From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] A Fond Farewell ( was Re: [PW!] The Darkness Comes! (concluded)) Newsgroups: Date: 2003-09-29 00:03:03 PST YCBY (Chet Weaver) wrote: > "Yeah, there he goes," Kitsu said. Sinking into post-partem depression, she > absently opened the wallet Jordan gave her and examined its contents. "So... > wallowing in sorrow, or distraction by shopping?" > > "Well, I could use some new underwear," Keaton said. "Lord knows the last time > I changed them." > > "That information I could've done without," Kitsu said. "Distraction by racing," Aerie replied to change the topic. The siblings looked at her. She watched the tip of her shoe trace lines on the rug. "I, ah, kinda promised this Smasher person I'd race him on skateboards. I was...expecting something different...something I'd want to run away\ from, to forget." Kitsu caught Aerie's tear halfway down the cheek with one finger. "We're not leaving." "Uh-huh. I...almost was." She gulped. "Anyway, he's still waiting for me, and I thought since it looked like you wanted to get your mind off Jo-ah, *this*, maybe it'd help you the way I thought it'd help me. Racing, that is." "You're starting to babble. We'll be there." Kitsu patted Aerie on the shoulder. "But first we should buy some skateboards." "And some underpants," Keaton appended. "Hmm?" Aerie sniffed. "Dad had a move for that. There was this one muk who never...umm, anyway, let me see if I can remember..." Kitsu shook her head. "New underwear. I'd sooner you give me a bath than have to put up with *his* smell." "Hey!" Keaton protested, as Aerie shook her head. "No, no, I'm sure I can remember, it's on the tip of my mind..." Kitsu rolled her eyes. Her hand on Aerie's shoulder gripped, dragging her towards the door. "Mall. Now." --- The siblings blinked in unison. "What?" Aerie looked around, as the crowd around them pointedly went about their business, trying not to notice. Which was not hard, given the trio's location in what passed for a disused alley in the structure. "You *said* now." "You're going to take us back to our room, and we're going to close our robes and pick up our stuff first." "But you look so-" "*Now*," Kitsu growled. "Alright, alright." --- Later, after another two teleports and a proper, if abbreviated, trip through the mall, Aerie popped up just as Smasher's watch signalled the requested time. "Sorry about that," she apologized as she pulled herself out of the hole she had dug. "Got my altitude wrong by a body length." "Did you say goodbye?" "Nope." Smasher frowned. "Then..." "You've got more competition." Aerie smiled as she reached down and pulled the siblings plus gear up. TBC?