From: Clayton ( Subject: Re: [PW] Back to the Present Newsgroups: Date: 2003-09-24 14:57:53 PST > "Lucky for you? Lucky for us!" one of the scientists replied. "It > was going to ditch in the ocean, but your mass threw it off course just > enough that it came back down on the pad. The contractors we pay to > build our rocket swore these things couldn't be reused, but it had just > enough fuel left that we guided it to a soft landing, and tests seem to > indicate it just needs a new batch of fuel. We'll save millions on the > next launch by not rebuilding everything from scratch!" He looked at > Mimic closer. "Say, since you're a ditto anyway, maybe you could help > us with something. Getting into orbit would be a lot easier with a > huge power source that didn't weigh very much. You're obviously not > several tons; do you think you could, I dunno, be a nuclear reactor or > something?" > > As the full meaning of Oak's warning sunk in, Mimic forced an opening > between the scientists and backed away. " okay, Mimic certain > are better sources for that...Mimicgottagobye!" He bolted out the door. > Bob and a mirthful Raffy were waiting just outside. Outside, Bob just looked at the almost hyperventilating shapeshifter. He couldn't help but supress a chuckle. "What happened? You look like you just ran from certain doom." "No ask" Mimic groaned. After a couple seconds of silence, there was the sounds of a couple footsteps approaching. On hearing them, Mimic grabbed Bob's arm and ran until the building was long out of sight. Raffy was enjoying the scene so much that the Girafarig never noticed the door opening and the pair of scientist that came out. They took one look at the now stunned Girafarig and dragged him inside, thinking that he was Mimic in disguise. Raffy's line was thinking was #I'll get you for this breeder boy# Somewhere else, Bob sneezed. While not important, the important thing is that it caused the fleeing pair to stop ... right in front of the Mossdeep Gym. Bob shrugged, and Mimic shrugged. "Hide here?" "Why not" And so the pair went into the gym to hide from nutcase scientists. Only when Bob was actually inside did he wonder where Raffy had gotten off to. TBC ------- Clayton