Subject: Re: [PW!] Thoughts and Wanderings Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 19:46:15 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: Clayton wrote: > "Maybe. Who knows. This Unown thing with Aerie might be better than > actual training. But, I'd better get my stuff so Aerie can go." Bob said, > ceasing the scratching of Raffy's ear. > > #Probably a good idea grass man.# > > "Yeah. By the way, what DID Yolie want from the Unown." > > Raffy smirked almose evilly. #I'll tell you when you get older.# > > Bob grabbed the last of his stuff and headed back down to meet Aerie. > Before he left, he cast one last gaze out the window. A shining, almost > metallic streak coursed across his vision quickly, before fading in the distance, > in the direction of Cianwood. Meanwhile, Aerie was taking in a description of Lynkeru's gear. "That could be useful. Hunting that down might be easier than hunting the unown, not to mention help with the unown once we get it, at least if you have any idea where it is." "Last we saw, it was taken by a Rocket calling himself 'The Clockstopper'," Yolei replied. "He could be anywhere by now." Aerie nodded. "Assuming he still has it. Still, we'd just need to find a Rocket base and look him up." She smirked at Yolei. "I'm *sure* you could break into their computers easily, from what I've heard about their security these days." "I'm not sure they even exist anymore, not really. But...I heard that they did have a base in Goldenrod City's underground. If they're anywhere, they're probably still there." "Great. Then that's where we'll head." "Hey! Who made you the leader?" Ignoring Yolei, Aerie continued, "But first there's one stop I want to make. I'm a little familiar with what unown in the mind feel like..." She blushed. "...but I opponent in the final round. Becky, I think. I felt something like that in her mind. Couldn't sense any unown nearby, but maybe it was hiding. We should at least ask her if she has any shiny unown. Get them from her or get her to come with us, I don't know, but at least we'll know if she is a carrier. We might not be able to find her again if we wait until she's off this island." As Bob walked back in, his gear packed, Aerie continued, "Okay, Lynkeru, you can hand them over now." "Hand what over?" Aerie rolled her eyes. "The shiny unown." "He already has what I took from you." "The *other* shiny unown." "What are you talk-" A small hyper beam soared harmlessly out the window, missing Lynkeru by half a head. "Don't play dumb with me. You have all this knowledge about the shiny unown, and you expect me to believe you haven't captured any but mine? I'll admit, I want something from the unown too, but I don't think Bob has any particular wishes. That means we can trust him with them more than we can trust each other. So hand them over, now!" TBC?