Subject: [PW!] Stop, thief! Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 19:32:39 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: Celebi held her held and stared at her current nemesis. She knew, from past experience, that this particular human medicine would also relieve pokemon headaches, and that was precisely what she was suffering right now. She did not care exactly what the source was of the temporal hijinks which only she could feel, even though they were causing the stream of time to bend and twist and stop and in at least one case even reverse - though she was pretty certain that the two time-lost individuals were now mostly barred from the future of this timeline, even if their mere presence had lasting effects, and some of those who were supposed to be here might have gotten caught in the backlash. What she cared about was this blasted "child-proof" cap, which thwarted all of her efforts to open it. Blasted...? That was it! Exerting her will, she willed the cap to age artificially, surrendering its plastic self to the vastly accelerated efforts of microbes and other wear and tear. It fell apart in mere seconds to the outside world, which Celebi greeted with a victorious, "Bi!" Until, that is, she saw that she had extended the acceleration to the entire bottle, and the pills were now worthless powder. An upset Celebi, already in massive pain, semi-consciously exerting her power in ways she might normally never think of as a compliment to a shriek of pure fury, neatly explained several of the temporal ravages over the past several and next several years. Humans, of course, would assume it was their own time travel experiments that had caused the problems. The truth was that both had interacted to actually cause one another, and other things. --- Such as a certain set of duelling shiny unown suddenly, if briefly, losing their power to stop time. The Shorts Kid had been pursuing a non-shorts-wearing Rocket ever since he saw the thief brandish the shiny V unown. Although The Clockstopper had vanished, the Shorts Kid was able to track him by his footprints, by sounds, and with the aid of his own unown - Ess seeking out Vee directly, Ohh greatly magnifying the Shorts Kid's vision, Tee seeing right through any misleading clues left behind, Arr stroking the Shorts Kid's ego into a determined frenzy, and Ach boosting the other four. All six unown were slowing down time in the area, trying to stop their opponent, but unwittingly just amplifying the total slowdown. To them, the game of cat and mouse had seemed to last only a few hours; to the rest of the world, if anyone else knew of the chase, it would have lasted months. Thus it was that the two were but half a meter apart when time abruptly returned to normal. The Clockstopper, seeing himself return to visibility, turned and snarled at the Shorts Kid. "So, you're very persistant. You'll never get those gems back!" "What gems? I'm here for one thing!" The kid dove towards the Rocket, who instinctively ducked and prepared a strike for the kid's solar plexus the instant he made contact. When several seconds went by with no contact, The Clockstopper looked up, then behind him, to see his adversary running away, Vee in hand. "Hey!" "Don't worry, you'll be wearing shorts soon enough!" Sensing from the unown that whatever had paused their powers was now over, the kid vanished, opening his mind to Vee to inquire as to its knowledge of where its bretheren were. It responded most eagerly, the cruelty of its former master still fresh in its mind, and a sneer made its way onto the Shorts Kid's face. "Or maybe," he whispered, "if you won't *wear* shorts, you'll *be* shorts. Heh." TBC?