Subject: Re: [PW!] The Search is On! Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 13:26:41 GMT From: "ajdrol" <> Organization: Cox Communications Newsgroups: <snip> > -- and Bob bursts in, out of breath. > > "Whew ... *pant* ... lost her." he said with head between his knees, trying > hard to catch his breath. Looking back, this probably wasn't the greatest > idea in the world. And just to add to his problems, the jumbo Machamp > plodded over and was now towering over him. > > "Oh joy, could this get any better." Bob muttered under his breath. > > The Machamp reeled one of his massive fists and nailed Bob, sending him > careening across the room and into a pile of boxes, which happened to be behind > Amber and Jason. > > "Tiny hate intruders." The Machamp said, lumbering towards the three of them. > > Bob shook his head, and looked up at Amber and Jason. "Um, we came here to > save you?" > > "BUT YOU'RE ALONE!" They both cried out together. > > "Well, yeah," Bob said, getting up to his feet. "But your friends Vixxen and Solo > are outside. I'm supposed to be the diversion. > > "Some diversion" One of them muttered. > > Clearing away the boxes and crates lining the ground in one swipe, Tiny glared > down at the three of them. > > "Her Dark, Me fighting. Me have advantage." Tiny growled taking a swing. > > Bob braced himself for impact, since the fist looked like it was going to nail him. > "Damn I hope this works." he thought. "Reflect." > > Just as Bob did that, the door burst open again revealing ... ... > > TBC ...Vixxen and Solo running in yelling. They jumped onto Tiny, stilling yelling. as Vixxen stood on his shoulder she drew her sword and started hacking at his back. Then she started using electric attacks, howling her anger. Solo was hanging onto his arm via teeth, and beating him with his fists. "Whar's danbar!" he shouted through his teeth. "What?" He crawled onto his arm and let go, shouting, "WHERE'S AMBER?!" "I'M OVER HERE!" she replied loudly. "Oh." Tiny barrelled forward drawing back his fist to punch Bob again, but his arms under his sweatshirt were glowing green, and a reflective shield had appeared. Tiny's arms contacted the shield and a strange wind picked up and threw him backwards. "Dump this on my head," Amber said to Jason, handing him a box. He obliged, unsure of what it was. Her Pokedex started beeping and she took it out, punched a few buttons, muttering, "1,2, Poof, whatever." Amber struggled up and ran towards him. She began to sing eerily, the notes resounding on the walls. When she finished, Tiny was on his back snoring lightly. She stumbled over his chest and lay her hands on his temples. His fist drew back and punched her. She flew across the room into a pile of boxes, and hit the wall with a resounding thud then slid down as the boxes fell on top. TBC