Subject: Re: [PW!] The SECOND Race Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 02:03:39 GMT From: "Marco262" <> Newsgroups: "Tech Weaver - Biggest Dreamer with Bathtubs Full of Hope!" <> wrote in message news:adh6b8$4mo$ > > "ajdrol" <> wrote in message > news:I5QK8.58321$ > > "Pokemon, get ready!" the announcer said. Bob was in the audience with > > Amber, Jason, Kurt, Solo, and Vixxen. He was watching the stall with his > > Sandslash (or was it Sandshrew?) in it. (OOC: What does Bob look like?) > > Vixxen was rather silent, which was unusual for the active, raging Pikachu > > girl. Her blonde hair laid over her back, covering most of the grey shirt > > she wore. Jason, a 19 year old human, (which seem to be in short supply > > these days, these full humans) was sitting next to Amber. He had black > > spikes bleached blonde, was wearing a white shirt with a hawaiian shirt > over > > it and baggy blue jeans. Amber was a sneasle girl, with long, auburn hair, > > and amber-colored eyes. She wore a white shirt with a blue plaide one over > > it, and a pair of blue jeans. Solo, a rather clueless Meowth-boy, was next > > to Vixxen. His hair was a light brown, and he wore simply a white shirt > and > > blue jeans. Kurt, another one of those rare, pure-bred humans, sat a bit > > apart from every one else. He wore a black jacket over a red shirt, and > > black pants. He had jet black spiked hair. > > > [Snip] > > > "And you're both blushing like it's going out of style!" she continued > > taunting. "And when I found you guys when I came back, you were both > wrapped > > up in a blanket!" > > "I was cold," was all Amber could mumble. > > It clicked in Solo's mind. > > "AH!!!! They had---" > > "No!" Vixxen cut him off. "They're in LOOOOOOOOOVE!" > > She laughed evilly. > > Solo only looked at her strangely. "Really? I never would have guessed..." > > TBC > > > Kitsu sat nearby, in her white samurai robes, white hair in cascading > spikes, and her black sword at her side. She wasn't sitting with them in > particular, but she was close enough to hear the conversation. She listened > to the exchange with a smirk. She found it quite amusing. Jason stared at his shoes, praying that he'd stop blushing. He looked out of the corner of his eye at Amber. "Guess the secret's out," he mumbled quietly. Amber rubbed the back of her head with one hand and laughed a bit nervously. "I guess so." She laid her head on Jason's shoulder and closed her eyes. Her ears twitched as she relaxed against him. Jason smiled at her. He put his arm around her and watched the pokémon start from their starting gates. --Marco262 Well, that was therapeutic. I just broke up with my girlfriend today so...bleh.