Subject: Re: [PW!] The SECOND Race Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 18:32:34 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > > "Ah nuts. Come on Sandshrew, you can do it! Just think of Whitney's Miltank." > > > > With that bit of encouragement, the Sandshrew sped up. It was slowly pulling > > ahead of the Tauros. Keaton's response was to release a bit of Frustration on the > > rolling Sandshrew, sending it sprawilng off in another direction and crashing into > > the ground. That pissed off the little guy. > > > "Heh," Kitsu remarked. "And he scolded *me* about lashing out at our > opponents." Kitsu reminds herself to mention that to him later. > > > "Yeah!" Kitsu called out. "Go, Keaton! Woo!" > > > > Keaton took a quick glance at the cheering Kitsu and noticed a Sandslash tearing up > > the track behind him. > > > > "Damn!" He said, before speeding up a bit more. > > > 'Sonic the Sandslash here is bearing down on my tail,' Keaton thought. > 'Why did I have to become a fully-evolved Pokemon? Newly-evolved > Pokemon always have the advantage! I'm going to have to do something > drastic.' (Sonic the Sandslash. *Laughs* I'll have to remember that one) > Keaton skidded to a stop, allowing the Sandslash to overtake him. The > vengeful Sandslash veered back towards Keaton again. Keaton leapt > into the air to avoid the Roll-Out attack, then twisted around in > mid-air to face the way he came. > > "HYPER BEAM!" the Tauros called out. Energy built up around his horn > briefly before expelling a beam of pure force. The attack wasn't > meant to attack anyone in particular, but to propell Keaton through > the air. > > "Whoa," Kitsu remarked. "He's a flying bull!" That got a few more choice words out of the Sandslash. "Where the blazes did my Sandslash LEARN that?" Bob said, after getting a _very_ toned down translation. "Come on, head for the finish line first, THEN worry about revenge." That got Kitsu's attention. "That rolling nut case belongs to you?" Bob scratches his head. "Well, um, yeah. I was hoping that after he crosses the finish line, he'll stop rolling. He'll be much easier to calm down when he isn't going 30 miles an hour, right? Besides, we'll all be fine as long as he hasn't learned Poison Sting yet." "For your sake, he better not have." "Don't worry miss. Playing a game of 'Enrage the Fire-Type' isn't what I want to do." Bob said, after getting a closer look at her. "It won't be me you'll have to worry about." she said, pointing to the flying Tauros. Bob gulped, Raffy smirked -- This was just getting hilarious to him. Back at the race, Sandslash has hung a U-turn and is heading back toward the finish line like normal and Keaton is on his way down to the ground. But even the craziest ideas have flaws as the Sandslash catches some cool air time on a rock and is headed straight for the Tauros. Keaton looks down toward the ground to position himself for the safest landing when a brown thing catches his eye. "Damnit. Why can't that runt leave me alone?!?" ------- Clayton