Subject: Re: [PW!] Turning Red in The Greenhouse Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 23:57:36 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: <Snipped for kicks> > > There was a brief pause as these thoughts are processed. > > > > "Well, what are we going to do?" Vixxen asked, still with thoughts of the > > glowy box known as the TV. > "Well, my thoughts on it are that my Pokemon are still far too weak. I don't > think a level 12 Houndour could beat either one of them. So my ideas are as > follows: We go back to Goldenrod to stay with Bob's family for a while. > Meanwhile, we'll go back in the grassy areas train, raising all our > pokemon's levels, including my own. When we hit a good level, we'll battle > Whitney and go back into Ecruteak, and son of a bitch, we didn't finish > Azalea's badge either." > After Amber went through her voicings, they all looked at her. Jason's leg > suddenly got a sharp reminding pain of when he was shot in the leg there. > "Oh. Yeah. Let' that last," he said hopefully. "We'll be able to > beat him easier if we have stronger pokemon." > "Mmhmm. Ok." It took them about one hour to pack their stuff and for Bob to call his parents. By the time they arrived at the front door of the Goldenrod Pokemn Center, it was about 9:30 at night. They got there so fast by hoofing it and taking short cuts through the trees. "Um, hate to rain on the parade, but my place is that way some more." Bob said, pointing forward some more. That was accompanied by more groaning and griping and Amber muttering something about wishing she had Ice Beam. Half an hour later, they arrive at the place. On the outside, it's a modest sized place with a tall fence around the yard. It mostly looked like it was there to keep trainers out of the front yard. Solo looked at the sign out in front while everyone else present walked towards the door. "Hey guys, the sign here says 'Raiser Day Care'. It also says 'Back in a week. Gone on Vacation'. I don't think they'll let us in guys." Bob turned around. "Sure they will." "How can you be so sure?" "Easy. I live here. So unless they left my hyperactive 10-year old brother here, we'll get in." Bob replied, twirling a set of keys. *Group sweatdrop* "That works." Opening the door, Bob immediately got assaulted by his little brother. The little kid pounced on the hapless big brother, knocking him to the ground. This was followed up by a Kadabra Teleporting in. Shaking her head, the Kadabra bowed and welcomed the guests. "Um, guys, this is Hocus, one of my mother's twin Kadabra, and her left hand Pokemon." Bob said, pointing to the Kadabra. Around its neck was the female half of the ying-yang symbol. "And the little kid on top of me is my little bro Jeff" He said, giving him a noogie. "Hocus, could you show my friends around?" With a nod of approval, the Kadabra took Bob's friends on a short tour of the place. Now he was free to deal with the pest (read: little bro) still on his lap. "Hey squirt. Where are the parents?" "Gone to Celadon for a big Breeder's Meeting. Said something about taking a short vacation after since you're here to hold down the fort." "Fa-a-a-a-abulous" Bob said. Then his eyes were meant by the black eyes of a Marill, about half the size of a normal Marill. "Guess what Bob. My egg hatched! Like Mary?" He asked, motioning to the baby Marill with much child-like enthusiasm. After getting up and grumbling something about parents capatalizing on opportunity, the group and Hocus came back. "Well, good news is that my parents are gone for a few days, meaning they won't try to put you to work. Bad news, for me that is, is that they left me to run this place. As for the sleeping arrangements -- Jeff here's bunking up with me so that leaves the five of you to split the other two bedrooms. Oh, and the couch in the living room pulls out into a bed as well. I'd better go make some food." On that note, Bob and Hocus went into the kitchen to cook. "Well, how are we going to work out this sleeping thing?" Jason asked, blushing a bit with some of the possibilities. This was noticed by at least Vixxen, who snickered quietly. ----- In the kitchen, Bob and Hocus were whipping up some goodies. "Um, where's your twin bro, Pocus?" Bob asked. (Lame set of names, I know.) "In the Figthing Room out back, training. You know him." The Kadabra replied. "Yeah I know." Then a vision of Pocus smaking around a punching bag came into their mind. Pocus, like his twin sister, was a Kadabra only he had a lot more muscle -- for a Kadabra that is. He was usually sparring with some Fighting-type He also wears the matching male half of the ying-yang around his neck. The reality set in as the pot of soup started to boil, signifying that it was done. "Let's go eat Hocus." Bob said, getting the dishes out. TBC ------- Clayton