Subject: Re: [PW!] Recovery (was: [PW!] The Search is On!) Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 02:02:52 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > > The group departed the wherehouse to find themselves in Ecruteak city. > > As the light touched her face, Amber groaned softly but did nothing more. > > Karl gave a strangled cry as he realized he'd left the knocked-out Rockets > in the middle of the sidewalk. He quickly looked around, grabbed a large > branch, and dragged them inside the wherehouse. He left the big branch in > the girl's hand, and laid her next to Tiny, hoping he would be stupid enough > to think she hit him over the head and knocked him out. > TBC Solo took a few step back and looked to see just what Karl was doing with the Rockets and Tiny. "Between the lot of us, that Machamp was bitten, scratched, slashed, hypnotized, and sliced by razor-sharp leaves. Clonking him over the head is about the only thing we _didn't_ do" Solo told Karl, when he came back from moving the Rockets around. "Uhh, oops?" ------ After walking around for a bit, they arrived at the Pokemon Center. Just like in almost every other Pokemon Center, there was a really happy Chansey there to greet them, but unlike some of the other Joys and Chanseys of other Centers, this Chansey didn't get too freaked out about the hybrids' entrance. Instead, the Chansey just rung the bell, calling out Nurse Joy. "That's a first. Usually, there's a loud scream or something, but not here. Maybe it's all the ghost pokemon." Jason said, still cradling Amber's limp-ish form. Betwwen Vixxen and Raffy, Bob got dumped on a bench near the crowd. About then, Nurse joy came out, hair all done up, but she was in a pink housecoat and fuzzy Azumarill slippers. "Hello, welcome to the ... *YAWN* ... Pokemon Center." She said, in her half-asleep haze. Blinking a couple of times, she woke up a little more and looked at the various people there. "Were you kids at a costume party or is all that real?" Vixxen spoke up. "It's all real." The nurse blinked a couple more times, letting this sink in. When the little light clicked on in her head, she replied. "Okay. There should be three or four rooms back there for you all unless Morty had more victi--, er, challengers that I didn't know about." "Thank you," most of them chorused. Vixxen grunted a bit, picking up Bob, and Jason still carried Amber down to the rooms. While the group settled into the rooms, Nurse Joy and Chansey were examining Amber's, and Jason's pokemon, which were recovered from the Rockets, and Bob's pokemon that got hurt fighting them. Before those that were awake (stubborn ol' Raffy included) fell asleep, Jason and Vixxen were thinking out loud. "Why do you think that this Nuse Joy wasn't afraid of you and Amber?" Jason asked. "I don't know. Isn't there a lot of ghost pokemon here?" "Maybe, but they both seemed way too calm." "Just go to sleep." Vixxen growled, sparks jumping After a bit, even Jason and Vixxen fell asleep, after what been a totally chaotic and crazed day. TBC ------- Clayton