Subject: [PW!] Motherly Intuition Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 08:01:40 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: AT&T Worldnet Newsgroups: "STOP!" Nurse Marcia shouts, grabbing her forehead and grimacing in pain. She and Dee are alone in the Violet City Pokemon Center's lobby. Dee blinks and immediately releases his grip on Marcia's shoulders, "Did I hurt you? I'm sorry, I wasn't even using five percent of my full power in the massage. Sometimes I forget my own..." "It's not you..." Marcia groans, feeling rather sick to her stomach, "I think... I think Aerie just did something very wrong..." Dee frowns and caresses the blue strands of Marcia's hair while comforting her, "It's probably nothing. I've probed your mind before and you don't have any psychic abilities - not even latent ones locked away in your mind only to be revealed when most convenient." Marcia bats away Dee's hands and stands up from her seat behind the Center's desk. She starts pacing around the lobby while Dee crosses his arms and watches her. She asks, "Can't you establish a psychic link with her or something, to see if everything's okay?" Dee smirks ever so slightly before explaining, "I'm flattered, but contrary to what you might believe about me, I didn't become omnipotent or omniscient when I turned into Mewtwo. Nor was I constantly spying on your mind wherever you went back in the bad ol' days only to appear in a flourish whenever you thought about me. I can't establish psychic links with people or Pokemon unless they're relatively near." "Then go look for her!" Marcia puts her hands on her hips, "You might not be able to make psychic links over long distances, but you CAN Teleport to each city in Johto and try to establish a connection with her at each one." "Teleporting takes a great deal of energy..." Dee frowns, "You want me to seek her out based on a hunch of yours that she's in danger?" Marcia sighs, "Call it motherly intuition. During the two months I spent traveling with her, I felt every lesson I taught her went in one ear and out the other. It's as if none of it registered. I got the feeling she thought I was just pretending to be good so I wouldn't get in trouble with Nurse Joy. Then I thought perhaps you'd do a better job of taking care of her, but instead you abandoned her to come after me. She's so young and she's got our genes - can you imagine what kinds of horrible situations she could be getting herself into right now?!" Dee argues, "She may look young, but I've exchanged thoughts with her, and she's actually very mature. She can take care of herself." "I don't even know WHY I'm asking you to go check up on her..." Marcia shakes her head, once again disgusted by the Ditto who has been trying to hook up with her for years, "I mean, if she used Hyperbeam to destroy a building full of innocent people, you'd probably just pat her on the back and say 'that's my girl'. I've seen you help so many Pokemon here at this Pokemon Center, and sometimes I think it might be true that you've really changed, but then I get the feeling that you'd just as easily kill the very same Pokemon you helped if that's what I was into." "Marcia, if you want me to..." Dee starts, but Marcia interrupts him, saying, "There you go again. If you want to look for her, fine. If not, then don't. All I know is that I have responsibilities here at the Center so I can't go look for her myself, though I would if I could. And in case you're confused - no, that's not a cue for you to kill Nurse Joy to free me of my responsibilities or any such horrible thing." Annoyed with Dee, Marcia heads into the Pokemon Center's back room to talk with Omelette or even Nurse Joy, who she usually dislikes socializing with. -Marcia