Subject: Re: [PW!] No Job Too Small... Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 20:18:29 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: Jose L. Solano wrote: > "Alright, 'Karen' or Carol, or whatever you've been calling yourself," Trent > said to her. "We'll need time to discuss this later, but right now, I think you > might be useful." Trent took a Pokeball from his trenchcoat. "I've still got > your Feraligatr. I've gotten Kabuto back, so your insurance is gone. If that > Unown are all like that last one, I think someone as expendable as you could be > useful." > > "Alright, I'll help you do this... just let me have him back." > > "Hey, I'm ignorant, but I'm not stupid." Trent put the Pokeball back in its > place. "Just do as I say and you might get it back." > > "Fine." Carol was clearly not happy about it, but she didn't have much of a > choice. > > "Mimic," Trent said. "It's a deal." "What Trent mean, 'last one'? Trent seen shiny unown?" "Yeah. Your niece hired me to try to take the unown from Yolei and her friends. Emphasis on 'try'. I think she was just trying to see how tough they were. You saw what happened. No way that sword-wielding chick could be that strong on her own. I'd bet one of these unown was boosting her somehow." "That sound like these unown, alright." Mimic frowned. "This no good. But at least give very good idea who Aerie target is. Find target, find Aerie." "I'll go check the pokemon center." Carol pointed to Trent. "You would be recognized in a heartbeat, and you..." She looked at Mimic. "Your niece would probably just use your psychic tricks to find you like you found us." "Mimic find Trent because Mimic looking for Trent. Aerie no even know Mimic here, yet. And Mimic know how hide Trent." --- From his perch in Carol's arms, Ashura knew ten different ways he could inflict sharp death on Carol before she could do much more than pinch him, even through her eskimo lady disguise. A seven foot tall muscled hulk, shoulders just wider than Trent's but thin enough relative to the hulk's height to make him look gaunt, followed, fingering weapons almost identical to Trent's as if daring the bounty hunter to make another attempt. Carol marched up to the desk. "Excuse me, but is Yolei Hernandez still here?" "Hmm?" Joy took in Carol and her companion. "Oh! You want to talk to her about Trent, right? I heard he attacked her, too." "Yes, that's it. I want to see what we have in common, so maybe we can at least see if that lunatic had some reason to try to kill us." "Indeed." Something clicked in Joy's mind, as she finally recognized the black sandslash. "Umm...the system's a bit of a mess right now, with everyone coming and going. If you'll excuse me, I'll go see if she's still in her room, and bring her to you." "Oh, that's fine. Just tell us where she is and we'll-" "No, really, I must insist." Joy edged away from her desk. "There's all kinds of, umm, debris and pokemon in the way, and...'scusemeI'llberightback!" She ran away, desparate to warn Yolei that Trent had somehow blackmailed his other victim into hunting her down, then get to safety herself. Carol and Trent/Mimic exchanged a glance, then took off in hot pursuit. TBC?