Subject: [PW!] Mount Moon Mission Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 10:59:17 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: AT&T Worldnet Newsgroups: "No, we're walking. I hate Teleportation," a purple-haired woman tells her male traveling companion as they walk out of the Saffron City Magnet Train Station at night. The woman's wearing a tight white shirt, brown vest, a brown belt, faded blue jeans, and knee-high black leather boots. "Why? It's so much faster." The man pleads, "C'mon, Marcia, let me Teleport us. We can be in Pewter in the blink..." "I hate Pewter even more than Teleportation, Doppler." The woman presses on, walking at a fast pace towards the northern exit of Saffron City, "We're going to enter Mount Moon through the east entrance, even if it means climbing a few cliffs to get there." "You're so difficult." Doppler sighs as he passes through Saffron City's northern police outpost. Once on the other side, he comments, "You're being selfish, too. Aerie's probably still under the control of those Unown. The longer she is, the more trouble she can get herself into." "You're right." Marcia nods. Seconds before Doppler can grab her hand to Teleport her, she says, "So let's run," and starts racing towards Cerulean City, leaving Doppler behind. "Wait, I can turn into a Rapidash and-" Doppler tries shouting, but Marcia keeps running, ignoring him. Doppler turns into a Rapidash anyway, a little upset that Marcia didn't want to ride him, and races to catch up with her. He's surprised how fast she can run when it takes him about a minute to catch up with her. While he can run faster than the female human in his current form, he decides to slow his pace since he very much enjoys the view that he's privy to thanks to his eyes being on the sides of his head - Marcia's breasts bobbing as she runs. When they arrive at Cerulean City, Marcia decides to take a break. She collapses onto a bench outside the local Bike Store. Although Doppler could continue running without trouble if he wanted to, he morphs back into his standard male form and sits down next to her. After Marcia catches her breath, she observes, "Ten years ago, I could run all the way from Saffron to Mount Moon without getting tired. Age can really take its toll on a person. Though I guess you wouldn't know, being that you're always regenerating your body..." "I do know. Ditto do die, and not just when shot by sexy Team Rocket members." Doppler muses, looking up at the moon as Marcia glances over at him. He explains, "It takes hundreds of years sometimes, but as we age, just like any other living being, our cells begin to falter during replication. After about two hundred years, Ditto start losing the ability to Transform. The ability is so crucial to our being that once it is completely lost, Ditto become senile and pass away. I do worry about the effects of aging - I'll probably live longer than the average Ditto due to the experiments conducted on me, but I will eventually die - and I won't be able to come back like the time you killed me." Now Marcia looks up at the moon as she says, "You know, Dee - you have changed. Your arrogance is almost completely gone, and I like that. I mean, I never thought I'd see you be afraid, or cry, or worry about aging. If you weren't so hung up on getting in my pants, I could see myself considering you a friend instead of just a co-worker." She stands up from the bench and adjusts her brown jacket. "C'mon, we've got a Pokedex to reclaim." She jogs westward, headed towards Mount Moon. Dee stands up, stretches, and chases after Marcia. He decides to keep his current form since it's convenient for climbing the cliffs up ahead. Sensing that Dee is catching up with her, Marcia glances back and tells him, "I don't know why you think I'd be helpful on this mission, Dee. My days of murdering Pokemon are over. And if I see you kill any people or Pokemon, let's just say I won't feel comfortable with you working at a Pokemon Center anymore..." "I wanted you to come along precisely because I'm not going to kill anyone." Dee admits as he catches up to Marcia, "The combined power of all the individuals in the Pokemon Resistance is even greater than my own. You've mastered some of the skills that I've never been very good at - stealth and subtlety. I've been improving ever since I got over my Godzilla Complex, but I'm still not as skilled at being sneaky as you are." Marcia smirks, "When you're a thief who spends most of her time in a city full of psychics, you learn how to make yourself seem invisible." Arriving at the first small cliff, both she and Dee climb it as she adds, "I'm going to disguise myself even further when we get to the entrance of Mount Moon, though, so no one will recognize me if we do get caught. The members of the Pokemon Resistance probably know what I look like, especially if you had a bunch of clones of me running around a few years ago when you had one of your agents steal my DNA." "Yeah, sorry about that..." Dee approaches the second cliff along with Marcia and they both start climbing it. On his way up, he says, "But look on the bright side - if I hadn't done that, Aerie would never have been born." Marcia reaches the top before Dee and looks down at him when she says, "Need I remind you that Aerie's the reason we're having this problem to begin with? I'm not sure how you can consider her being born 'the bright side'." "...I thought you liked Aerie." Dee lifts himself up to Marcia's eye level, "If you didn't, why would you be going through all this trouble just to free her from the control of the shiny Unown?" Marcia turns her gaze away from Dee, "Oh, maybe because if the shiny Unown get what they want, the whole world's going to be frozen in time? I thought Aerie could gather the Unown to stop that from happening, but then I find out they're using her to make it happen faster." Dee frowns, "So you don't care what happens to our daughter? You told me..." "I know what I said. And I do care about Aerie." Marcia grabs onto a protruding rock of the third and last cliff before the entrance to Mount Moon, "I'm just saying our lives would be much easier if she hadn't been born. I didn't want a daughter, but now that I have one, I'm trying to make the best of it. When Omelette was born, I was planning on eating her, hence the nickname. But I started getting attached to her over time and now I love her so much I let her stay in the safety of the Pokemon Center in case something goes wrong during this mission. I know my Crobat can handle himself in dangerous situations, but Omelette is a healer, not a fighter. I imagine I'll love Aerie some day as much as I love Omelette. I did come here because I want Aerie to be free from the control of the shiny Unown, but mainly I'm looking out for the world." "Maybe someday you'll love me that much too." Dee comments quietly to himself. He then gestures to the cave opening leading into Mount Moon, "We're here. What're you going to disguise yourself as? You already dyed your hair purple - that should be enough." "A simple dye job might fool a ten year old boy and a group of his friends, but I doubt it'll fool the Pokemon Resistance." Marcia opens up a brown bag strapped to the belt tied around her waist. She pulls out a makeup kit that includes face putty, turns away from Dee, and starts applying it to her face using the kit's mirror. A moment later, she pulls some more accessories out of her bag and puts them on her face. When Marcia turns around, she looks much older than she really is - her face sags slightly due to face putty she applied to it, she's wearing glasses over her eyes, which are now blue instead of dark brown thanks to colored contact lenses, and her makeup is much darker than usual. Purple eyeshadow makes her eyes look smaller and putty around her nose makes it look fatter. "Okay, I'm ready. If you absolutely MUST Teleport so that we're not seen, do it. Otherwise, lead the way." -Marcia