Subject: [PW!] [WC] The Opening Ceremonies of the Whirl Cup Competition Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 19:20:34 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: AT&T Worldnet Newsgroups: Robert, the Diversity Gym Leader, is happy as he walks towards the Scarlet City Pokemon Center from the north, accompanied by Marvin, a magician, and two Ditto, one who's in her natural purple form and the other who's Transformed into a cute little Corsola she saw when riding the ferry from Olivine City to Transit Town, a small community on the north end of Red Rock Isle. The Gym Leader's about to enter the building when four other Gym Leaders, all female, skip in front of him, hurrying into the Center. "Ooo, I've beens one of them before!" The Corsola, who's wearing a Pink Bow, hops around happily, "I'd show ya but I like this cute little pink body so much I wanna stay like this for a while! Fersure!" Robert also recognized one of the young women - not because he's been one of them, but because he's battled one of them, "The orange-haired woman's called Daisy - I earned my first Badge from her." He points out the small blue Cascade Badge pinned on his black shirt to Marvin, "The other girls are probably her sisters - I guess they all want to compete in the Whirl Cup, being that they're all leaders of a Water Pokemon Gym..." "I'd like to compete in their Whirl Cup..." Marvin's comment slips out by accident, then he corrects himself by saying, "Er, I mean, I want to compete in the Whirl Cup too! So let's sign up before we're too late!" He hurries into the Pokemon Center, followed by the purple Ditto who's rolling her eyes and the pink Corsola who's giggling to herself. Robert enters the Scarlet City Pokemon Center next and takes his place in a very long line behind Marvin. He looks around the Pokemon Center to see various people, including a few who have already signed up for the Whirl Cup Competition - Hichiro, Harrison, Trixie, Marina, Alicia, Trinity, Roxie, Belle, Travis, and Becky. Even a white Persian called Blizzard has signed up to participate in the event, planning to win with a Tentacool. Everyone else in the Pokemon Center other than the Nurse Joy who's acting as a registrar is either wearing a Karate gi or standing in line in front of Robert, waiting to register for the Whirl Cup Competition. "Hey Marvin, could you save my place in line?" Robert asks the magician he's been traveling with for the past few days. Marvin nods, "Yeah, no problem. I won't be going anywhere for a while!" He likes the view he has of the four young women in bathing suits standing right in front of him too much to move from his place in line. Robert, who only likes looking at one girl, his girlfriend Mithril-rama, and thus doesn't want to stand in line longer than he has to, takes a seat on a couch near the front desk and watches people sign up. The first person Robert watches sign up is Jutta, who had been waiting in the Pokemon Centers for days for registration to open up. He has a hard time understanding what Jutta tells Nurse Joy, as does Nurse Joy, and both Robert and the nurse figure she's not from around these parts. Eventually, Jutta is registered, and she takes a seat. The next two people who register are Gym Leaders, though Robert doesn't recognize them. The first one who signs up is a young man who introduces himself to Nurse Joy as Rudy of the Orange Crew. After he signs up, the woman behind him calls herself Sissy of the Orange Crew, and Robert figures they're both from the Orange Islands, a place he's never been to but has heard about. When Sissy finishes registering, she's shoved out of the way by an angry boy followed by a Poliwhirl. Sissy is about to start a fight with him, when Rudy, more level-headed leads her away so she won't be disqualified from the Competition. The boy announces that his name is Andreas to Nurse Joy. Robert's surprised by how rude the kid is to Nurse Joy as he registers and how polite Nurse Joy is to him in response. Him and his Poliwhirl soon head to a couch in the Pokemon Center away from where girls are sitting. The next person to sign up is also male, but he's much nicer. The guy's wearing glasses and carrying a Super Rod with a Pokeball attached to the end of it. He tells Nurse Joy his name is Christopher and answers all of her questions politely before heading off to take a seat. Robert considers commenting on how much he likes the guy's Super Rod, but he remembers he got beat up for some reason the last time he told that to a guy, back in Lavender High School, so he decides against it. Brome, a black-haired green-eyed young man, approaches Nurse Joy next, followed by Hokori, a half-Sandslash half-human he befriended while trying to find Red Rock Isle. Robert, who doesn't recall ever seeing a Pokemon/person hybrid, is surprised by the sight, wondering if they are common in Johto since Nurse Joy doesn't seem too surprised by his appearance. Both Hokori and Brome register then walk over to a corner of the Pokemon Center to continue their conversation. The next four people are together - Yolei, Lynkeru, Mamoru, and Tetsuo walk up to the Registration Desk, but Yolei and Mamoru are the only ones who register. As the group walk over to the only couch in the Pokemon Center that isn't occupied by at least one person, Robert overhears Yolei say, "I'm relieved we got here in time - it's a good thing we caught that ferry." After a moment, Lynkeru says, "No, Indi, we didn't imprison one of your kind in a bottle for later use." Since Robert doesn't see who Lynkeru is talking to, he imagines she's insane, and noticing the swords on her belt, he quickly turns his attention away from the group and back to the Registration Desk, where a guy named Guy Taylor is signing up. Another guy named Tempo, who's right behind Guy and standing next to a girl called Michiko, signs up next. After registering, the group of three sit on the couch occupied by Andreas and his Poliwhirl, who both glare at Michiko for being a girl. Unlike Andreas, Robert is unsure whether the next person he sees walk up to the Registration Desk is male or female. Carol, a Team Rocket member who wants to win the $10,000 prize all for herself, is disguised as an Eskimo. She's wearing a thick brown parka that hides her entire body and obscures a great deal of her face, which is hiding behind a latex mask of a female Eskimo anyway. When Nurse Joy asks her for her name, she replies "Karen." Robert watches as Nurse Joy insists that Ice Pokemon are not allowed in the Tournament and "Karen" insists that she doesn't own any Ice Pokemon. Since her voice is muffled by her mask, Robert doesn't hear what she says when Joy asks her what kind of Water Pokemon she'll be using for Round One, but Nurse Joy does, and soon enough, Carol heads off to the most shadowy part of the Pokemon Center so she won't be noticed. In contrast, the next Trainer is proud to be seen signing up for the Whirl Cup and the three other young men standing by him are even prouder of their brother. Robert remembers having met the blue-haired Trainer somewhere, but it takes him a moment to recall that it was in Stone Town, where he spent his 17th birthday with Rilli. The day is still fresh in his mind since it was when he and Rilli officially started their romantic relationship. Rainer signs himself and his Vaporeon up for the competition, then he and his three brothers look for a place to sit together in the Pokemon Center. Next up is a man dressed entirely in black wearing black sunglasses. His answers to Nurse Joy's questions are short and to the point, including his answer to what his name is - "Trent." After Trent finishes signing up, he scans the Pokemon Center for its darkest corner. When he sees that it's already occupied he says, "Dammit." The four young women who approach the Registration Desk next argue about who's the best Water Pokemon Trainer among them as each and every one of them sign up. The Sensational Sisters of the Cerulean City Gym sign up in this order - first, Daisy, the orange-haired oldest sister, then Lily, the pink-haired sister, followed by Violet, the blue-haired sister, and finally Misty, the red-haired sister who points out that she got top 8 the last time she competed. When Marvin the magician approaches the Registration Desk to sign up, Nurse Joy uses one hand to point at the purple Ditto on the floor next to him and her other hand to point at a sign that has a Ditto with a big red "X" through it above her. After assuring her that he'll only be using his Octillery in Round One, Marvin signs up for the Whirl Cup and motions over to Robert, who forgot about his turn. Robert jumps out off his seat, which is quickly occupied by the Eevee Brothers, who were waiting for a couch to open up, and he walks up to the Registration Desk. When Nurse Joy asks him what his name is, he says, "My name's Robert, I'm the Leader of the Diversity Gym in Lavender Town, which I founded in -" "I asked for your name, not your life story." Nurse Joy is a little irate after signing up so many contestants. She soon realizes what she just said and apologizes, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that - it's been a long day. Do you have a Pokedex?" Robert pulls his Pokepedia out of his laptop case and says, "I have a Pokepedia - does that count?" "It might. Let's see if the software recognizes the configuration." Nurse Joy takes Robert's Pokepedia, puts it in the machine on her desk, and Robert's information pops up on her screen, "Good, it worked. I see you have a Horsea and a Slowbro with you. You'll need a third Pokemon if you reach the Semi-Finals, you can..." Robert interrupts, "Oh, don't worry, if I get that far, I can borrow my girlfriend's Omanyte! Do you need any more information?" Nurse Joy gives Robert back his Pokepedia and replies, "No, that's it. Just wait here in the Pokemon Center until I sign up..." Nurse Joy looks down at her computer screen and her eyes go wide. Robert sweatdrops, "Uh oh. Don't tell me your screen just went blue." "No, it's not that - it's that you're the 32nd contestant to sign up - you're the last one!" Nurse Joy smiles and says, "I'm free! I'm free!" She inputs some more information into the computer on the desk in front of her, then calls out to everyone gathered in the Scarlet City Pokemon Center, "Attention, contestants! Look up at the large monitors above me to see who you're battling against in Round One, then go to the Coliseum down the street for the Whirl Cup Opening Ceremonies!" The computer displays the following information on its giant monitors, showing headshots of each contestant above each name: Day One - Round One, Block A [ Roxie ] vs. [ Misty ] [ Violet ] vs. [ Becky ] [ Hokori ] vs. [ Lily ] [ Belle ] vs. [ Sissy ] [ Rudy ] vs. [ Marvin ] [ Lorelei ] vs. [ Mamoru ] [ Blizzard ] vs. [ Marina ] [ Robert ] vs. [ Christopher ] Day Two - Round One, Block B [ Hichiro ] vs. [ Yolei ] [ Guy ] vs. [ Trixie ] [ Andreas ] vs. [ Trent ] [ Brome ] vs. [ Daisy ] [ Tempo ] vs. [ Rainer ] [ Karen ] vs. [ Harrison ] [ Jutta ] vs. [ Alicia ] [ Trinity ] vs. [ Travis ] Robert sees Lorelei's name on the screen. He glances around the Pokemon Center, wondering where the famous ex-member of the Elite Four could be, but he doesn't see her anywhere - that is, until she walks in through the door, having been paged by Nurse Joy's computer. Alicia, Marina, and and Trinity, all Water Pokemon Trainers, immediately crowd the famous figure, who registered early and didn't stay in the Pokemon Center to dodge her crazed fans. Lorelei remains calm and looks up at the monitor. Each contestant memorizes the name of his or her opponent, then everyone leaves the Pokemon Center and heads over to the Coliseum, which has been halfway filled with water. Whirl Cup Guards greet them at the entrance to the Coliseum and they check each contestant's identification before letting him or her into an area of the Coliseum that serves as a boat dock. Eight wooden boats are floating in a bay hidden from the audience of thousands that's gathered in the Coliseum to see the Whirl Cup. Four people are assigned to each barge, then they are told by the Guards to stand in their assigned boat throughout the Opening Ceremonies. Misty and the three Senstational Sisters of the Cerulean City Gym were the first to arrive at the boat dock since they are all so eager to compete for the title of Water Pokemon Alpha-Omega, so the four are assigned to the first boat. Lorelei Prima ends up in a boat with the three fans of hers who've been following her since she arrived - Marina, Alicia, and Trinity. Robert and Marvin arrive next, and end up sharing a boat with Harrison and Hichiro. Marvin and Robert are both disappointed that they don't end up in the same boat as Lorelei - Robert because he wants to tell her about the image he made where he superimposed his girlfriend's face onto her body and Marvin because he's heard Conan Abraien make so many jokes about her, he wants to see for himself what the fuss is about. Tempo, Guy, and Hokori are placed in the same barge as Brome. Tempo and Guy talk about the battle they had in Kazagu Town, while Hokori and Brome share information about the Whirl Islands, Hokori giving Brome some tips on not getting lost. The fifth boat is where Travis, Becky, Rainer, and Jutta end up. Jutta tells the others, "I am glad being in the company of you." Travis and Becky sweatdrop, and Rainer just sits down in a corner of the boat. Roxie gets assigned to the sixth boat, where she calls the next person assigned to the boat "Sissy" for wearing a dress instead of pants or a skirt. The woman doesn't take it as an insult, however, being that her name IS Sissy. Rudy joins his fellow Orange Crew member in the boat then Christopher climbs in, holding his Super Rod proudly at his side. Yolei and Mamoru step onto the seventh barge, wondering if they will have to face each other later on in the Competition. Andreas is the next teenager to board the boat and he immediately mocks Yolei for being female then tries to befriend Mamoru. Belle, having finally finished a pep talk with Chuck outside the Coliseum, hears Andreas make fun of Yolei on her way to the boat, so when she climbs in, she immediately kicks him in the shin and tightens her white belt. The last boat ends up being filled up with people and one Pokemon who really don't care much about the Competition, except for the prize involved, and so they weren't very enthusiastic about arriving first at the Coliseum. Carol enters the boat followed by Trixie. Blizzard, who doesn't care much for water, carefully leaps into the barge, then finally, Trent Retwin steps on the boat last. He's angry that he has to go through these formalities to win the $10,000 prize money, wondering if Carol, who told him about the Whirl Cup, was stupid enough to try to steal the money from the hundreds of police officers guarding it. "Karen" is now glad, more than ever, that she went through Team Rocket's "Mastery of Disguise" program. Once all the boats are filled, the Whirl Cup Guards tell everyone to stand at attention. The contestants obey the instruction, then doors open up to the main pool of the Coliseum, which has various white platforms floating in it. The boats are moved across the water to the appropriate spots in the center of the Coliseum by remote control, as the thousands of people in the audience applaud and whistle. Each barge ends up facing the podium where Maya, the Water Priestess, sits holding the Sea Spirit, a beautiful sapphire scepter. Maya, a beautiful young woman with purple hair and light blue eyes, is wearing a white dress covered with a blue toga. She stands up and says a short speech, "Trainers and Water Pokemon gathered here today, as well as Trainers and all Pokemon everywhere, I pray that you will work together in unity to achieve your goals today, the coming days, and forever more. Oh great Sea Spirit, shine your light upon everyone gathered here today!" Maya holds the Sea Spirit up high towards the sun. The blue sapphire on the end of the scepter shimmers, reflecting beams of sunlight towards everyone gathered in the Coliseum. Maya announces, "The Whirl Cup Competition has now officially begun! Let the battles commence!" The crowd cheers, then the boats are moved back into the boat dock. After everyone climbs out of the barges, Guards usher contestants to different areas depending on which Block the computer assigned them to. Each contestant in Block A is ushered to one of two special areas in the Coliseum where he or she can prepare for his or her upcoming match while those in Block B are ushered to special front row seats in the Coliseum, where they have an excellent view. Robert, Marvin, Belle, Roxie, Mamoru, Hokori, Becky, and Blizzard are ushered to one side of the Coliseum while Misty, Violet, Lily, Sissy, Rudy, Lorelei, Marina, and Christopher are ushered to the other side. Everyone waits in anticipation for the first match... -Robert