From: luneric ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Cheap Beer and Oldale Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-10 08:07:02 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > Or such is Bo's perception. In truth, in all the random fighting, a > few stray psychic attacks plus some illusions by a Duskull temporarily > altered Bo's perceptions, deluding him into believing he controlled the > legendaries. One smack around the head, and the unsuspecting GenKnight is floored. Waving his hand over the unconsious people in the bar, the angry trainer said, "Some of us are more strong willed than a Psyduck, believe it or not. Trying to use amnisia on a friend isn't nice you know." Recalling Blade, he struted out of the pub. Although he had been shocked by the goings on in the bar, ben had now fully recovered, and was soaring out of the city, on Aeros back. > The confusion of the fight gives Mimic ample time to tag Raffy and > Sapphire, and teleport the trio away. Unfortunately for Mimic - but > fortunately for Sapphire's cover - Mimic is not yet comfortable with his > shallow knowledge of Hoenn's geography, and only teleports as far as he > can see, specifically to the edge of town. > > "Great. How can this day possibly..." Sapphire cuts himself off > before Mimic or Raffy can shush him. "Don't worry, I know better than > to finish that." > > "Mimic suggest maybe we get out of here now?" > > #Oh, I don't know,# the girafarig quips, #this place kind of grows on > you. Like mold.# > > "Unusually active mold. Mimic wonder, Sapphire up for riding?" > > Checking around to make sure no one is in earshot, the pretend newbie > responds, "Not on that pidgey. I'd rather stick to Hoenn pokemon." > > One flash later, a zigzagoon large enough for a girafarig to ride > stands where 'James' had been. "Mimic got that covered. At least, > Mimic assume this form native Hoenn; never seen it in Johto, Kanto." Surprisingly, this time, ben and aeros arrived at the Mt Silver village unharmed, so he recalled the dragon, before jogging into the pokemon center. Running up to a small desk, he handed the drowsy woman his trainer card. Suddenly alert, the woman checked the trainer card, before looking down to his belt. "I only see four pokeballs. Do you know that this tournament requires six pokemon?" They always forget to mention something on the ad. "If I spare Birch the...pleasure...of the company of my swampy...thats still only five..." It then hit him. He triumphantly held up his leg, hopped twice then fell over; but the worked got the point. "Thats six pokemon and your ID cleared, so your in the tournament." Ben thanked the lady and took his ID, before running out the door, juping on aeros, and flying back in search of sapphire and Mimic. "Hey mawile, you might become famous!"