Subject: Re: [PW!] Turning Red in The Greenhouse Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 05:56:29 GMT From: "ajdrol" <> Organization: Cox Communications Newsgroups: (I live to confuse everyone I meet, by the way. Whether its gibbering in limited Japanese or saying someone's name too many times to describe two people, or explaining---never mind.) > (LOL. And that's only 1 night of TV) (Mwahahaha. "Teevee": Poisoning young peoples' minds every day. Even bad shows like "Laddy".) > (Oh the idea I had. Not, how to enact it...) > (... ... ... ...) > (*Light bulb appears over head* Got it! *Turns of light*) (Sorry, I don't own a light bulb. I'm using my last two brains cells to rub together and make fire. As soon as I discover that, perhaps I'll get to the hardware store...) > As Amber and Jason wonder what happened and how to save the Ditto from > the Rockets. Suddenly out of nowhere, a Psybeam attack crashed through the > balloon. That sent the balloon careening into the forest and the Ditto, surprisingly > enough, into a young boy's hands. > > "Hi guys." Jeff said, after they all turned around. Raffy was next to him, as was > a half-pint sized Houndour pup. > > "Laddy, can you get the girl over there free?" Jeff asked. > > Laddy, the Houndour barked happily and did just that. > > This just sent Vixxen over the edge. > > "OH LADDY!" She cried. The really happy electric girl hugged, glomped and almost > completely smothered the poor Houndour pup. Uncomprehensible happy cries and > muffled Houndour cries could be heard. > > Jason just shot Jeff a weird look. > > "You named him Laddy?" > > "Well she's not the only one that likes that show." he said in defense. His tone > sombered > up a bit after that. "Actually, he's not mine yet. His mother died not too long ago > and I've > been looking after him. I don't feel right actually catching him yet." Jeff said. > > Vixxen took a moment and realized that Jeff was actually there. > > "What 'chu doing here squirt?" She asked, giving the kid a static-charged noogie. > She was > still on a high after Laddy 'saved' her. > > "Yeah, what was it? Oh yeah! Bob sent some lunch out for ya. Said it would save > you > a trip back to the Center." He took off the backpack he was wearing and handed it > over > to Jason. Taking a look inside, His jaw gaped a bit. > > "Enough food in there?" he asked. Amber picked up the bag, and looked inside. > > "Ahhh... wow." Amber said. Vixxen looked into the bag. > > "What are you guys gonna eat?" She asked. She was playfully thwapped by anyone that > was able to thwap her, excluding Jeff. All broke into a short fit of laughter. > > After their gag of the day was finished, Jeff and Raffy left, heading back to the Day > Care. > Laddy went with Jeff, despite the pleading, and the whining. Everyone was just > eyeing up > the knapsack full of food, thinking about eating, when a rustling came from the > grass. The > food would hae to wait -- it was Jason's turn for a bit of training. > > ---------- > > In the forest, a ways away, Ivory and Jack were bandaging up their injuries. > > "Damn, what hit us?" Jack said, clutching his head > > "I think it was a Psybeam" Ivory hissed. "Our timing is really off today" > > "What now?" > > "Let's strike at the Day Care Center." > > "Whoa there Ivory. You want us to attack a place full of trained pokemon and > the boarding house for the half-breeds this week?" > > "Yes." Ivory snarled. "Besides, everyone's out training. The Center is > defenseless. > Only that breeder brat should be there. Easy pickings." > > "I like your style -- cunning AND evil." Jack said. > > The pair moved (slowly) through the trees, toward the Day Care. > > ---------- > > At the Day Care, actually in the greenhouse, Bob was tending to the grass-types. > Taking great care not to uproot, or disturb any of the sleeping ones, he was > watering them and putting out food. Just as he was about to leave, a Chikorita > tackled him from behind, knocking him over. > > "Chika!" > > "Now of course I haven't forgotten you. You're as cute and powerful as ever." > Bob said, patting it on the top of it's leaf. The Chikorita glomped his leg. > > "Now come on Leafer, I got the Ice-types to feed, and you know the cold > and I don't get along very well anymore." > > "Chika. Rita." > > "I'll play after lunch, all right?" > > Leafer nodded, and let Bob leave the greenhouse. He was about to go inside to get > some arm padding, but noticed a Gold Berry tree. Deciding that he'd pawn off the > feeding of the Ice-types on Jeff and climbed the tree. Finding a study branch, he > sprawled out on it and fell asleep, falling into happy dreams. At least, that's what > some of the Drowzee at the center are hoping. ----------------------- Jason turned and faced what was coming next. To his surprise, it was a Smeargle. "Hey..uh...Amber? Are Smeargles common around here?" "Not that I know of. In fact, they only come at Ruins of Alph." "Huh. Well here's one now!" Suddenly Vixxen gasped behind them. "You're that bad Smeargle that pushed Jimmy into the well! You bad bad pokemon!" She stalked forward and thwapped it on the head. It looked at her, confused as to what it must've done to deserve that, then used it's tail to paint a smile on her face. She touched the goo it used as paint and grimaced. "Oh that's just disgusting. He's all yours, Jason." She padded back to her spot and started to scrub off the goo. "Oh and don't think I'm letting you off easy!" she shouted at the supposed bad Smeargle. "Uh...right. Remind me to call the creators of Laddy, kay?" Jason mentioned to Amber. "Right. Now battle!" (I'm going to let Marco handle this.) ----------------------- Jeff griped at his unconscious brother in the tree. "Aw come ON, Bob! I always get stuck with the ice types!" "...zzzzzzzz..." "But Bob!!" "...zzzzzzzz..." "Hey! Why don't I just go hack into your computer and destroy the hard drive!" "You do and you die. Feed the ice types." "So you ARE awake!!!" "...zzzzzzzz..." "Aw man! Damn it." "Don't use that language. Make sure you save some food for Amber." "What?!" "...zzzzzzzz..." And so it went between the brothers. It was finally with a hefty guilt trip added with a special promise that Jeff went to feed the icy pokemon. Suddenly Bob jerked out of his sleep and rubbed his eyes. "Strange dream. I ought to go feed the ice pokemon now..." ----------------------- "Country bumpkins. We could take a lot of Pokemon right now. They're all so tame!" "Yeah. I see. Well why don't you go grab that 'tame' Nidoking while I settle for this nice Pidgey?" "As if. We aren't going to go the Nido pin. We're going to go to THAT one!" By a terrible error on their part, she pointed to the ice center. They carefully made their way around until they reached the huge freezer building. Ivory tried to thrust the window in, but found she couldn't. (AAAHH! I forgot what pokemon they had! O.O Well the fire just died apparently.) "Go! Konchan!" A vulpix streamed out of her Pokeball and sat on her lap. "Vul?" it asked roughly. "Ember that window. Now." Konchan lifted her head and let rip a torrent of fire. The ice around the rim melted and it gave way. She patted Konchan over the head. "Good girl. Return." She let her Pokemon back into the Pokeball and stepped into the freezer. The floor was slick with permafrost and as she touched ground, she lost her balance. With a cry of surprise, she fell, sliding right to Bob's feet. "Today is not my day," she said, dismayed. Jack tumbled right next to her. They both looked up into the angry blue-turning-green eyes of Bob who was obviously not happy. TBC Waaai! You're in college? That makes (counts) four college friends I have. Man, I must be the youngest one here! >_<()