Subject: Re: [PW!] Sometimes it's not crazy to talk to yourself Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 20:47:09 -0500 From: Continue <> Organization: MindSpring Enterprises Newsgroups: Adrian Tymes wrote: >Dee shrugs, then addresses his companions. "Would you like to?" > >"Oh, no, go ahead." "Mimic know you want to." "Meowth." > >"Right." Dee shakes his head, casting a cloud of sleep powder in their >assailants' direction. > >Drake blinks. "Sleep powder? I thought a hyper beam would be more your style." > >Dee shrugs, as snores reveal he hit their still unseen antagonists. "Killing >them won't do any good. Their friends - these types always have someone to goad >them on, to convince them to go after pokemon like us - would just want revenge. >This way, they'll learn not to bother us, and maybe they'll tell their friends." "Well, I'll try to make that exchange quick. Besides, with Professor Oak there, I doubt anyone will be trying anything. He's just too conspicuous." Drake noted as he exited. "I can think of a few groups that wouldn't think twice about it, or more accurately make others think twice about it." Dee noted darkly as both he and Mimic followed close behind. "Mimic think we alright for now. With no immediate response, whoever responsible probably either just watching or need ten minutes to get heavy artillery in position." With sarcasm drenching every syllable, Drake responded "Thanks for the comforting thought, Mimic." Mimic quickly flashed a grin "You're welcome." Now outside, Drake separated from the others, going over to the people gathered around Oak's equipment. The Dragonite easily located the gentleman that he had been talking to before, even amidst the small crowd of well-dressed people standing with Bill and the Professor. In the meantime Dee and Mimic silently observed the area. There was very little activity at the moment. All that could be seen were a few small groups of people, after all this time apparently still talking either about the show or some other train of thought that it had inspired in them. One group had one of it's members talking broadcasting his part of the conversation loudly, making wide gestures and moving towards whoever he seemed to be addressing at the time. Those nearest to him avoided his flailing most of the time but were occasionally hit, while those he advanced towards swayed back in response. Two members of another of the groups also had their own pokemon. One was playing ball with a Growlithe, while the other performed a very acrobatic dance as her Alakazam telekinetically moved the spoons around her in a chaotic and dazzling display. Drake did not simply spend his time completing the exchange. His conversation with the others gathered there involved a temporary Transformation into Jason Bard as proof of one of his claims. A few minutes after that he finished a summary of what his proposed business would do. It would only be a minute after that before most of the well-dressed people in the crowd gave Drake various items containing ways to contact them for their investment. A brief conversation with Professor Oak was the last thing before Drake rejoined Dee and Mimic. "Just give me a minute to prepare to go." Drake told the others as he produced a pokeball, which in turn produced a Natu. Dee seemed slightly puzzled "What's that for? I thought you had taught him...?" Dee looked over at Mimic as he trailed the last question. Mimic shook his head "Not always best way to get around. Also, some take too long to learn how. Mimic didn't take time to find out." With the Natu back in it's pokeball Drake asked "So, where's the first stop?" "We're going to adjust the level of obviousness here," Dee says "We aren't going to be so obvious as to teleport in plain view, but not so subtle as to check into a room or go into a bath house. A simple non-dead end alley should be enough of a departure from either kind of expected behavior to throw off anyone who might be pursuing us." He then started walking down the street and the others fell in step to either side. "So, did you spot any sign of them while I was taking care of business?" Drake inquired. Coming to an alley, Dee peered down it to find that it dead-ended. He continued to walk down the street "Maybe. It's difficult to tell without doing something that would give us away. It was either a bunch of people having some euphoric, sleep-deprived fun..." "Or intensive combat training." Mimic finished the observation. Dee looked down another alley and found it open for several streets. He proceeded down it and Drake and Mimic followed. The Growlithe's owner tossed the ball past the dog pokemon as had been done many times before. This time it got caught by one of the Alakazam's spoons as it flew by and was sent hurtling down the street in the direction that the human-looking Dittos and Dragonite had gone. With tongue hanging out and tail wagging, the fire dog happily went on a full-speed chase. The dog pokemon had nearly caught the ball when the sphere hit a sewer grate and bounced into the alley that Dee had entered. The fire dog scrabbled across the pavement to change his direction and ran into the alley, finally catching the ball with its mouth after getting past a dumpster. The Growlithe's tail stopped wagging as it looked up to see the rest of the alley, now devoid of any other non-microscopic life. The dog flickered as it started to stand up on its hind legs, a human replacing it once it was fully bipedial. A single sentence of thought formed in its head. "They made the exchange and now they're gone." It knew that someone else had relayed that thought. <TBC?> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately