Subject: Re: [PW!] The Race Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 08:55:34 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: AT&T Worldnet Newsgroups: "Tech Weaver - Biggest Dreamer with Bathtubs Full of Hope!" wrote: > > "Wait, there's ANOTHER race?" Amber cried out. > > > "I think I can pass for level 25," Keaton said, cracking his knuckles. > > "Too bad your so slow," Kitsu joked. > > "Yeah, but I'll actually cross the finish line," Keaton said with a smirk. > He transformed into full Tauros mode and trotted over to the starting line. Sarah gasps and takes a step back when she sees Keaton shapeshift into a Tauros. Noticing how many people, many with Pokemon features, are gathered around her and staring at her, she begins to tremble and wrinkles appear on her forehead as she raises her eyebrows in concern... "Ernest Scared Stupid!" Kitsu calls out, trying to guess which charade Sarah is acting out, unaware that the timid shepherdess isn't acting. "...n-n-no... I-I'm n-not pl-playin'... any... anymore." Sarah looks into her leather satchel and rummages around in search of the Friend Balls containing the U-shaped and C-shaped shiny Unown that she caught since she wants to give them to Drake so she can leave the large group that has gathered in the National Park. When she doesn't find either Friend Ball, she thinks they might have escaped, so she starts calling out, "You See? You See! YOU SEE!" Kitsu shakes her head, "I don't see. What're you trying to say?" "Drake!" Sarah cries, hoping he won't be disappointed that she's lost the two shiny Unown she promised to give him. Before she can explain to him what happened, she sees both Unown circling Drake, and she puts her hands on her hips, "Drake! Did you t-take my Unown wi-without askin'? I WAS gonna g-give 'em to you!" Drake holds up both of his claws, "Hey, wait a minute, I..." Instead of seeing Drake's gesture as a demonstration of innocence, Sarah thinks he's preparing to attack, so she quickly removes her hands from her hips and holds the palms of her hands up to the talking Dragonite, "D-don't worry, I... I was ab-about to g-give 'em to you any... anyway 'cuz I wanna h-head off... to my trainin' spot. Me and my Sunkern al-already won a race t-today, and I'm not gr-greedy, so I'm not g-gonna enter th-the next race. I h-hope you en-enjoy the Unown... Bye-bye, everyone!" After stuttering this brief farewell, Sarah heads away from the group consisting of three humans, two talking Pokemon, and six half-Pokemon, followed by both her Flaaffy and her award-winning Sunkern. When Sarah enters the small building connecting the National Park with Route 36, she sees a familiar face looking up at her. Luthor the Slowpoke, sitting in a small cage, calls out, "Supergirl, I am glad to see you! I've been trying to use my incredible psychic powers to bend the bars of this foul prison I've been placed in, but it seems they're forged of the indestructible metal called Adamantium, for I have not been able to bend a single bar with my mind! Perhaps if we pool our resources..." The guard at the outpost looks up from a newspaper he's reading, "Your Slowpoke, miss?" Sarah sweatdrops and nods, "Y-yes... I... I hope he has-hasn't been much t-trouble." "He hasn't, but I won't miss him either." The guard hits a button on his desk that opens the top of the cage in the room then goes back to reading his newspaper. Sarah takes out her Lure Ball, pulls Luthor into it, then exits the small building into the forested Route 36. She's still being followed by her happy Sunkern, who's can't wait to tell Blazer the Cyndaquil she won a race, and Barbie the Flaaffy, who's worried since she knows that Sarah has gotten lost on this Route before. -Sarah