Subject: Re: [PW] Morning of the Lycanpokes Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 17:43:10 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: Marco262 wrote: > Jason groaned as he readjusted his hold on Amber's shoulders. > > "You know," he said conversationally to Vixxen, "I'd prefer if it was > warm water instead, and we just had a bucket of it." > > Vixxen snorted to try and keep from laughing. "Or if she was like > Ranma," Jason's face fell briefly. > > "A male Amber? Let's stick with a cold water puddle." They braced their > feet next to the puddle. On the count of three, they dropped the sleeping > Amber with a splash, and sprinted toward the house as fast as they could. > > Amber let loose a banshee scream and shot out of the puddle. Her eyes > were wide open and she was shivering like crazy. Aerie stood in front of > her, grinning, enjoying the prank. > > Amber sputtered through quivering lips. "Y-y-you!" Aerie's smile fell > and she raised an eyebrow. > > "Me?" she replied, putting a hand on her hip. A second later, she was on > the ground, a Shadow Ball zipping by over her head. Amber's eyes were > aflame. Two more Shadow Balls were powering up in her hands. Aerie tried to > get words out, but was forced to leap aside to avoid the onslaught of Shadow > Balls coming at her. > > Jason and Vixxen watched the spectacle from behidn the safety of Bob's > kitchen door. They peered out through the window set in the door, and > snickered. > > "You know," Vixxen began. Jason looked at her. "Maybe we should tell her > that it was us." A Shadow Ball ricocheted off the window, leaving a > smoldering hole in one of the support beams for the porch roof. Black energy > crackled around the doorframe. > > "You up for some Mortal Kombat?" Jason asked Vixxen. Aerie somersaulted and ducked to avoid the flurry of Shadow Balls coming at her, too tied up in defending to get an attack or a word off. She was enjoying this almost too much...but, when one ball actually took off a few strands of her hair, she decided enough was enough. "SIT STILL AND DIE!!!" Amber demanded. "None of the above," Aerie replied, leaping over another Shadow Ball and at Amber, who braced to block Aerie's attack...only to find Aerie holding on tight and nuzzling up to her, smiling. "Wh...what kind of attack is th-" Amber's words were cut off when Aerie kissed her full on the lips. Jason's and Vixxen's jaws dropped. A full minute later, after Jason's surprise started mutating into anger, Aerie released the kiss, took in Amber's expression, and giggled. "You look silly." "I...wha...bwa..." "Oh, come on. What'd you *think* I was doing with Kitsu, hmm?" Jason stepped out of hiding. "That's enough, Aerie." Amber squirmed out of Aerie's grip and rushed over to her boyfriend. "Jason, I-" "Oh, by the way," Aerie interrupted. "He's the one that dumped you in the water in the first place." "..." Amber looked at Jason. "Now, now." Jason backed away, his arms up in a warding gesture. "It was just a prank." "Just a prank, huh?" Amber smiled an evil smile of her own, the force of it backing Jason into the house before he broke and ran, Amber in close pursuit. Vixxen sighed. "Those two. Well, I guess that just leaves you and me to train, if you're up for it." "Oh, I'm 'up' for it." Aerie leered at Vixxen. "Ready to get it on, cutie?" "Umm...that's not what I meant..." Vixxen stepped away, in the same pose Jason just used. "I just want to roll you into the ground...err, trade blowj-BLOWS...err, see if I can get past your defenses and hit on - HIT - you...err..." She broke and ran, too, leaving Aerie to collapse and roll on the ground laughing. TBC? >>(heh heh. Pranks galore.) >>(Also had the bizarre thought of a prank involving two characters getting >> > their > >>pokemon switched and >>the hilarity/frustration that could ensue. ESPECIALLY if it was a gym >> > battle. I'm > >>game for the prank if >>anybody else is.) >> > > I'm game. [Eh, sure, why not? ^_^]