From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: Re: [PW] Back to the Present Newsgroups: Date: 2003-09-02 21:06:39 PST >Smiling, Nurse Joy pulled up a towel from under the desk. She happily tossed it >over the desk to the soggy kid. Disappearing from sight for a while, Bob >went about the task of drying himself off. Upon returning, Raffy was by the desk, >curled up and napping and the young breeder was all dried off. But alas, the >relative calm wasn't to last as the door burst open to the Pokemon Center. > >"Oh My," Nurse Joy said. "We're looking for a big, stupid guy in a black trenchcoat!" Carol Ross yelled, pointing a gun at Nurse Joy. "Tell us where-" "Sandslash, SANDSLASH!" Ashura scolded. "But you said-" "Slash! SLASH!" "Sometimes I just don't understand you." Carol put her gun away and approached the counter. "Hi! I'm Car...en. Karen! Karen Ro...bertson! Karen Robertson!" "Well hello, Karen," Joy replied, ignoring Carol's earlier action. "How may I help you?" "My Sandslash and I are looking for a friend of ours! He's about... this tall, and he's got brown hair, and he's wearing all black, and he might have been flying on an Aerodactly. Have you seen him?" "I'm afraid I haven't been outside the Pokemon Center all day, Karen. Maybe someone else here might have seen him." "Thank you!" Carol replied. Ashura was already looking at Bob. He looked up at Carol and nodded. "Right. Hey, what a coincidence! It's been so long! How have you been doing?" "I... uh..." Bob wasn't sure how to react. "I'm fine, I guess. Uh... how are you?" "Oh, just fine! Listen, sorry about that thing, back at the place, you know how it is!" "Uh... right." "Hey, you remember that big guy who was trying to kill you? Brown hair, all black, couldn't tell left from right? You haven't seen him around, have you?" "Well..." Bob debated telling her the truth. Though he didn't really know her, he knew that she had worked with Trent before, and the Sandslash with her was apparently his. If he told her that he had gone to the cave, would she go and help him do whatever it was he was doing there? Whatever was in there was important enough for Trent to completely disregard Bob and Mimic. "He's..." TBC? Jose L. Solano ------------------------------- A devious, degenerate defender of the devil