Subject: [PW!] Retwin the Rocket Date: 04 Aug 2002 07:46:08 GMT From: jsolano199@aol.comlink (Jose L. Solano) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Trent Retwin sat in a small chair in a small office in a small building somewhere on Cinnibar Island. Across him, a man in a black suit sat at the desk, looking over a few sheets of paper. "Hmmm... very impressive, Mr. Retwin. Now, normally, I'd tell you to go away, politely of course, and tell you I'd call you later, but I see now that you're the man for the job. Welcome to the team, my friend!" Pokewars!: Trent Retwin "Retwin the Rocket" Jose L. Solano Trent and Ashura, now members of Team Rocket, stood outside a small gym, appropriately called the 'Cinibar Is.lan Stu Gym." They casually walked in, and as expected, the gym was empty, except for a strange, smelly guy wearing a Slipknot shirt. "Slipknot... I hate that band. You, you're the gym leader?" "Nope. I'm his assistant." "Where's the gym leader then?" "Hold on. Lemme get him." Smelly took a Pokéball from his pocket and released a rather filthy looking Tangela. The Tangela yawned, then blinked a few times, and muttered. "He wants to know if you're challenging him." "Uh... this is the gym leader?" "Yeah. You challenging him or what?" "Yes... I challenge him on behalf of Team Rocket!" Trent yelled, trying as hard as he could to sound dramatic. The Tangela mumbled again, and Smelly tossed out another Pokéball. A skinny Houndoom appeared. "Uh... is this thing supposed to be a threat?" "Yeah." "Okay..." Trent was prepared to send out his Rhydon, but Ashura was already on the battlefield. He was in a hurry to get enough experience to evolve. Ashura didn't even move before the Houndoom fell over, and had to be recalled. "Look, I don't want to waste my time doing all of this, so I'm going to walk over to you and punch you in the face, then you give me your badge, got it?" "Huh? Okay." Trent blinked for a few moments. He expected his threat to be enough, but he walked over to Smelly, and after an awkward pause, punched him in the face. Smelly merely giggled, but he gladly handed over the badge. "Here's your Dr. Pepper badge." "Uh... okay." Several minutes later, Trent returned to his black suited employer and handed him the Dr. Pepper badge. "Excellent work, Retwin! Now I have enough badges to compete in the Indigo League!" "Wait, wait... Giovanni, sir, why do you need to compete in the Indigo League?" "Gio-who?" "You're not Giovanni...?" "No, I'm Lester." "This isn't Team Rocket?" "Of course not! This is Team Rocky! I thought you knew that when you joined." "Lester?" "Yes?" "I'm going to kill you." Moments later, Trent and Ashura walked down the street, carrying the stupid Dr. Pepper badge. Trent was doing fine, when he noticed his sunglasses had a few annoying drops of blood on them. "Ashura, can you get this blood for me?" "Shrew." "I'm not taking the shades off." "Sandshrew?" "Because the sun bugs me, okay?" Ashura kicked Trent in the shin like the asshole he is and took his sunglasses. "Ah! AAAAH!! My eyes! MY EYES!! IT BURNS!!" Ashura wiped them clean on Trent's trenchcoat, then put them back on. "Good job, Ashura. Good fucking job. Just for that I'm going to keep you from evolving." "Sandshrew!" "Then don't fuck with me! Now listen, I just wasted this entire day with this Dr. Pepper badge crap, so we have to get to work on a real plan, and I mean one that'll actually WORK. Anyway, I'm going to flip this Dr. Pepper badge. If it lands face up, we look around Kanto, if it lands face down, we go to Johto." Trent flipped it... face down. "Sandshrew. Shrew." "Johto it is. Hmm. Let's go get some corndogs." Just trying to keep things moving. Jose L. Solano ------------------------------- A devious, degenerate defender of the devil