Subject: [PW!] The SECOND Race Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 20:13:28 GMT From: "ajdrol" <> Organization: Cox Communications Newsgroups: "Pokemon, get ready!" the announcer said. Bob was in the audience with Amber, Jason, Kurt, Solo, and Vixxen. He was watching the stall with his Sandslash (or was it Sandshrew?) in it. (OOC: What does Bob look like?) Vixxen was rather silent, which was unusual for the active, raging Pikachu girl. Her blonde hair laid over her back, covering most of the grey shirt she wore. Jason, a 19 year old human, (which seem to be in short supply these days, these full humans) was sitting next to Amber. He had black spikes bleached blonde, was wearing a white shirt with a hawaiian shirt over it and baggy blue jeans. Amber was a sneasle girl, with long, auburn hair, and amber-colored eyes. She wore a white shirt with a blue plaide one over it, and a pair of blue jeans. Solo, a rather clueless Meowth-boy, was next to Vixxen. His hair was a light brown, and he wore simply a white shirt and blue jeans. Kurt, another one of those rare, pure-bred humans, sat a bit apart from every one else. He wore a black jacket over a red shirt, and black pants. He had jet black spiked hair. Finally Vixxen spoke up. She was speaking directly to Jason, but she didn't turn around. "You didn't tell me everything that happened when Amber was poisoned, did you?" she asked. It was rather sudden, and suprised both Jason and Amber. It apparently surprised Solo and Kurt as well. "You were poisoned?!" they both said together. Amber ignored the question. A while back, Amber had been poisoned by a Charmander in a stretch of forest separating Violet from Azalea. Vixxen had left to find something to help get rid of the poison and while she was gone, Dharak, Amber's rival, showed up and actually helped her. This was all Jason had told Vixxen, because there was more. Amber and Jason looked at each other nervously, their stomachs doing arobics. They were both blushing furiously. "Ah-HA!" Vixxen grinned. "I knew it!" "Knew what?" said Solo. "The way you both are always worried about each other, and you take offense to jokes about the other one!" She briefly brushed the spot on her arm where Jason had punched her earlier. Jason sank into his seat. "And you're both blushing like it's going out of style!" she continued taunting. "And when I found you guys when I came back, you were both wrapped up in a blanket!" "I was cold," was all Amber could mumble. It clicked in Solo's mind. "AH!!!! They had---" "No!" Vixxen cut him off. "They're in LOOOOOOOOOVE!" She laughed evilly. Solo only looked at her strangely. "Really? I never would have guessed..." TBC Ok, tackled that one. I've been trying to archive the PW!'s in comic form, and this came up while I was cartooning the part in the Pokemon Center after Team Rocket capture Amber and Vixxen in the Azalea Pokemon Center. I remembered: 1) Jason obviously didn't tell her everything when she got back. 2) Solo and Kurt, and obviously Bob, never knew she was Poisoned. 3) How painfully obvious it must be. So good luck! ^_^ ~Amber