Subject: [PW!] A Humble Monkey, Sitting Up In His Tree Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 05:00:22 GMT From: "Foratog - The Man We All Once Knew" <> Organization: RoadRunner - Tampa Bay Newsgroups: He always knew that, in the end, it wouldn't come to this. Finding work was harder than he had expected. Going through ad after interview (actually, he was lucky to land an interview), he finally fell back to the one thing he promised himself he would not do. Nick Sacco, the great Charmander Pokemon trainer, who with the help of his friends, had successfully combated with Team Rocket, destroyed a criminal mastermind, and had helped in the rebuilding of Cinnabar Island, is now a custodian at the local grocery market. And wouldn't you know it, it's not really that bad. Clean some toilets, mop the floor, oh, and those huge sweeper things are pretty fun. And you get paid. Money is good. Especially when you're young, and already are supporting a newly wed wife and baby. Jessie is doing fine, also bringing in money, as a secretary at a doctor's office. Nicky is already walking. The family of three couldn't be happier. What am I saying? Of course, it's a family of four. Vulcan, the Charmander who had stolen everybody's hearts, is also burning strong. Nick has still kept him from evolving; if he hadn't, Vulcan would definatly be a Charizard. His flame is almost the size of Vulcan himself, which is an accomplishment upon itself. With the parents out working, Vulcan has shown himself quite capable of babysitting the child. Since the flame cannot harm those he loves, the Charmander is known to cuddle Nicky on those cold winter Cinnabar nights. Years ago, Nick and Jessie had run the gauntlet of trials, and managed to escape with their lives. The same couldn't be said for others they loved, but their memory will live on. They have grown to love this slower life. So ends a modest, happy story.