Subject: Re: [PW!] Turning Red in The Greenhouse Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 00:18:39 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > > (If WB mean Writer's Block then -- OOPS! My bad. *scratches head*) > (Naw, it means Welcome Back) (Oops) *Snaps shears* <snips> > > "Never mind." Bob said quickly. "How 'bout we find your friend Jason, > > then head down to the cafeteria for some lunch?" He asked, partly > > because he wanted a burger, and partly to change the subject away from him. > She nodded and said, "That's a good idea. Let's go." > They walked out of the greenhouse and through the various hallways. They > passed the Dark Room, which is exactly as it suggests: a dark room for > Darks. (OOC: I wonder if it would actually damage them, being weak to their > own kind and all...?) (Doubt it. Only Ghosts and Dragon are weak to their own type of attack, if you want to go by the game. Bet Grass-types hate that room though -- no light.) > Amber caught a Chansey as she went by. "You seen a blonde boy about my age > around here?" > <Talk to Blissey. She should know.> > They found the Blissey the little Egg pokemon had mentioned and asked her > the same. > <I think he went into that room.> She pointed down the hall. They followed > her "finger" and entered the room where a Chansey, asked the same question, > replied, <Nah. Go down that way...> > And so the process went, until finally arriving at the same room they were > first directed to. As Amber was ready to explode, Bob snatched her wrist and > they ducked inside. Her anger was suppressed when she saw Jason and his > Pokemon (and Pachi) performing with their back to them. She waited until his > performance was over and then said, "You weren't here a minute ago..." > He jumped and turned around. "What? Oh! I was in the bathroom...I came back > and the bed was made. I suppose a Chansey was in here while I was gone..." > "Ah. That explains it. Any ways, good job! I have hardly heard you sing > before." > "Really?" > "Mmhmm. But we're getting some lunch. You coming?" > "Sure. Let me pack up." > He returned his Pokemon, then started to return Pachi too when she shook her > head. In her high, squeaky voice she said, "I'm hungry too! Let me come, > please?" > "Fine with me. Oh! Let's get Vixxen too!" > They went to the front room were they saw Vixxen on the couch in her > pajamas. She was hugging her knees with one hand and flipping the remote > control with the other. The TV was changing channels slowly. The look on her > face was bored and yet hypnotized. > They also noticed a small group of people sitting in a corner as far away > from her as they could get. They were staring at her rather fearfully. > " guys ok?" Jason asked the people. > A woman spoke up. "She's mad! Absolutely bonkers! She guards that remote > like a child or something!" She edged away from the Pikachu girl who hadn't > even taken her eyes from the screen. > "Oh, uh, I'm sorry for my friend here," Amber apologized. "But she's never > seen a TV before. I think this is a bit of a surprise for her." > "Obviously!" piped a boy. > Amber turned and poked Vixxen. Her eyes narrowed and she growled, "Away from > me. This box is weird." > "Look, we're getting lunch, and you're scaring the pedestrians. Mind if I > break you away and shove food down your throat?" > "Yes." > "Too bad." > She grabbed Vixxen's arm, yanked her from the couch and pushed her down the > hallway to the Cafe. "I'm sorry," she yelled to the people. "TV's yours!" As the people started to gather round the TV, something hit them. "Did that girl have claws?" one of them asked. "Nah." was the general consenus. ----- In the Center's Cafe, the group were sitting down for their meal. Bob joined them a moment later with 2 burgers and a pitcher of water. Amber and Jason gawked at the pitcher. "You're going to dring ALL of that?" Amber asked. "Well, in one way or another, yes." Bob replied, with an evil grin. After eating, the day's agenda was on the discussion table. "Well, we've got Whitney's badge back in Goldenrod that we forgot about, so we should go there." Vixxen said. "Um, how about Morty's Fog badge? I mean you're IN Ecruteak already." Bob said, not caring too much as he already won both of the badges in discussion. "Good point." Jason said. "Just a couple of things. If you want to fight Whitney, beware of that Miltank of hers. It's a rolling nightmare. And Morty doesn't like anything immune to his ghost's Shadow Ball attack, especially if it's also psychic." Bob said, remembering the day he got his Fog Badge. He chuckled to himself softly. "Well take that advice into consideration." Vixxen said. "Also if you decide to go to Goldenrod first, you can stay at my place." Bob said calmly. There was a brief pause as these thoughts are processed. "Well, what are we going to do?" Vixxen asked, still with thoughts of the glowy box known as the TV. ----- Meanwhile, a couple of tables down, Sarah was just finishing her lunch with Barbie and her Sunkern. Thinking about what she would do next, the timid country girl stayed sat in her chair, deep in thought. She had spend the last day and a half trainig her pokemon to be a bit tougher and more aggressive, but how would she put it to the test? This and the fact that Ecruteak's gym were dedicated to ghost pokemon send a bit of a chill down the young shepherdess' spine. 'Now, what to do today...' she thought. ----- And just outside, two Rockets, in plain undercover clothes, are looking in the window of the Center's Cafe. "They're still there. But how do we save them from Ivory and Jack?" Marsh said, observing the little group through the window. "Don't know. We'll think of something." Bikuro said. The pair just continued watching. TBC ------- Clayton > Ok then! Yeah, wb means welcome back. I don't think you had writer's block > at all. Sorry for the bad jargon... o.o (Forget about it. Shouldn't watch as much TV. Might be rotting the ol' brain finally)