Subject: [PW!] Trent Retwin vs. Ashura Date: 31 Jul 2002 07:39:59 GMT From: jsolano199@aol.comlink (Jose L. Solano) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Ashura the Sandshrew shuffled along the streets of Cinnibar Island, still bitter over his sudden re-exploration of childhood. Kurt and Warren followed at a close distance, but said nothing. "<I can't say I'm happy about this,>" Ashura said in Sandshrew, "<But I guess it works out, since all that metal's gone.>" "Just a few short months, and you'll be yourself again," Kurt said. "<Yeah... but it took me fucking ten years to get there. All of that, down the drain.>" "You!" "<Me!>" Ashura quickly realized that Kurt hadn't said that. He turned around and jumped back in surprise. Trent Retwin, his old master, stood there with an angry look on his face. "Ashura." "<Trent... how did you recognize me?>" "I raised you, Ashura, I'd recognize you anywhere, even if your metal parts, scar and quills are all gone. What are you doing here?" "<I came to get all that bullshit reversed! What are YOU doing here?>" "Investigating. I have some time to kill before seven, though. What better way to kill time than by killing you?" "<...>" "What? That was a good line, dammit!" Pokewars!: Trent Retwin "Trent Retwin vs. Ashura" Jose L. Solano Trent took a knife from his trenchcoat and ran for the Sandshrew. Ashura rolled under Trent's legs and jumped onto his back. While Trent struggled to get him off, Kurt focused a Psychic attack on him. Trent fell to the ground, clutching his head, as Ashura rolled off. After a few moments, got back up. "Let's play this fair, Ashura. Leave them out." "<Hmph. Since when are you one to play fair?>" Trent swung his knife, but Ashura jumped over it and rolled in midair right as he met Trent's face. Ashura remained in midair as he bounced off, and Trent quickly kicked him away. Ashura flew right into the arms of a teleporting Kurt, he helped him land gently. Ashura thrust his arms forward, but nothing happened. He quickly realized that he didn't have mechanical tendrils and rolled out of the way as Trent ran by for another slash. Quick to note Ashura's move, Trent kicked him once more. This time, Ashura hit the wall of a building and slowly rolled to stop on the floor. "Don't worry, boss!" Warren yelled. "I'll stop him!" Warren flew in front of Trent, kicking his legs blindly. Trent avoided most of the kicks, blocking a few with his knife. He moved backwards as the talon fury continued. Warren's kicks grew stronger and faster with each strike, and Trent found himself growing tired. Suddenly, the fury died down, and Warren flew away from Trent to the top of a building to rest. "Idiot, didn't Ashura warn you? Your attack and my leeching depleted your energy, you had no hope of winning! That's what you get for fucking with Trent Re-OOMF!" Tackled by Ashura! Trent got back up and grabbed Ashura by the tail. He began to spin around, gaining momentum with every turn. When he let go, Ashura rolled himself into a ball and spun in the opposite direction. When he landed on the ground, he immediately began to roll towards Trent, much faster than he had before. Trent was ready to play kickball once more, but then something happened. Ashura began to glow... "Sand... sand... SHREW!" Hmm. It seemed Ashura has somehow picked up a coating of water over him, and the sun had hit it at the right angle... anyway, nothing happened. Trent's leg swung to kick the rolling Sandshrew, but something stopped him. Kurt stood nearby, holding his arms out. Trent was paralyzed, stuck in mid-kick. Kurt lifted him into the air, and slowly, a purple haze appeared around Trent. "Put... me... down!" Kurt threw him skyward, and then brought him down with such force that it would easily knock a human out. Trent slammed into the pavement, and though Kurt's power over him had faded, he found himself unable to move. "We better make a run for it, before he gets back up," Kurt said. Before he could run, Trent grabbed his leg, just as he began to stand up. "That... really... hurt..." He threw the helpless Abra against the wall. Before he hit the ground, Trent grabbed his arm, and threw him against another wall. Once again, Ashura tackled Trent. Now Warren was rested up, and swooped down to warn Trent. Kurt teleported himself to safety and began to recover while the others dealt with him. Trent threw Ashura at Warren, who moved out of the way to avoid him, letting him hit a few trash cans in an alley. Now Warren stood on his feet, swinging his razor-sharp wings instead. Trent stopped him with a well-placed kick to the face, and that was the end of that. Warren mumbled something about a butterfly before he dropped to the ground. Brandishing his knife, Trent ran towards Ashura. He swung, but Ashura's tiny but well-aimed scratch blocked it. He aimed another, but Trent blocked that one. Ashura jumped towards Trent and rolled, hitting him right in the chest. Just as he unrolled in midair, Trent brought his knife upward, catching Ashura in the face... the right eye, to be precise. "<My eye... MY EYE!>" "Don't be so dramatic! Your eye is fine... but it looks like you've got your scar back. It's pretty funny, you spent the last year trying to run from your past, and here it is, scratched onto your face like it was before. Now your last thoughts will be about how ironic it was that escaping only brought you back to me. Goodbye, Ashura!" "Out of curiosity..." Kurt asked, "What happened that got you both so angry?" "Ashura betrayed me." "<Betrayed?! Look, if you wanted it so bad, you should've taken it first! You HAD the money!>" "I was three spaces away, motherfucker! You TOOK it from me! And the whole time you had this stupid grin on your face!" "<The point of the game isn't to LOSE, shithead! Park Place was mine, just accept it!>" "Waitwaitwaitwaitwait..." Kurt interrupted. "This is all about a game of MONOPOLY?!" "When you've isolated yourself from society, anything that helps pass the time becomes very important to you." "How about a compromise, then? Ashura, you agree to let him have Park Place next time you play, and you... Brent, is it?" "Trent." "Trent, you agree to let Ashura take any other spaces he wants so long as they are within his reach according to the rules." "<Rules?>" "Well there's your problem." "<Trent... I'm sorry I took Park Place.>" "I'm sorry I plotted your death because of it." "<Friends?>" "Trent Retwin doesn't need friends! You can be my Pokémon again, though." "<Hmm, good enough.>" Trent took two extra Pokéballs from his trenchcoat and threw them at Warren and Kurt. "Hey what the-?!" Trent put his two new Pokémon in his pocket and continued down the street with Ashura. "<Hmm... I'm going to have to get this slash treated... what are you doing at seven, anyway?>" "Job interview." "<Okay. Explain it to me while you clean my wound.>" "Forget it. You're a big Sandshrew, you can take care of yourself." "<Fucker.>" It was bound to happen. After this story, I'm switching back to non-translated Sandshrew-speak. As of now, I'm dropping the VSU-003 WG. I'll update Trent's WG to add his Pokémon sometime soon. Hey, why am I telling you this? Is anyone reading? Jose L. Solano ------------------------------- A devious, degenerate defender of the devil