Subject: Re: [PW!] The Weather Over the Long Term Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 21:01:58 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: Steffan Alun wrote: > "Adrian Tymes" <> wrote in message > >>"I have a third option." Doppler - Dee was beginning to slumber, as his >>danger sense spiked - picked up the car with both hands, and held it up >>so he was looking in window behind the driver's door to try to make sure >>the human could not open the door in his face. "I can get an >>explanation from you as to what all this is about. I thought I heard >>running just before I transformed, and I don't smell any gunsmoke from >>you, so I'm guessing someone else shot me. You wouldn't happen to know >>who and why, and where they would be headed, hmm?" > > "I can't tell you where he's headed," said Mike. "What I CAN tell you > is that he's my boss, Ralph Harrison. This is my car, which he technically > stole from me. He was involved in a hi-jacking yesterday, and I need to > find him so he can defend himself. I have no idea why he shot you, but I > promise that he's completely innocent. I should know - I've worked with him > for over two years." > > Mike looked closer at the sight through the window. He needed to find > Mr Harrison quickly, and this person - or whatever he was - looked like he > could take care of any job with ease. Persuading him to do so was another > matter entirely. > > "Please, sir, whatever you are - we have to hurry. I have no idea where > he'll go. Make a choice now so I can at least say I tried. Doppler stared Mike down for a moment, then nodded. "You admit he shot me, yet you say he's innocent? The only way I see that making sense is if he should be in an insane which case, why would anybody be working for him? We can argue this once we track him down." He flapped his wings, slowly lifting the car into the air and turning the car in the general direction he had heard his assailant flee towards. "Turn on the car's headlights. I think I can go faster than the car cross country, but a giant flashlight like that will be quite useful right now." TBC? >>[NS: Partnership? No, Doppler was thinking more like "lunch". Only at >>midnight. Eh, you get the idea. Though, expect Doppler to be resistant >>to extended adventure: he has Marcia to worry about now.] > > I think Mike and Doppler would be quite suitable as a temporary partnership, > though. Doppler has been fighting against the fact that Pokémon blindly > obey any trainer, and Mike is almost obsessed with taking care of Mr > Harrison - showing a Pokémonesque loyalty to his boss. [NS: Yeah...but it's not me you'll have to convince, it's Doppler that Mike will have to convince. I can't think of a way of the top of my head - at least, for more than a few hours' pursuit - but perhaps you can.]