Subject: Re: [PW!] Thick Fog: How it began Date: 02 Mar 2002 20:27:49 GMT From: (Andrusi- Apprentice of Kopaka) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: >Floating lower to the ground, he prepared to make his move. Became fully >visible, in order to use his attack. As the ghastly was about to make his >move, >he noticed something behind him. A shadow. They weren't alone. > >Turning around slowly, the ghastly turned to see who had interrupted his >fun... "Excuse me, do you by any chance know the way to Saffron City?" PK asked. ~It's a few dozen miles to the east,~ the Gastly replied bitterly. "Okay, thanks!" PK said cheerfully as he floated away with Stupid and Fighter, a shiny I-shaped Unown following him out of pure boredom. ~Idiot.~ The Gastly turned back around, but then noticed another shadow behind him and turned around again... (The first thing PK's done this year. I tried not to mess up any plans you might have had; if I did, sorry.) -Andrusi && Sanity not included.