Subject: Re: [PW!] No Job Too Small... Date: 24 Dec 2002 15:07:20 -0800 From: (Adrian Tymes) Organization: Newsgroups: jsolano199@aol.comlink (Jose L. Solano) wrote in message news:<>... > On the roof of a building next to the stadium, a sniper steadied his rifle > and aimed it right at Ashura's head. On another rooftop closeby, another sniper > aimed at Trent's head. Without warning, Warren the Skarmory landed on top of > the first sniper, clawing at his back and screeching wildly. The other sniper, > distracted, didn't notice that Kurt the Abra had appeared next to him until he > pushed his rifle off the edge of the building. Officer Jenny sighed. > > "Alright, Retwin. What do you want?" > > "All I want is for you to leave us alone. I've got more surprises where they > came from, so don't fuck with me." > > "Do as he says," Carol pleaded. She would probably die either way, but for > reasons she didn't want revealed, she'd prefer to die without police officers > present. Trent put his knife away and walked behind Carol, taking Ashura's > place as the Sandslash stepped away. He began to tunnel into the ground, and > when he was ready, Trent stepped into it, still aiming his gun at Carol, and > then pulled her in after him. As Ashura continued to dig through, Trent took a > small can-shaped object from his coat and threw it towards the opening. A quick > explosion later, the entrance to the tunnel had collapsed. > > "Where are we going?" Carol asked. > > "Nowhere. Just a detour." After having met someone posing as Aerie, Trent > figured that she had to have some enemies around, and he could probably be of > assistance... for the right price. As luck would have it, Aerie was hovering nearby when Ashura surface, silently tapping her foot against the air. She raised an eyebrow when Trent and his hostage emerged. "Well, now. I probably shouldn't ask, but am I interrupting work or pleasure?" "Mostly work." Aerie being the only potential threat present, Trent made sure to keep Carol between him and her. "By the way, nice shooting when you busted me out. I didn't think a bullet would break that lock." "Thanks!" "Not!" Keeping his blade on Carol, Trent drew his gun and pointed it at 'Aerie'. "Who are you, and what do you want?" 'Aerie' grimaced, her voice deepening. "Fine, suppose that game over before long anyway." She landed and transformed. Carol's eyes bugged out. "MIMIC?!?" Trent carefully did not react to her outburst. "You know him, Karen?" Carol/Karen nodded, remembering Trent's blade only after she made the motion and mentally kicking herself: her throat would have been slit had he not moved it to her back. "Trent, meet one of Team Rocket's runaway ultimate weapons. One of Team Rocket's runaway ultimate weapons, meet Trent Retwin." "Karen being overdramatic. Mimic nowhere near 'ultimate', even if Mimic did escape Team Rocket after trained be weapon." Karen's train of thought was elsewhere. "Geez, Trent, you think *you've* got a bounty on your head; imagine what they'd pay to get *him* back, for keeps." "I've never heard of a bounty posted for Mimic." "Because they don't think they could keep him even if they did get him back. But you have heard of the bounty on his brother, Doppler." Trent did not choke. Trent never choked. "Of course. So, Mimic, what'd you want with Aerie?" "Aerie Mimic niece. Aerie in trouble, controlled by shiny unown. Mimic want take shiny unown, save Aerie. Also find all other shiny unown. Mimic think Trent maybe able help." "Hostage rescue, huh? How much you offering?" "No standard hostage rescue. Hostage take, more like. Capture shiny unown. As for offer..." Mimic smiled. "Money no problem, but Mimic offer what money no can buy." He looked at Ashura for a few seconds. "Mimic sense Ashura know human language, as if used speak. Mimic maybe able teach Ashura speak again, and share certain tactics. Like, say, how burrow into supposedly dig-proof bank vaults." Motioning to Karen, who had been trying to use the conversation as a distraction to slip away, only to gain nothing but Trent's annoyance, Trent replied, "Mind if I finish some old business first?" "Mimic no mind." TBC?