From: luneric ( Subject: [PW!] All he could sea is sea Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-06 07:50:08 PST The young trainer came to, lying on his belly on wet sand. Water was swirling between his toes, and it was then and only then that he remembered what happened. The boat he chose to get to the silver conference had apparently not passed its MOT (in the last 6 years.) Unfortunately, the boatman had not told him this until they were 30 miles from shore and sinking fast. This was the point where his aggron found out it couldn't swim. And now...they were both lying on a sandbank, ben too tired and blade too rusty to move. An hour or two later, he finally got up, recalling blade into it's pokeball. Checking his belt then looking up, he sent out aeros, his salmance. "Lucky I had this on me" ben thought as aeros flew into the clouds. Although one of the strongest of the Hoenn dragons, salamance cannot fly for many hours if it has not eaten for days. Ben encouraged the knackered creature to keep going, but it wings were flapping slower, and slower, until it started to decend. Slowly at first, but soon dragon and trainer were headed for a crashdive, for the second time in a week. It was quiet in the dimly lit pub, but suddenly a huge crash broke the silence. People looked round as a boy standing next a huge pokemon, struggled to get up. He feebly muttered "Anyone going to the silver conference...?" before calapsing out of exhaustion. 100% Luneric (Not much of a story, but I needed to put it in to get to where I wanna go with it)