Subject: Re: [PW!] The SECOND Race Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 23:35:14 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > > "Rollout!" The Sandshrew was the slowest out of the starting gate, the Tauros being > > the fastest. However, the little Sandshrew quickly regained the lost ground. Now, > > at the front of the pack, there was a Sandshrew, Tauros, and a couple of other > > pokemon, while the rest were a little ways back. > > > Keaton, still in Tauros form, was astonished to see a Sandshrew > overtake him. The next two overtakers were just annoying. He put on > a bit more speed and got ahead of the two. > > The Sandshrew was being more crafty and kept crowding him out from > getting past him. This was beginning to tick him off. Then Keaton > realized he was much taller and could easily step over it. Soon he > was pretty much neck-and-neck with the Sandshrew. "Ah nuts. Come on Sandshrew, you can do it! Just think of Whitney's Miltank." With that bit of encouragement, the Sandshrew sped up. It was slowly pulling ahead of the Tauros. Keaton's response was to release a bit of Frustration on the rolling Sandshrew, sending it sprawilng off in another direction and crashing into the ground. That pissed off the little guy. "Shrew SHREW SandSHREW! SAND!" it cried out. Bob looks a bit confused. <<Yo Raffy, what'd he say?>> The Girafarig shut his jaw-dropped mouth. <<I'd repeat it, but I can't make it PG-13.>> Bob looks stunned that Sandshrew even knew them words. <<That bad, eh?>> Raffy smiles evilly. <<Worse.>> It went back into a Defence Curl and then broke into a Rollout again. About 15 feet away from Keaton, it glowed bright white, the tell-tale sign of evolution. Now there was a very pissed off Sandslash coming up quickly on Keaton. Bob slapped his forehead "Oh brother! I don't really want to break up those two." > > There was various cheering by varoius crowd members for all of the racers. And all > > of that praise and cheering was really adding to the atmosphere. > > > "Yeah!" Kitsu called out. "Go, Keaton! Woo!" Keaton took a quick glance at the cheering Kitsu and noticed a Sandslash tearing up the track behind him. "Damn!" He said, before speeding up a bit more. ------- Clayton