming in circles under the water, happy to be back inside the large pool. Belle immediately gives her Pokemon an order, "Lanturn, surface and use Spark on the motionless Feraligatr!" Lanturn's happy to obey his Trainer and does as he's told... when the Spark attack flies from the tip of his yellow bulb onto Trent's Feraligatr, singe marks appear all over the reptile's body. "Dammit." Trent narrows his eyes - he would like his Feraligatr to jump into the water and strangle Belle's fish Pokemon, but noticing that his Pokemon's arms and legs are still glowing blue, Trent shrugs and suggests, "Try Water Gun, or better yet, Hydro Pump if you know it." Belle calls out, "Lanturn, dodge the attack and use Take Down!" "Turn!" Lanturn exclaims right after he narrowly avoids a powerful stream of water shooting from the gaping maw of his opponent. The blue and yellow fish picks up speed as he races towards Trent's Feraligatr then leaps out of the water and crashes into the still Disabled Pokemon, Taking him Down into the water! Feraligatr struggles to swim up out of the water, but finds it difficult to do while his limbs are frozen. "Now, use Spark underwater, Lanturn!" Belle shouts at the top of her lungs so that the submerged Lanturn hears her. Trent peers down into the water as huge lightning bursts appear throughout the entire pool. When a fainted Feraligatr's limp body floats up to the surface of the pool, Trent frowns, "Well, shit. Feraligatr, return." After Trent's Pokemon returns to his Pokeball, Trent uses his other hand to grab the Pokeball a Guard gave him on his way into the Arena, "This Pokemon better not suck." Belle cheers when her half-Electric Pokemon peeks his head out of the pool and says "Laaanlaaan!", as do most of the people in the audience of the Coliseum, then she says, "Way to go, Lanturn! Don't lower your guard now, though - Trent's next Pokemon might be tough!" To be continued... -Belle