Subject: Re: [PW!] Turning Red in The Greenhouse Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 01:00:19 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: (Courtesy of Amber) > On the way to the greenhouse which a Chansey had directed them to, Amber > poked Jason again. "Hey, by the by, I have an idea. We need to go back to > Goldenrod and battle Whitney. This is going to be a pain since all six of us > or so have to battle her, but no biggy. Any how, while we have some sort of > break, let's stop by the radio tower." > "Why?" > "So you can perform, and see if they'll broadcast you. They pay, you know." > "Hey, that's a great idea!" (Courtesy of Rob) > "We've been looking all over the Pokemon Center for you, Bob!" Amber > says, but then she notices that Bob is asleep on the branch he's lying > on. The half-Sneasel girl uses one of her claws to wipe some sweat off > her brow. Amber tells Jason Bard, the young man walking into the > greenhouse next to her who's holding her other claw in his hand, "I > guess I REALLY wasn't hallucinating when I saw Bob use a Grass Pokemon > move - only a person with Grass Pokemon traits would be able to fall > asleep in such a humid environment!" Jason replies, "Yeah, I haven't > felt this much heat since the last time a stage light was pointed at > me!" > > Sarah recognizes both of the people entering the greenhouse from the > past times she's interacted with them - one time in the Ilex Forest and > yesterday at the National Park. Something's different this time, though > - Sarah's eyes focus in on that Jason is holding hands with Amber and > one of her hands covers her mouth. In a hushed voice, she says, > "They're..." Her eyes gaze longingly at the handsome young musician who > she helped nurse back to health in the Ilex Forest and she lets out a > sigh. Even though the sigh was much lower in volume than Barbie's yell > moments ago, Amber and Jason are much closer now, so the noise catches > their attention. > > "Sarah!" The human male and the half-Sneasel girl call out in unison > when they spot the shepherdess sitting by the Berry Tree - they approach > their acquaintance, but don't get too close knowing that she's extremely > jittery when crowded. Jason says, "You sure ran off pretty quickly after > winning your award." Amber adds, "Yeah, you missed quite a second race! > But you also missed an attack by Team Rocket, so I guess it was for the > best you headed off to train your Pokemon when you did." > > "H-h-h..." Suddenly realizing that her eyes haven't moved from where > Jason's hand and Amber's claw are linked, she becomes self-conscious, > her face turns red, and her eyes begin to stare downwards. She hugs her > legs and lets her long blonde hair cover her face as she says, > "...h-h-hi, y-y-you t-two... s-sorry... t-to he-hear ab-about the... the > Team... Team Rocket... attack..." She waits for them to speak, but since > they're unsure of what to say that won't make the shepherdess nervous, > they both stay quiet, but this makes Sarah even more nervous than if > they had spoken. She tries to break the silence, "S-so, y-you're... > l-lookin' for Bob?" > > Amber nods, then realizes that Sarah isn't looking at her head and > replies, "Yep... well, actually, we just found him! He's asleep on top > of that plant over there... we have some questions to ask him." Jason > adds, "Yeah, it seems he's not just the ordinary mild-mannered son of a > Breeder we thought he was." > > "D-don't..." Sarah's about to scold Jason for swearing, but since she's > unsure whether "son of a Breeder" is a derogatory term or not, she just > changes the subject, saying, "Oh, I d-didn't know... know that h-he > was... in h-here. I-I'll j-just l-let y'all... g-go t-talk with him... > in p-private. I'll... j-just... g-go have l-lunch... now... N-nice > seein' y'all, bye!" Sarah gets up and shepherds both her Flaaffy and her > Sunkern out of the greenhouse, towards the Pokemon Center's Cafeteria. (Courtesy of Amber again) > They found Bob on his branch with Raffy at the base, both snoring soundly. > Amber shyly took his sleeve and peeked in. She dropped it and jumped back. > "Damn, I wasn't hallucinating. Er......Bob?" > Bob snuffed a moment then feel silent again. > "Bob?" > "mmmm...snrf." > "BOB!" > "AAAAAAAGH!" > He toppled off the branch onto the ground. > "Could, uh, you answer some please?" > Amber was bowing profoundly. He knew this wasn't like her. "Uh...I guess..." Rubbing the various parts that he landed on, butt included, he looked up at the overly polite Amber. "... Um, what did you want to know?" Jason stood watching. "I'd love to, but I should go and practice a bit. After all we've been through, We're probably a bit rusty in the singing department." With that, he left the greenhouse, in search of a good place to practice. "Well for starters, how could you call your life boring with that?!?" Amber asked, motioning a claw at his arms. "Um ... well ..." Bob said, scratching his head after being caught completely off-guard. "I've been travelling alone most of the time and for some reason, Team Rocket have no interest in me at the moment." Bob said "And why would they care about you?" "Aside from the fact that I've got these ... " Bod said, holding up his arms " ... and that both my parents are breeders?" Bob explained. "Good point." Amber said, thinking about how resourceful Team Rocket COULD be "Anthing else you want to know?" Bob asked, getting up slowly and dusting himself off. TBC ------- Clayton